Gov. Sarah Palin’s Facebook Statement on Tuesday’s Election

November 5, 2012

This Tuesday our country’s future is in our hands.What’s past is prologue. We know what we will get from a second Obama term because we’ve all endured his first term. We know how well he kept his 2008 campaign promises. Do we really believe he’ll keep his 2012 promises?

Do we believe the word of a man who promised he wouldn’t raise taxes on the middle class, but then slammed the middle class with a massive tax hike in the form of Obamacare and don’t forget that his own lawyers argued before the Supreme Court that the individual mandate is a tax?

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  1. Sally says:

    Just what we need. Advice on promise keeping from a woman who was pregnant when she got married, hasn’t had one of her kids graduate from high school, ignores her special needs child, and quit her OWN elected job halfway in to pursue her main goal in lofe: fame and fortue on FoxNoise! Hey, Sarah, President Obama has accomplished a lot in four years. Your jealousy is so obvious! Kids love him, women respect him, and he is awesome…an adejctive no one has ever used describi g you. But keep whining and lying…it’s all you know. Too bad you have to live in negativity..America deserves better than you, which is why you lost.

    • gerald says:

      I am always deeply amused that Mrs. Palin can still, after several years sent a liberal into a blithering tirade.

    • teresa says:

      Sally, you are one of the ones screwing up this nation. You may kiss obamas ass if you want to, but i hope the whole lot of you fricking commies is shot or hung for treason, you no-account communist pig!

      • Victoria says:

        That is why your party always lose, you’re stupid,uneducated,mislead retards,most likely in breeds and need to except this is not the white man world anymore.

      • smartcookie says:

        You my dear, are one uneducated, hateful, and ignorant person.
        Our President won the electoral (not that you know what that is), and he also won the popular vote, (meaning the Majority of Americans voted for him).
        So, if you are going to call people “commies”, then obviously you mean everyone besides those who did not vote your way. Get a grip woman! Go out in the woods and shoot something for dinner, because it sounds like that is all you know how to do!

      • european woman 4 obama says:

        Too much hate; it comes from a deliberately backward, ignorant and stupid individual, the kind that shame Americans abroad – uneducated and insular. I say deliberately because you can improve yourself just by reading a book or two or getting a passport and travel a little and see the rest of the world. Good luck!

    • Ragspierre says:

      I bet Sally never read Gov. Palin’s excellent post.

      Rather, she just drops into hate-twisted Collectivist tirade mode, spewing a bunch of venom at a woman who has proven a messaging genius…especially as compared to Obama…and who delivered real reform in her state, as promised.

    • Tina says:

      Your rant is rife with the negativity you claim only belongs to Sarah and the GOP.

      Obama is the most negative, deceitful and small-minded President I have witnessed in my lifetime.

      • Marlyn Jones says:

        Obviously you have never listened our president. Unless, of course, your really got him mixed up with romney?
        I would like to hear or see what you have seen, not heard from others, that makes you say that?

    • You’re right, Sally. President Obama has accomplished a lot in four years. He shipped arms to the Mexican drug cartels under the guise of “Operation Fast and Furious”, he unleashed Islamofascism in the Middle East under the guise of an “Arab Spring”, he deliberately ordered our troops to stand down while our ambassador in Benghazi was raped and murdered by terrorists, and he’s allowed queers in the military to come out of the closet and march in gay pride parades in uniform. Yessirree, the Obamessiah has done a lot — and it will take years for us to recover from it.

      If Obama gets re-elected, I will refuse to fly an American flag anymore. I will replace it with the blue-white-and-green Northwest Ensign.

      • Carol M says:

        Hey Carl you are a disgrace to Alaska being so disrespectful you have the right to your opinion but using that kind of language to make a point only shows low IQ..why don’t you and saly says get together and move to Siberia….and you can fly all the flags you want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • smartcookie says:

        Better yet…move the hell out!

    • Carol M says:

      Sally says….WHAT Mrs. Pain is a strong independant women who is a good mother and wife….you can not and I repeat can not control what your children do they are not YOUR property or a pet!! Besides this it sounds like you yourself are jealous. I don’t always agree with Mrs. Palin but that doesn’t mean I disrespect her or her views…wish she was running for president!!I’d move back to Alaska if I could work on her campain….and for FREE!!!

      • Carol M says:

        Sincere apologies Mrs. Palin sally says got me sooo upset I could not type….very sorry for type o!!

  2. Stanley Craig says:

    Sally, I understand you pain girl. It is plain to see that you are not a productive American. If you were then you would not want another four years of what we just had. You should be voting Republican because if you do not the money will stop, the country will stop. Then where will you be girl? If We, the country, can not keep above this financial storm, who will give us the money to continue all the social plans now in place? Please re-think where you are going and take a look at many of the European countries. If you want this growing poverty than go ahead and vote for Obama.

  3. Kathleen says:

    If Gov. Palin had been a Democrat the extremists like Sally would be Insisting the woman was the epitome of feminism, proving she can be a major player in politics, have a successful career and still have a loving family. That Sally wold instead attack Gov. Palin on her family only means leftists are giving empty lip,service to their claim they represent women and women’s interests. Sally only proves just how deep the intolerance for diversity of thought runs on the left -and is apparently ignorant of the fact that without the greatest tolerance for that, claims of “tolerance” for superficial differences among us like skin color are just that – superficial.

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