Broadening the GOP Base

November 23, 2012

Ed at Hot Air distills the logic inherent in a WSJ item by Kimberley Strassel. The critical question for the GOP’s activist and mostly conservative base is how will the GOP go about it?

In order to win national elections, Republicans have to compete in all communities. That doesn’t mean pandering, but it does mean putting free-market, small-government philosophies and slogans into concrete policy proposals that will improve the lives of voters.  It’s not enough to talk about empowering investors to take risk in the American economy; we need to talk about how we can encourage that investment to go into urban centers to revitalize neighborhoods and create jobs.  We need to commit to school choice and educational reform, in combination with a shift in control away from federal mandates (and the costly administration they require) to the local school boards and parents.  We have to have specific policy proposals on the table and the commitment to follow through on them.

If they throw away their alleged principles and try to out-Democrat Democrats, the GOP could easily end up losing even more than it hopes to gain. It’s a complex, not a simple equation.

There may be some compromises that, frankly, do have to be made. But which ones and just how far does the GOP go in any attempt to pull in new voters? There’s distrust on both sides and the ground that has to be covered isn’t easy to navigate. It should prove interesting to watch play out for political junkies over the next 2 – 4 years.

There’s this tidbit in Strassel’s item, as well. From my own perspective, it started out looking promising, but ultimately ended up looking like your usual one-way-street methodology of engaging social media. Hey, can you link, Tweet, post this, etc?

And the GOP lagged behind the Obama campaign’s sophisticated use of technology, in particular social media.

Up and coming GOP strategists are going to have to learn how to truly engage social, and or new media. Sitting back and sending out spam in a rather limited attempt to exploit it isn’t going to get the job done. That discussion will play out and should prove interesting to watch over the next few years, as well.

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  1. Xiaodng says:

    “Ed at Hot Air distills the logic inherent in a WSJ item by Kimberley Strassel. The critical question for the GOP’s activist and mostly conservative base is how will the GOP go about it?”

    Again with the totally in the box, there are two parties only, and therefore, there shall be two parties only, forevermore, thinking.

    Republicans CAN SPELL conservative, but that does not make them conservative! They are liberals, with a small l.

    • Ragspierre says:

      C’mon, dingy. Tell us all what a “digny Conservative” is.

      Step up!

      • gary gulrud says:

        On a fine post adding a little to Xiaodng, the experience of the last two years in MN.

        The GOP had the House for the first time since ’76 and Senate. Governor Prozac prevailed by 7K.

        The GOP focussed on clawbacks from educators and put off deregulation with ‘sunsetting’ promises for the future in legislation, stood firm opposing Guv’s promise to raise taxes on the rich reversed 2/3 of a revenue shortfall, postponing paybacks to ocal government and for their trouble were tossed.

        Next time do the hard work first and avoid punishing your constituents while
        ‘rewarding’ investors.

        Sure raising taxes on the rich is stupid, but locals only saw their property assessments rise and levy after levy run by them, some going down, naturally.

        Meanwhile administrators hired more administrators and teachers took the brunt of cuts and raises to contributions to healthcare and pensions whereas in neighboring WI teachers are still better off on all counts.

        Employment is great but the perception of the GOP is they’re jerks in the pockets of the wealthy and they didn’t address that at all.

  2. SteveP says:

    “If they throw away their alleged principles and try to out-Democrat Democrats, the GOP could easily end up losing even more than it hopes to gain.”

    They already did that. That’s why the communists are in their second term.

  3. Lightwave says:

    You’re talking about compromise and cooperation when the base wants impeachment and repeal.

    House Republicans control the purse strings. Shut the purse. Cut off the money spigot. Do nothing. Let the fiscal cliff expire, let the debt ceiling collapse, contingent on a full repeal of Obameecare and making the Bush tax rates permanent, plus enactment of the full Ryan budget.

    We failed to do this two years ago. As a result, the bad guys won. Compromise now is not only immoral, but moronic.

    • Patriot says:

      I agree. This is an excellent way to hasten the permanent demise of the GOP.

