Whoa! Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee sex scandal: Officer Angelica Robinson Tweets pick with gun in her mouth

October 3, 2012

Detroit police officer Angelica Robinson has done a video news interview – see below. I’m thinking if this were anywhere other than Detroit, it would be bigger news. Evidently, the image was not intended to be erotic in nature.

Who’s policing the police in Detroit? Yikes!

There’s another sex scandal in the city of Detroit.  This time it involves Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee. Detroit Police Officer Angelica Robinson tells Fox 2’s Charlie LeDuff that she had an affair with Godbee.

She refers to herself now as his former lover, but on Saturday night she was upset. Godbee was in San Diego for a police convention.  Robinson believed he was with another woman. She began tweeting messages and posted a disturbing photo.

The photo on the right is from Robinson’s Twitter page.  She has a Detroit Police issued 9 millimeter Glock in her mouth. The gun has since been taken away as Officer Robinson undergoes psychiatric evaluation. LeDuff confirms that on Saturday, Godbee saw the photo and the Tweets.

He provisioned some Detroit Police staff to go to Farmington and check on her.  Sources tell LeDuff they triangulated her phone to find her.

Godbee’s crew did not notify Farmington Police about their actions, which raises some issues about jurisdiction.  It also raises questions of using Detroit Police resources for personal use.  Were the officer’s on or off duty? Robinson’s mother, Diane, says Godbee is not fit to command. Robinson herself says he is a sex addict.

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  1. christopher williams says:

    She trying to get money

  2. MRS. TEE says:

    This is just awful!!!! He is terrible for leading her on, and she is terrible for handling her emotions in such a WRECKLESS way. Now, she has jeopardized her own employment, reputation, family and much more. Not to mention, the jobs of others at the precinct! Than lets talk about him too, he is in a position of power, authority, responsible for peoples lives and souls (a pastor) and a HUSBAND and a FATHER!!! What example is he making for all? Why take the risk. If you and your wife are getting a divorce, than okay. Close one chapter before opening another. Period. Too much is given, much is required. PERIOD. Serves him right to be exposed to all. While he can be forgiven, there is absolutely no way I would continue to be in a ministry under that type of leadership. You have to handle your own home and life before you can tell me about mine. Granted no one is perfect, but somethings are just plain common sense! He should know better. He was sworn in to PROTECT AND SERVE. I am highly alarmed and disappointed at his arrogance and his outright betrayal of the system as well as the flagrant abuse of power. What a waste of taxpayers and parishioners money.