Daytona Reporter: Crowd “now chanting ‘Hail Obama.’ Wow, just wow.”

November 1, 2012

A local reporter in Daytona, Florida, tweeted from a campaign event featuring First Lady Michelle Obama that the crowd began chanting “Hail Obama.”

With thanks to Daniel Halper at The Weekly Standard:

Mike Synan, a local reporter at WOFL FOX 35, writes on Twitter:

Crowd for #FLOTUS event in Daytona now chanting “Hail Obama”. Wow, just wow #fox35

— Mike Synan (@msynan) November 1, 2012

Minutes later, he repeated his claim:

True. Would not lie. Chanting “Hail Obama” RT @jeffreybillman: @msynan For real, or are you just Drudge-baiting?

— Mike Synan (@msynan) November 1, 2012

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  1. INC says:

    Bethune-Cookman College in Daytona was founded as a school for black Americans. Their team is the Wildcats, and “Hail Wildcats” is either a team yell or from a song. They even have a hashtag #hailwildcats.

    I would guess there were a lot of overly excited college students chanting “Hail Obama.” That doesn’t make it any less strange, but it does give credibility to what the reporter said, and it does give us another reason to raise the voting age back to 21 years old! (Military excepted).

  2. FoxViewersAreDuuuuumb says:

    They were chanting “Michelle Obama” not “hail Obama.” Do you guys even know what journalism even is?

    • Whatever says:

      Well, we hardly see it anymore so it’s hard to spot. So you were at the rally then?

      Wait I spotted some real journalism. It’s in the post above yours. Maybe you should read it.

  3. Esau's Message says:

    Ave, Caesar!

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