It’s not a ‘fiscal cliff,’ it’s a financial avalanche, stupid!

November 29, 2012

Friend Ford O’Connell has a  worthwhile item up over that The Hill’s Pundit Blog: Dems dishonest in ‘fiscal cliff’ dealings. Still, technically speaking, there is no ‘fiscal cliff’.  America isn’t going to suddenly disappear, or drop out of sight, somehow.

If you told the average voter Washington, D.C. was heading off a cliff, they’d probably offer to help out by giving it a push.

What America is actually facing represents more of an avalanche of past, present and future debt poised to land squarely on the backs of the middle class. No matter what one does, or doesn’t do as regards the so called rich, nothing can change that.

It’s fine and fair to blame Democrats and even the media, as Ford does. But the GOP’s forever woeful messaging efforts deserve their share of blame, too. They often don’t and will continue to not win many political arguments at this rate, as they continue to lack the insight and creativity to even frame their arguments artfully enough for them to resonate  to their advantage with enough people.

Dems dishonest in ‘fiscal cliff’ dealings: We’re five weeks out from the “fiscal cliff deadline,” and it’s becoming apparent one of America’s two political parties has to give.

One has to level with the people about the choices that lie ahead, face up to the results of the election, cease considering itself bound by promises to outsiders and commit itself, finally, to finding a durable solution.

And that party is the Democratic Party.

… And it’s time for more umpires in the press room to remove their rose-colored glasses and start looking at this honestly.

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  1. Ragspierre says:

    The House leadership needs to say one thing today.

    “We are looking for leadership from the President”. Then say it again tomorrow and the next day.

    Say it several times on each Sunday.

    Stand pat.

    • Westport says:

      see my comment below. i like your point about hanging tough, i just think we need to use aggressive tactics now and play the media war to win.

  2. Westport says:

    Might be interesting tactic for Boehner and House Repubs to invite the media into the negotiations directly with their TV cameras. If Obama is the most “transparent” president evah then let’s all see for ourselves what’s being put on the table. Why not treat this like any public hearing involving critical budget items? I think it would be funny to hear Dems try to argue why they can’t operate outside of their cover from the MSM – so Boehner hold a press conf and invite the cameras inside so the American people can see for themselves what’s being discussed. I don’t think “standing pat” when the MSM is destroying our side makes any sense. We need to make our case clearly and without media distortion. Meeting in closed rooms with Obama swine is a big mistake.

    • Ragspierre says:

      My approach does not require we suck our teeth in the face of Mushroom Media lies.

      Exactly the contrary. Call on Obama every day to propose a concrete plan. Not give a speech, or invite people to Tweet Congress.

      And I agree that meeting or conversing with any Obami privately is a tactical mistake.

      I think Boehner now agrees, since they lied to him and leaked.

      Any meeting should include Ryan, who I think scares Obama spitless.

  3. Jerry Jones says:

    Your collective delusions are amusing. You hold no cards.

    “Any meeting should include Ryan, who I think scares Obama spitless.”

    Exhibit A.

    • Westport says:

      I don’t get “delusions” comment, but whatevah…

      here are the facts as I see them: Obama WANTS to go off the cliff and he’s confident that with the press doing his bidding that – like Bengazi – his fingerprints will not be dusted or shown to the public. It will all be Republicans fault. There is NO REAL NEGOTIATION GOING ON and nothing scares Obama, not Ryan nor anyone else. His narcissism is now in over drive. The real question for me is how does this get set up and we should start taking some of the PR issues into account, not because we are going to be like the Dems, but because as conservatives we have to play the long game and that means one part “let it burn” so people can see the impact of stupid policies from the left, and one part effective communication of our alternative approach – we do hold the cards, it’s called the House Majority. If we don’t play in this stupid charade then $700 billion dollars of tax increases and mandatory cuts in spending will hit the US economy starting in January 2013. It going to happen, so move into cash and get ready for it.

      • Jerry Jones says:

        “I don’t get “delusions” comment”

        No kidding. Your delusion lies in the fact that you have no leverage in these negotiations. If you think GOP control of the House is GOOD for the GOP, you’re more clueless than you look.

    • Ragspierre says:

      Ah, another IDIOT self-identifies…!!!

      Always LOVE that…!!!

      Where are Obama’s “balanced approach” proposals…??? Demands and speeches begging for the proles to support him do not qualify.

      Neither, BTW, does running off to a multi-million $$$ vacay.


      • Jerry Jones says:

        Ah the tears of a loser.

      • Jerry Jones says:

        Remember when “conservatives” were at least good at politicking?

      • Ragspierre says:

        I note with satisfaction you cannot answer my points.

        Where is the Pres. Not Optimal proposal?

        In fact, where is Pres. Not Optimal?


        • Jerry Jones says:


          It’s precious that you can take “satisfaction” in someone not answering your irrelevant points on the internet.

          The president has laid out his proposal. Shockingly, he proposes substantially what he campaigned on, and overwhelmingly won on.

          One of these days you’ll figure out why you can’t get national majorities to vote for you. Until then, I will enjoy watching losers like you “heh” on the internet while two-term president Barack Obama continues to roll you.

          • Ragspierre says:

            What “balanced” proposal has he made, moron?

