GOP Leadership Needs to Change Out Of Prudence, Not Pyrotechnics

November 9, 2012

Friend and fellow blogger Jen Kuznicki writes:

John Boehner needs to be dragged out of the Speakership NOW!

I’m seeing and hearing similar sentiments expressed broadly enough – in varying degrees –  to know they are serious enough to not simply be overlooked, or steam rolled, somehow. The Republican Party may be approaching a crossroads. If it continues to ignore, or marginalize its more conservative base, I could see a future ahead that leaves it in the political wilderness for a decade, or more.

In all my years following right-side politics, I’ve never sensed, or seriously felt that before.


There is a growing number of people who honestly feel they have fought too long and too hard for what amounts to little or nothing, to justify their remaining involved in GOP politics going forward. If any low GOP turn-out this year comes from similar lines of thinking, today’s Republican Party is in far more trouble than the usual suspects in Washington would want you to believe.

Given recent events in my own life, if anything, I’ve been trying to work on being more prudent – as opposed to reactionary – in my thinking today, political and otherwise.    But when I look around at the current GOP leadership, I don’t see very much beyond people suited to maintaining the status quo to worse – accepting failure after failure, while always trying to justify it away.

Despite current Republican efforts to turn 2012 into a story about anything other than what it was, it was, absolutely, perhaps the grandest failure for the GOP that one can find looking back over the last few decades of American politics. There’s no need for me to go on about it. The message was delivered far more effectively by Clint Eastwood at the 2012 Republican convention.

“When somebody does not do the job, we got to let him go,” he said near the end of his remarks, to rowdy applause.

“We own this country,” he added. “Politicians are employees of ours. They’re just going to come around and beg for votes every few years, it’s the same old deal.”

As awkward as it may seem, it’s time for the Republican Party to heed the wisdom of the very same speaker they invited to address them. There is little reason to expect anything other than more failure, or failed compromise, from the current GOP leadership.

For the good of their party, not the conservative movement, at the very least, the Republican leadership from the RNC, to the House and Senate, needs to open up the process and withstand serious challenge over the coming months.

If they can earn their jobs back during that time, a reasonable person might conclude they are entitled to them. Unfortunately, looking over events of the last critical years in American politics does not support their being entitled to hold on to them for no other reason than they happen to be there as things stand currently. It’s time for the current GOP leadership to do the right thing for their party, own their failure and step down.

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  1. Ragspierre says:

    Who would you suggest, Dan?

    • CalMark says:

      I’m starting a website. Not online yet–the WordPress software takes 24 hours to get processed.

      It’s called, for “New Founding Conservatives.” The mission is to re-take the Republican party. It’s intended to be a proudly partisan, conservative Republican organization.

      First order of business: dump Boehner. The site will have cut-and-past text for letters and emails and directions on how to communicate with GOP members of Congress.


      • CalMark says:

        OK…we’re ONLINE.

        Let’s go get ’em!

      • Xiaoding says:

        A mistake. The Republicans didn’t try to take the Whigs over, they just destroyed them.

        It was a huge error, to support the GOP this time around. Perhaps some will finally see the problem with that.

        Tie yourself to the GOP, and die with them.

        • Ragspierre says:

          Join the Party Of One…!!!

          The Dingy Party…the only one in America that would double if another idiot joined!

    • Ragspierre's Mom says:

      I suggest that you clean up your room and take out the trash. Otherwise you don’t get to use the minivan tonight. Get cracking, Raggie!

      • Ragspierre says:

        How many people have their very own sock-puppet paying them homage?

        Every time it posts, it shows I’m effective!


  2. […] friend Dan Riehl writes, GOP Leadership Needs to Change out of Prudence, not Pyrotechnics, highlights my blog post, and says, Given recent events in my own life, if anything, I’ve been […]

  3. joethefatman™ (@joethefatman1) says:


  4. Grandmabb says:

    I think what is being overlooked in all Republican handwringing is that you can’t fix stupid. People voted for $16 trillion debt, 46 million on foodstamps, 7.9% UE, and so on despite any number of sources of info and opposing POV available to them. I was unfriended on FB by several people because of links I posted espousing conservative principles and why they were what would save our country from ruin. No amount of substantive, reasoned argument could pierce their feel good Obama bubble.

  5. General Petraeus says:

    Where da bitches at?

  6. Danby says:

    Reagan had as “A choice, not an echo.”

    The GOP has stoutly resisted, since 1984, giving the American people a choice. “I’m marginally less tyrannical than my opponent” doesn’t win against “My opponent is a monster who will sell your organs for profit.” If both candidates are running on statism, the only question is which one is more likely to treat you decently.

