Israeli Defense Minister Says Iran Strike Preparation Was Ordered In 2010

November 4, 2012

…but it never happened because “the ability didn’t exist.” Or was there another reason it never happened? AP via The Washington Times:

An Israeli news program claims that Israel’s premier told his military to prepare for a strike on Iranian nuclear sites in 2010, but it was not ready.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak said in excerpts aired Sunday that “at the moment of truth, the answer given was that the ability didn’t exist.”

Presuming the thrust of the story is indeed true, a lot goes into (and can be extracted from) “the ability didn’t exist.” It can mean a lot of things. And it also does not mean the ability “doesn’t” exist today, over 2 years later. Finding oneself unprepared or incapable is an important finding. It is not an existential failure. It is a correctable finding and important to know.

Considering this, a bone can be picked with The Washington Times’ chosen headline of “Israel almost hit Iranian nuclear sites in 2010.” It is a bit hyperventilating. What almost certainly will come out in the full news story is that the Defense Ministered ordered preparations – just as any responsible leader would – to evaluate readiness and capability.

Any order to “prepare for” a strike is a far cry from an order to strike. We have prepared to “strike” Moscow (et al) with hundreds of nuclear warheads simultaneously since the 50’s. Preparation is sage.

Don’t confuse “strike was ordered” without the vital context of “preparation.” Nations which do not prepare and address shortcomings disappear. With alacrity.


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