Hashtag? Parents Give Baby Girl a Twitter-Inspired Name

November 27, 2012


Crazy baby names are nothing new. In fact, in recent years they’ve become endemic in our culture, with entire websites devoted to bad baby names, deliberate misspellings masquerading as parental “creativity,” and celebrities who go way way  past “unusual” and into “Wait. What?” territory (like actor Jason Lee, who named his daughter Pilot Inspektor in 2003).

But Hashtag? As in, well, #hashtag? Really? Really.

More via Parenting – Yahoo! Shine.

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  1. Why not ‘iChild’, wtf

  2. Enchante says:

    Oohhhh Puleeeze…before it was a Hashtag it was and Still is A SHARP LIKE the KEY OF G HAS ONE SHARP: F#….years ago when western electric invented the touch tone phone..on the left of 0 was a FLAT on the right was a SHARP but they turned it into an ASTERISK because a Flat looks like a lower case B but points on bottom! We need to bring music theory back into schools people

  3. Enchante says:

    Who the heck on the SAN FRANCISCO PENINSULA made the idea of a musical symbol a ‘hashtag’? Really? That was and still IS a SHARP! like the Key of G has one sharp:lF#. I Remember years ago when WESTERN ELECTRIC invented the Touch tone phone in the 1960s. On the left of ‘0’ was a FLAT and the right stayed the same: a SHARP. but the had to change it into an ASTERISK so theu wouldnt confuse it with the lower case B. Now I know why these poor teens dont look ‘right’ their parents were on LSD when theu named them. I also dont like unisex names on girls, or creative names. Theyll have to change them when they get older on top of removing their face tattoos~~yes sooon our beautiful women will have holes on the bridge of their nose as well