    If, on the other hand you run on a message of freedom, liberty and prosperity, you might win. At least it would be choice. Americans like liberty and prosperity. But no one is offering them any, only varying levels of control.
    But, and this is a big but (I cannot lie), you must be completely open and honest with the people. Reducing the deficit is the only path left to prosperity, but that deficit is now 11% of the GDP. Just like in 1981/82, it will involve a short recession. That’s the medicine we have avoided taking since October of 2008, and we have multiple doses stacked up.

    The other play we MUST make is to start putting financial operators who violate the law in jail. Everyone in this country knows there are bankers and brokers who are profiting enormously though fraud and manipulation in the financial markets. That’s one of the roots of both the Tea Party and Occupy.

    As an example, Jefferson county AL sent several bureaucrats and elected officials to jail for accepting bribes from banks to replace normal municipal bonds with extremely complicated financial instruments that wound up tripling the cost of the sewer project they were supposed to finance. Not one of those people offering a bribe was even investigated, let alone prosecuted. Not one banker was put on the stand and made to answer tough questions.

    Whoever starts laying out the case and getting these people in front of juries will garner a huge boost in the opinion of the general public. Dems can’t do it, that’s their financial base. We can. Remember, we’re the law-and-order party?

    This week we slaves were offered a choice of 2 masters. One promised to beat the rich rather than us, and make sure that we would eat. The other promised that the rich would get richer and we would be left on our own for meals. And the majority chose the master that would beat someone else more and feed us better.

    • Xiaoding says:

      I love it, but no, we need a new party, one not tied to the Repubs. Really, aren’t you ashamed to be seen with them in public?

  7. Steve says:

    VERY INTERESTING. Three Separate Maps of County by County vote and vote trends in the 2012 Presidential Election…

  8. Westport says:

    We lost because conservative voters, millions of them, stayed home. Sure Mitt had some short comings, but with Obama the choice was as stark as it will ever be –
    and yet, BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T HAVE THE PERFECT CANDIDATE, they stayed home….
    I gave $7,500 to Mitt’s campaign even though i didn’t love him. I wanted to win. Anyone who stayed home was a more in love with him or herself than the country. That’s the basic truth. We lost because our side is a bunch of pussy whiners who pissed on the good, because it wasn’t the perfect. All of you out there make me sick.

    • JohnInMA says:

      You are absolutely right. Nearly every way you parse the turnout for Romney, it was down from 2008. Many just didn’t come out. For Obama, with the incessant faux-war-on____ (fill in the blank), he was able to convince key groups they were aggrieved and brought out equal or better numbers in some key groups (not all).

      I think the problem was/is less about the candidate and more about the turnout. Some conservatives (perhaps those like CalMark?) are so intent on having only conservatives they deem pure enough, they may be guilty of killing the GOP. I suspect a third party or a GOP with ‘strict enforcement’ will never win a statewide, much less a national election.

    • Xiaoding says:

      Yes, 350 million conservative voters stayed home. Whiner.

      Romney was an AWFUL cadidate. Run by an INCOMPETENT party.

      And any conservative who voted for that liberal Romeny, is a whore.

      Are you a Republican, or an American?

  9. Xiaoding says:

    “I think the problem was/is less about the candidate and more about the turnout.”

    Uh, a good candidate, makes the turnout.

    Romney never gave anyone a reason to VOTE for him. His obvious cowardice, in the last debate, was simply disgusting. THIS is the man, that good conservaticves are supposed to vote for? If we don’, it’s because we want someone who is too “pure”?

    How about not wanting another gutless rino as president?

    Also, it turns out, many REPUBLICANS stayed home. Got to respect that.

  10. Tea Party Teen says:

    I am the most conservative guy at my high school, and I think that Obami is a Muslin. If the voters can’t see that, then we need to take out county back by ramping up our opposition on social issues. Real Americans know this, because they believe in freedom and god. Not Europe and Stalin.

  11. Larry Sheldon says:

    Am I the only one who understands?

    The GOP selects people because it is their turn.

    End of story. (Also end of GOP as a force.)

  12. Doofus says:

    Yep, the GOP LOSERship needs to go. The GOP needs leadership that can articulate a clear concise message of what the GOP stands for and where the GOP is going.

  13. Danby says:

    I have yet to hear an answer to the question “Outside of Mormonism, what does Romney believe in?” Not ‘what positions has he taken.’ Not ‘what are his policies’. What does he really believe in? Why does he want the power of the presidency?

    So far as i could tell, he believed he would be a better manager than Obama. Not a lot of people will show up to elect themselves a new supervisor.

    Remember ‘electability?’ Romney was ‘electable’, in the same way that McCain and Christie and Jeb Bush are ‘electable’. What ever happened to that?

  14. Ragspierre says:

    When I read crap like Danby and Larry Sheldon wrote…I really despair for the Conservative movement.