            He ran on compromising, you liar. He promised to take on entitlements, among other things. But we all know he…like you…lies.

            This isn’t a game of gotcha. It is the economy of the United States.

            You need to learn what “overwhelmingly” means. Well, and what “roll” means. It isn’t the same as “totalitarian”, though I get you are confused easily.

          • Ragspierre says:

            “The president has laid out his proposal.”

            It should be easy for you to point to what he proposed, right?

            Put up a link.

          • Westport says:

            Personally, i thought Obama looked like a fool today on “the stump” at the Penn Toy factory. We’ve got an affirmative action president and it’s a joke. He’s a PATHETIC EMBARRASSMENT. Everyone knows it, during the last farce, Nancy and Harry had to hit the mute button on our leader because even they could stand listening to the vapid rhetoric when things required action.

            I say, again, let it burn. Negotiating w idiots like JJones and his buddies in DC is a a waste. I say let them own it and force additional cuts to the “OBAMA PHONE” mobs by withholding approval of debt ceiling. I’d love for someone in Washington to just get up in front of the press and say “suck on this” – then JJones and others can write their checks for additional taxes as we cut off the rest of the takers sucking us dry.

  4. Steve says:

    House Majority GOP Majority Whip Video: WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK!

    This is Small Business America:

  5. Jerry Jones says:

    The president’s proposal is public knowledge, genius. But since, you can’t operate the Google on your own:

    You lost in the House, Senate, and the Presidency, in no small part because the president promised to raise taxes on the highest brackets, while preserving lower rate for middle and lower brackets. You lost because you wanted to voucherize medicare and privatize SS. The president said no – loud and clear. You have no leverage. So buckle up, loser.

    • Ragspierre says:

      How embarrassing to be stupid AND unable to read!

      “The White House is seeking $1.6 trillion in tax increases up front, as well as $50 billion in additional stimulus spending, as part of any “fiscal cliff” deal, Republican aides said Thursday, as talks aimed at averting the economy-rattling cliff turned testy.

      President Barack Obama also wants a permanent increase in the federal debt ceiling, a one-year expansion of jobless benefits, and an extension of the payroll tax credit, these aides said.”

      See, moron, that isn’t Pres. Not Optimal speaking.

      I know this is hard. But try…

    • Ragspierre says:

      “…because the president promised to raise taxes on the highest brackets, while preserving lower rate for middle and lower brackets.”

      But WAIT, lying Collectivist moron…!!!

      The Bush tax rate cuts…ACROSS THE BOARD…have been lied about for over a decade now.

      Let’s ALLLLLLLL go back to the glorious Clinton rates, shall we?

      What lie do you plan on telling next? Just to keep them straight…

  6. Jerry Jones says:

    And you might want to tell Wesport that this isn’t a game of “gotcha,” because he/she/it appears to not get the score – even more so that you.

    • Ragspierre says:

      Here, lying moron, I’ll help you some more…

      ‘‘I’m not wedded to every detail of my plan. I’m open to compromise,’’ he [Obama] said.


      He said voters plainly agreed with his approach that both tax hikes and spending cuts are needed to cut the debt.

      ‘‘Our job now is to get a majority in Congress to reflect the will of the American people,’’ Obama said.

      About 60 percent of voters said in exit polls Tuesday that taxes should increase, either for everyone or those making over $250,000. Left unsaid by Obama was that even more voters opposed raising taxes to help cut the deficit.

      And NOBODY suggested that Obama should have power to (unconstitutionally) raise the debt ceiling.

      EVER. You idiot.

  7. Jerry Jones says:

    Wow, it really IS like talking to 12 year olds when conversing with Riehl Wurld fanboys. I see that in addition to being an electoral politics novice, you’ve also never negotiated so much as a car loan. Which is why you will continue to lose everything except “satisfaction” on the Internet.

    • Ragspierre says:

      Ha. Ha.

      You can only throw ad hominem BS at the wall!

      Like I say, LOVE IT when morons self-identify, and come here a-trollin’ so they can get their asses handed to them in public!

      Here’s a negotiating FACT from someone who does it for a living…

      Be ready to walk away. Like the GOP is doing.

  8. Westport says:

    JJones –
    Look let’s be honest, this whole debate over “fiscal cliff” is a joke. It would take reasonable people a day to settle on a combination of cuts and tax increases to reach a temporary solution – which is all we’re talking about now. Given the level of monthly borrowing the govt is doing any significant increase in short term rates will fuck all of us, Dems and conservatives… Libor was close to 6 percent in 2007, if we go back there because of a debt /credit pricing crisis like has hit Greece, Spain and Italy we are in serious serious shit and so isn’t reasonable to ask where’s the leadership? Where is the plan to get things back on the rails? You speak about the election like it has any real significance to the problems we face and so yes you deserve the comments you get. This country is kidding itself, if we don’t get our spending under control you can just forget all this other political bullshit.

  9. Westport says:

    One last thing – deficit last month was $120 billion which puts us at roughly $1.4 trillion annual deficit. Tax increase on top earners brings in just $80 billion annually so what are we going to do about the remaking deficit? GAO has estimated at least $350 billion of annual waste in spending, when are we going to do something about all this? Obama doesn’t want to cut anything so how’s this going anywhere but bad?