      Oh. You were serious ….

      • Ragspierre says:

        Show me an Obama plan.

        One that has ONE Senate backer, you moron.

        • Patriot says:

          A plan to what? Get your “thoughts” straight before you start demanding answers to questions no one asked.

        • Ragspierre's Mom says:

          Instead of being angry online how about cleaning your room, Raggie? Otherwise, you don’t get the keys to the minivan.

          • Ragspierre says:

            Thank you for your continuing homage, monkey-brain.

            (I know. THAT is a smear on monkey intelligence!)

      • Ragspierre says:

        “House Republicans control the purse strings. Shut the purse. Cut off the money spigot.”

        OOOppps. My mistake. I made the totally unsupportable assumption you could read and follow a train of thought!

        My bad! You poor, stupid, hate-twisted Collectivist troll.

        • Ragspierre's Mom says:

          Are you still mad that you were grounded over Thanksgiving? You should be happy that I dropped you off at the library this morning so that you could play on the internet.

        • Stop Spending says:

          Yes they should cut off the money. How do you get the left to understand tough love is for their own good and the good of the country?

  4. All true enough, but if you believe in conservative economic principles because THEY WORK, the damage wrought by Obama’s reckless fiscal bingeing and asleep-at-the-wheel foreign policy ought to swing the political pendulum back our way soon enough… his luck of the devil has to run out sometime.

  5. Seipherd says:

    So close, yet so far away.

    The GOP (and conservatives) need to totally drop the term ‘small government’ from the discussion. The Democrats don’t mention they want ‘Big Government’ — why? Because it doesn’t sell. Instead, they focus on needing a government program for this or that. Sure that results in a big government, but it’s not marketed that way.

    The GOP and conservatives need to get with the program and STOP THE SMALL GOVERNMENT TALK!.

    Any mention of the “small government” mantra by conservatives and the GOP in public or private (where there’s a liberal cell phone in sight) just opens the door wide open to the liberal playbook and youtube video of the GOP wants to take away your Health care, your education, your Obamaphone, your disability, your Social Security, your Medicare, your Medicaid, etc, etc.

    GET OVER THE SMALL GOVERNMENT concept! It doesn’t market. It’s like holding the other team to 4th and 10 on their own twenty, then lining up everyone on the sidelines so the opponents can walk down the field into the end zone screaming the GOP want to take away all your free shit!

    Yes, the GOP needs to learn how to develop and come together to market various ‘free-market’ ideas about education, health care, pensions, and more, all with a focus that such solutions MUST include funding mechanisms for those of limited means. Implementing these ideas will result in a smaller government, but that’s not the goal — having individually driven social marketplaces is the goal — effective small government is the result, but not all small governments have individually driven compaasionate social marketplaces.

    If this is too complicated of a marketing scheme, the GOP and conservatives might as well practice bending over and taking it far into the future. Folks who don’t have money or who are on the government dole don’t give a rat about deficits or debt or small government. They don’t care if their guy is a sleazeball — all the better person to be in charge of taking more stuff from you, the GOP conservative! All the better and easier for them if the GOP brings up their small guvernment silliness, even better if the discussion devolves to “no abortions for rape victims”. Just don’t go there — not in public, not in private. It’s just stupid marketing that opens the door to easy kill opposition marketing.

    • JohnInMA says:

      Your position seems very misguided to me. Even if it is true that the Dems win ONLY because they never utter the words ‘big government’, it shouldn’t be challenging to convince many thoughtful people that it IS just that. The GOP cannot play hide and seek games with their position on ‘small government’ because that is already well known. If you mask it, any Dem candidate worth a penny will provide the terms FOR their opponent.

      What needs to be addressed more than simple size is effectiveness and waste. People who are actually paying taxes in any form the federal government whether income taxes are others are likely to relate to the feeling that some of their earned dollars are wasted. Just highlight cronyism is a great start.

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  7. Steve says:

    House Majority GOP Majority Whip Video: WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK!

    This is Small Business America: