This is bad news for Obama

October 22, 2012

I was skulking around at Real Clear Politics. With just about two weeks to go until Election Day, even though Obama leads in 6 battleground states, to 5 for Romney with one tied – as an incumbent, he isn’t at, let alone over 50% in a single one. Undecideds can break for an incumbent, more so in a national election, than a state one, actually. But there’s no way this is where Obama wants to be right now. His battle is still uphill, as is Romney’s. But you’ll take that as a challenger, easier than you will an incumbent.

Wisconsin 49.8  47.0  Obama +2.8

Michigan 48.6  43.6  Obama +5.0

Pennsylvania 49.7  44.7  Obama +5.0

Missouri 43.3  53.7  Romney +10.4

Nevada 49.0  46.0  Obama +3.0

North Carolina 44.7  50.3  Romney +5.6

Ohio 48.1  46.0  Obama +2.1

Florida 46.6  48.7  Romney +2.1

Virginia 48.0  48.0  Tie

New Hampshire 47.8  48.8  Romney +1.0

Colorado 47.7  47.9  Romney +0.2

Iowa 49.0  46.6  Obama +2.4

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  2. JOHN FINN says:

    I humbly believe Mr. Obama will win the
    upcoming election for the Presidency.He is
    in my opinion the absolute right person for
    this crucial position in such difficult time
    for the US and its allies and the balance of
    our troubled world.May God continue to bless
    and guide the United States in all its
    endeavours toward peace and co-existance
    throughout the world.

  3. Casey says:

    I concur with Ragspierre. He has had plenty of time to turn this ship around.