#JustABlogger Electoral Vote Contest! No blog necessary to enter

November 4, 2012

See link for details. One of the next phases on New Media must be to do more of what old media does and do it better. I find this sort of thing in keeping with that thinking.

Many of mainstream media pundits have gone on the record with their predictions on how many electoral votes Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will receive. The only problem is that the vast majority are picking Obama to win. Their exaggerated turn-out models tells them so. This is what happens when we leave it to the #RealJournalists in the words of Juan Williams to tell us what is going on.

From the ground level, from the people that aren’t creating turn-out models but actually turning out, it looks a whole lot different. Professor Glenn Reynolds, aka @Instapundit, has dubbed this the Ground-Glass Election as in, we will crawl across ground glass to vote to evict Obama from the White House.

via Announcing: #JustABlogger Electoral Vote Contest! The Prudence Paine Papers.

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  2. Elmo says:

    Me teenks duh sayin’s: Over broken glass & monkey vomit. Twenny six mo hours mofo’s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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