Doesn’t Matter: NJ Senator Bob Menendez & Dominican Hookers

November 1, 2012

Yep. Democrat Bob “Fighting Back for Women” Menendez stiffed hookers during an Easter sex romp in the Dominican Republic, according to the accusers. None of it, unfortunately, will make a difference next Tuesday, for reasons I’ll spell out later. But first…

Via Ace:

Two Dominican hookers have come forward, represented by a lawyer, to say that Senator Bob Menendez paid them for sex. However, he only paid them $100 for sex acts after promising $500.

Senator Menendez is known to travel frequently to the Dominican Republic.

Dana Loesch exclaims why the Bob Menendez sex scandal matters.

For those who may think the story isn’t important, stop and think for a moment about another senate seat in play. While Menendez leads his GOP challenger Joe Kyrillos by double digits, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that a sordid scandal would knock free a senate seat. How badly do you want Obamacare repealed?

But, considering it’s Jersey, we should distinguish plainly between “why it matters” and “whether it matters.” Jersey is the same state whose Democrat party ignored state campaign laws in 2002 and put Lautenberg’s name on the ballot late in place of disgraced Senator Bob Toricelli, who withdrew beyond the last minute because of corruption charges that were sinking his doomed re-election campaign. Lautenberg had retired in 2000, already in his 70’s. He had already been written into his grave when he was revived for his name recognition.

And so, you see, New Jersey has already elected a nearly dead man who really tried to retire. Because he wore a blue jersey with a big “D” on it. While I hope New Jersey won’t repeat this behavior with Bob Menendez, don’t count on it. Bob Menendez could campaign with disgraced Penn State pedophile Jerry Sandusky and still win the election. His jersey is blue and it has a big “D” on it.

So, I’m sorry, dear Dana. While you indeed spell out “why” it matters outside of Jersey, it’s unfortunately a question of “whether” it matters inside Jersey, where Menendez’ votes are cast. And the short answer is, it just doesn’t matter. Not in this state.

UPDATE: Good news for Bob Menendez. If, in Faerieland or anywhere else, Bob Menendez loses his US Senate seat to his Republican NJ challenger, ol’ Bobby won’t be out a job (created or saved). He’d just be the next in line to host his own prime time CNN talk show. “Who do you have to sleep with to get a CNN show?” The answer to the question asked at Time Magazine is apparently: Hookahs. Yes, Eliot Spitzer knows. He’s what these lawyers like to call “precedence.”

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  1. JohnInMA says:

    I can’t find the angle that would matter to many Democrat voters. Prostitutes? Naw. That’s a big deal only for a conservative because it makes them ‘hypocrites’. We all know that using prostitutes (especially the john is NOT a conservative) has nothing to do with the ‘war on women.’ Didn’t pay full price? Big deal.

    I’m not so sure the needed independent voters would care much about it either, at least in NJ. After all, look at the flawed candidates that have been reelected in the past.

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  3. jeb says:

    The Rs are comfortable with David Vitter. This stuff is as old as congress itself.

    • Ragspierre says:

      The “ladies” all spoke very well of Mr. Vitter.

      Menendez is a piker and oppressor, as well as a whore-dog.

      Typical Collectivist hypocrite.

  4. EBL says:

    It is unlikely Joe Kyrillos could over come a 20 point deficit in a week, even if Menendez admitted to this. So I do not disagree with the outcome of that particular senate race. That said, the story still matters, should be reported and the Democrats should be reminded of it. It does show the hypocrisy of the “war on women” attacks. It certainly shows a lack of judgment, for the reasons Dana, Ace and others noted. It shows how beholden Democrats are to their supporters and how corruption happens.

    But the big issues remain the economy and possibly Benghazi (which should be bigger than it is). As for Christie’s slobbering over Obama’s 3 hour tour, maybe Obama was holding Christie’s box lunch and he wanted it back.

  5. EBL says:

    Oh, glad to see you blogging again! Welcome back!

  6. Steve says:


  7. DT Victim says:

    Hey Steve, Congrats on being the first on the prostitute story. But WAIT!! There is more …. Turns out that Bob Menendez has a preference for underage girls. It’s called Pedophilia and it’s a serious crime. Oh, and the illegal alien working on his campaign was a registered sex offender – underage sex again. Stay on this story. Organized Crime had a field day because they had dirt on Menendez and fed in prostitutes, and Menendez thanked them by protecting them. Speak truth to power, and all these dirty crooks in jail!