In Today’s Kafkaesque Moment

November 8, 2012

In today’s episode, a Kaf·ka·esque sense of reality set in, in which Dan awoke to find himself cast as a pawn in some doctor’s game, as they passed him around from one to another, each taking the time to pin a prescription, as opposed to a donkey’s tail upon him, before sending him on to the next. LOL

I owe a sort of post-election health round-up folks to some friends and supporters and still hope to get to it.

It really is all good. I’m definitely coming back, have an excellent prognosis and have been assured that, in a reasonably short period of time, can look forward to as productive and medication-free life as anyone has a right to expect.

When I was released, I had to manage about 20 various doses of different drugs and such in each 24 hour period. A week later, I’m already down to about six or seven, with those scheduled to ramp down over the next few weeks,  the expectation being  that I’ll require none long-term to maintain my heart rate and breathing capabilities at what one might call normal, or healthy rates.

Getting there may be a longer, stranger trip than planned; however, I most assuredly am. ; )


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  1. Kathryn of Wyoming says:

    Thanks for the update. Continued prayers heading your way. Am going through a version of the same thing and am heartily sick of it.

  2. ATGinCT says:

    Hey Dan, good to see you hitting the web again. Many prayers have seemingly been answered now that you are back doing your thing.

    Have any thoughts on a through cleansing of the establishment leadership? IMO McConnell and Boehner MUST be replaced although Priebus seems to be a keeper, your thoughts in post would be great.

    As far as your recovery, keep on keeping on brother!

  3. ATGinCT says:

    Oh and on another note, is anyone else having issues with comment’s? On my computer, win 7 using firefox, words are being split at the end of the comment box making for some odd reading…. like reading will be split with “read” at the end of the line and “ing” carried to the next line, no hyphen, no nothing, is it just me or is it a universal bug?

  4. CitizenEgg says:

    Glad to hear you’re recovering Dan and I hope it continues smoothly. Health is really the underappreciated treasure for most until it’s threatened. I’ve recently become aware of how critical anti-oxidants like glutathione are to overall health and I’m amazed that it’s not more widely publicized as a preventative measure. That may change with the inexorable slide towards Obamacare and rationed healthcare services.