A Brief Personal Note of Thanks re Prayer, Paypal and Other Support

November 3, 2012

After an emergency hospitalization on the morning of Wed. Oct  24th and beginning with a note out from good friend Melissa Clouthier – posted here at Instapundit, social media  requests for prayer and support for me, including ones via Stacy McCain, … picked up on by friend Mark Levin, the online and real life friendship and support I have received, including from some friends and colleagues at Breitbart.com  has been truly and incredibly amazing, as well as genuinely humbling for me.

Dr. Melissa Clouthier writes:

I’ve thanked many, will continue to and will likely say only a bit more post-election,  though not overly much, by way of explanation to friends and fans I feel I ultimately owe it.

As my progress, prospects and prognosis regarding both health and blogging can now be filed under long-term and positive, there’s no urgency, which would only distract from what we’ve all fought for these last 4 years – beating Obama and winning with Romney at the polls on November 6th.

I currently effort to help there as I can and ensure my own ability to fight even harder another day, as no matter the outcome this week, I trust we will all again share that priority as happy warriors in the very near future. As for certain support, I didn’t even sign in to PayPal to check until today. It was awe inspiring to see. The thoughtfulness and generosity of the people on the Right  speaks volumes for us as a treasured movement in which I’ve been honored to participate these past many years. Continuing to do that in the future remains a key priority for me.

I will be here and trust you will be, too, as I thank God so many of you are here with me, now, as you have been, previously

Rightly, or not, pride has never made it easy to ask for help. That likely won’t change. But given new life-changing events and responsibilities, along with thousands of dollars in prescription and once unimaginable hospital bills, all of your prayers, pennies and best wishes are invaluable. I’ll never be able to thank everyone enough for that. I did, however, want to use this weekend to note it and thank even more of you, as best I can via the blog here. Fortunately, anything else along those lines can wait.

In the above respect, I continue to support free market health care reforms and recent events haven’t altered my views on ObamaCare one iota. I will survive and prosper in the future, just as I have managed to do in the past. To the extent all of us can do that with less government and fewer top down solutions, relying, instead, upon market dynamics, ourselves, faith, our friends, colleagues and associates for support, so much the better,I think.

Having lived long enough already to be somewhat philosophical about life, I hope to emerge from all this a better person and man, while not falling into the trap of making false promises I’ve little doubt I’ll need to work hard every day to keep. If I may, I’d add, having gotten sober at the tender age of 25, decades ago, from a more than mildly misspent youth, it was instilled in me then that our truest strengths are usually best discovered in our greatest challenges, along with an honest exploration of our most glaring weaknesses. However, those are things of a more personal journey and experience this blog has never been intended to chronicle; while current circumstances tell me at least some should be shared .

Finally and again, thank you all for being here through this, so to speak. I remain flattered by your support of all sorts and am as thrilled today, as I’ve ever been to be part of any crew or team determined to kick ass and take names as we fight to secure our nation through democratic acts of politics as Americans.

As a patriot, I hope the overall of this nation will forever remain more important to you, as it does to me, than however long, or well any one of us manages to navigate it independently, or sometimes  alone, as we sometimes must. Naturally, to the extent we all each do that well, is the extent to which I believe we most benefit the whole.

Thank you, again, for your kindness and support.

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  1. Gjpinks says:

    Will we get the complete skinny on what/why? I was concerned they breitbarted you. (Tinfoil reaction sorry bu I don’t trust the progs)

  2. […] Blog Hero Dan Riehl is back, so I’m going to wrap this post up by giving him the last word: go HERE and read the whole thing. […]

  3. Zilla says:

    I was only just beginning to recover from my own lung problems that got me hospitalized when I heard about your illness, and it not only broke my heart because I’m a fan, but it also terrified me since it hit so close to home due to my own close call. And when I saw that picture of you that Smitty took with you and the Diet Coke, I was so happy and relieved that I cried.
    I am delighted that you are doing better and overjoyed to see you blogging. You are a HERO to me. May God bless and protect you and may things only get better and better for you from here.
    Please take care of yourself.
    Thank you for everything that you do!

  4. So glad you and Zilla are back!!! God bless!!

  5. Glad to see you are back, Dan. 🙂

  6. Sissy Willis says:

    God bless. So good to have you back. 🙂

  7. Kim Priestap says:

    I’m so glad you’re feeling better, Dan. You scared me. Don’t do it again, ok? 😉

  8. Wombat-socho says:

    Glad to see you’re back in action, Dan!

  9. CitizenEgg says:

    So glad to hear you’re on the mend Dan, and on the Internetz and teh Twitters too! Your voice was missed so I hope you feel better each and every day!

  10. JAL says:

    Great to see you online again. Keep writing. We need you.

  11. Beldar says:

    Take care of yourself, Dan.

  12. Esau's Message says:

    Glad you’re doing better. Take it slow. Continue to improve.

  13. Janetoo says:

    What a scare! Take your time and recover and be well.

  14. datechguy says:

    Atta boy. Get well soon!

  15. I’m so glad you’re back, Dan. You were missed.

  16. kate says:

    Welcome home Dan! You were greatly missed. 🙂

  17. Jay Solo says:

    I am so pleased to see this!

  18. andycanuck says:

    Have a speedy and full recovery. Take care.

  19. Jim Treacher says:

    It’s hell being laid up. Get well soon.

  20. Dan says:

    Yes it is. Thank you, Jim.

  21. jeannebodine says:

    So very glad you’re on the mend. You’ve been such an important & independent voice – even when I’ve violently disagreed with you. Be well.

    (Any chance your brush with death brought about an epiphany regarding the joys of the more well-endowed woman? Not asking personally, of course, I’m a happily married woman;) )

  22. Rich K says:

    Someone send him a bottle of Champagne so he’s ready for Tuesday. Get Healthy soon Dan.

  23. Bystander says:

    Welcome back! So glad you’re feeling better.
    Never underestimate the power of prayer.

  24. Patrick says:

    Glad your back, Godspeed. 🙂

  25. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful to God I am to see you well enough to write again. My husband suffered almost the exact same thing in July and his love for life has grown. He was a bit of a hardass about taking care of his health he is better about that today, and I hope that this encourages you to do the same. I sent an email to you and if you need a day set aside for a PayPal day for your financial health, pick one, let us know and We The People (conservatives) will pitch in to save a PATRIOT who fights for our beloved Country. God Bless you Dan!

  26. Bruce Kesler says:

    Dan, you’d better get better, and better. November 6, either way, means much more work is ahead. I have a few years on you and if you get ill I can’t be too far behind! Back to the gym for me.

  27. Lady Penguin says:

    We’re just so glad you’re among back among the living! 🙂 Please keep us posted.

  28. Helen says:

    Glad you’re back, Dan. I kept on checking and this is a huge relief that you can join the fray once again. Prayers continue to rise for you.

  29. scott mclean says:

    Dan, glad you are on the mend and I look forward to seeing you get back up to speed in the coming days. God Bless!

  30. John Scotus says:

    Glad that you are back. Wishing you all the best.

  31. Lee Hernly says:

    God bless. So glad to see our Conservative brother back. You were sorely missed.

  32. chris muir says:

    This is good.Balance restored.

  33. So glad you are back and on the mend. here’s to speedy and complete recovery!

  34. Elmo says:

    That’s a 2nd on the bubbly, good buddy/10-4. Two more days b*tches!

  35. Godspeed, Dan. Glad to hear the news that you’re making progress in returning to fighting shape. We not only need our Boudicas, like Mare, but our Paul Revere’s, like you, as well.