Will it be Trayvon Martin II? Outcry growing over the fatal shooting of Ala. Student Gilbert “Gil” Collar

October 7, 2012

I already posted on this a bit ago but the Daily Mail has a bit more. They’re also personalizing Gilbert “Gil” Collar, referring to him by his apparent nick name, “Gil.”

They include this Facebook link to the school’s newspaper, the Vanguard. I’m especially curious to see how the mainstream media reacts. This seems like a perfect opportunity for MSNBC to misleadingly edit a video … ¬†if need be. There’s coverage. But I’m not yet seeing the type of swarming coverage we immediately saw in the Zimmerman case. I wonder why that is?

Outcry is growing over the fatal shooting of a naked University of Alabama student by a campus police officer early on Saturday morning.

Gil Collar, 18, reportedly knocked on the window of the campus police station and charged at an officer who came out to investigate. The officer shot him dead.

It has also emerged that the shooting was caught on video.

On the Facebook page for the¬†Vanguard, the school’s student newspaper, Collar’s friends and classmates expressed shock and confusion that the officer felt the need to use deadly force on a young man they described as ‘sweet’ and ‘easy going.’

‘Gil went to my high school’ wrote Melissa Mims, who said she was a good friend of Collar’s sister Elisabeth and the rest of his family. ‘Gil was the kind of guy who could put a smile on anyone’s face, he never had any enemies and a lot of students and younger kids looked up to him. He really was a great guy and had very many friends.’

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  1. RB says:

    Too soon to reach any conclusions.

  2. PHN says:

    This happened at the University of SOUTH Alabama (Mobile), not the University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa). Many questions come to mind about this incident. Was Gil perhaps under the influence of a substance that he may have taken or that was given to him without his knowledge by fellow students that he was with (it is fraternity rush time)? Perhaps he realized that he needed help, maybe he was sent there as part of some initiation experience? Anyone in their right mind would not persist in attacking a man with a gun drawn and pointed at them, so it goes without saying that he was not in his right mind. That does not mean that he should have been shot. He was 5’7,” 140-ish lbs, and CLEARLY did not have any weapons. Was shooting him (of all places)in mid-chest the only means of diffusing the situation? Since the office claims that he “repeatedly” retreated from this kid, why didn’t he just go inside the police station, lock the door and call for backup if felt that he could not handle a person this size? It is a college campus, kids do stupid things – officers on college campuses expect them to do stupid things…it is in the training manual. They know that they are there to protect the students, often from themselves. It truly seems that before drawing a gun and killing anyone (and, yes if you are aiming a gun at mid-chest, you intend to kill), less “final” approaches should have been tried FIRST. If everyone in the world who has done something stupid was killed, it would be a very empty place because eveyone has done something stupid. Please do not say that the kid deserved it, that is just asinine.