Karl Rove’s part of the problem, not the solution

November 15, 2012

Click the link below to read the rest via rdbrewer at Ace’s. Personally, I think the GOP is in far worse trouble than they seem to think given their post-election actions. At the same time, they seem to be doing well at the state-level.

But given the time it may take to get rid of Rove and company – he isn’t going away any time, soon – it wouldn’t surprise me to see them lose nationally for another 1 – 3 cycles. And if the Northeast Republican establishment maintains its current stranglehold on it, it’s pretty much over.

As it stands, they’re a failed party and losing supporters in droves. Rove can raise all the money he wants, what he can’t and will never do is replace them.

Establishment Republicans have had their chance, repeatedly, and they have blown it, repeatedly. Let me suggest a strategy that will sweep away all of Karl Rove’s tactical concerns: Our next nominee should be a limited government constitutional conservative, someone who will dust off Reagan’s winning playbook and use it to motivate the base while picking up independents and blue-dog Democrats along the way. Just like Ronald Reagan did.

via Karl Rove Cannot See the Elephant in the Living Room.

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  1. John Wayne says:

    Obama presidency started in the middle of an economical downturn. The recession was caused by the bursting of the “house bubble” with its sub-prime and derivatives mess. This was clearly caused by the social engineering of the left since 1999 when Clinton passed the Community Reinvestment Act. By the words of Rahm Emanuel “Don’t let a crises go to waste” Obama administration did nothing to help to stimulate the economy.

    First they concentrated on a stimulus that only helped Obama constituencies i.e. teachers unions, SIEU, United Auto Workers and flawed “green” energy enterprises like Solindra.

    Second they concentrated in passing the largest government takeover of the healthcare industry: Obamacare. They shrewdly took advantage of some rare planet alignment as the House and Senate had Democratic majorities and Obamacare was passed with no one vote from the republican side! Unprecedented!!!

    Third they passed the Dodd-Frank law that caused an enormous regulatory burden on banks and all kind of businesses small and large!

    Forth they started to expand welfare on all front. With unemployment at 8% they expanded and increased unemployment benefits to the point of having current unemployed choosing to remain unemployed because are better off on the government dole than working for $10 an hour! They streamlined and lowered the standards to qualify for disability! “In the month of June, more than 8.7 million people received federal disability incomes, a population that is greater than that of the city of New York according to the Social Security Administration. “ They offered food stamps on TV campaigns and managed to have an unprecedented 47 million people on food stamps! They allowed the largest ever enrollment to Medicaid! They took over the student loan industry! Then they passed the Foreclosure relief Act! Yet not one measure was passed to stimulate the economy unleashing free market and enterprises!

    This is very factual as the administration worked very hard with its monetary policies to hurt the value of the dollar and inhibit growth maintaining artificially the prime rate to zero! The raising debt to 16 trillions saddled future generations to come and caused the moody’s downgrade .(http://www.usdebtclock.org/)

    Now, with all of this considered, most likely Obama wanted to take advantage of a serious economic crisis to expand the government outreach to unprecedented levels. Therefore it could be that many of the 3 million republicans stayed at home on November 6th because in one way or another they are on the government welfare “payroll”. The expansion of welfare helped to spread a culture of dependency and the danger of this is that people started to see the government as a helper and problem solver. This is the road to serfdom for the United States of America! If we have a GOP that cannot articulate simple historical facts about a presidency bent at promoting Socialism then is time for the GOP to join the jackass party and let the conservatives unite around a new party!

    “The time is now near at hand which must probably determine, whether Americans are to be, Freemen, or Slaves.” G Washington July 2, 1776

    • Stogie says:

      John, it’s good to see a comment by someone who actually understands what caused the meltdown. Yes, the Democrats wreck the economy than blame it on the Republicans and use their self-created crisis to pass even more regulations on the private sector. I detest those people.

      • Xiaoding says:

        “This was clearly caused by the social engineering of the left since 1999 when Clinton passed the Community Reinvestment Act. ”

        BS. Really bad denial, there. I don’t recall the Republicans, or ANY conservatives, fighting this to the death. It would not have passed! Take off the blinders.

        • Ragspierre says:

          But, dingy, you’re an idiot. This has a very serious effect on your ability to see, understand, and synthesize reality.

          • Xiaoding says:

            Your post is so informative!

            Perhaps you could explain, where were all the noble Republicans and conservatives, when all this housing bubble stuff was going on? Fighting it, or slopping it up with the rest?

          • Ragspierre says:

            If you bothered to inform yourself, you would know there WERE.

            But you enjoy your delusions WAY too much for that.

          • Xiaoding says:

            Rags has lost all credibility. Sad. Romney lost, loser.

          • Ragspierre says:

            I see.

            You surrender…again…

          • Xiaoding says:

            You never answered the question put to you. But, I expect that from you. Everyone here does.

          • Ragspierre says:

            That’s right, dingy. I don’t provide answers to people who can research the info themselves, and for various reasons.

            Start with GW Bush, and word down, you poor idiot.

  2. jeb says:

    Can’t see a hard-right candidate winning in this environment as Romney only gained in the polls when he moved to the center. The balance is on the center-left side now and the GOP must deal with it.

    • Stogie says:

      Jeb –

      Nonsense. The GOP loses when it moves left, not right. You deal with it.

    • John Schuh says:

      Romney received fewer votes than McCain did in 2008, and John ran less than an inspired campaign. If he had equaled McCain’s popular vote, he would have come close to victory. Romney won the primaries by burying his opponents with money. At times he behaved hatefully, and in Iowa, one of his boys made it seem that he had won the Caucuses, when he had actually finished second. This deceit cost Santorum the momentum he needed if he was to go forward.

    • Annie says:

      Yes, and we all know how accurate the pollswere, right? Dan is right, a real
      conservative can communicate first
      principles and gain voters. People actuallydo respond to the truth. Romney tried and I thank him for that – but we all know he
      wasn’t a Constitutional conservative. We win when we stick to our principles. We
      lose when we pretend to be something we
      are not.

  3. Colin says:

    Jeb, I would disagree. The democrats have figured out how to get a portion of the politically ignorant and apathetic to vote for them. They certainly are not voting for their policies…they don’t even know any of them. They are simply falling prey to class warfare tactics and divisional politics. The republicans do not know how to play that game veet well. Many consider us “above” those tactics. the problem is they work! We will have to learn how to get good at it if we are to be relevant on a national level again.

  4. HWL says:

    Well as I have said for years this country started down hill when women got the vote and giving kids the vote only greased te skids even more.

    • Kristina says:

      HWL – I absolutely love that your assumption completely falls in line with the democrat line of playing minorities against white, women against men and children against their parents. That comment treats me exactly like the democrat party has treated me – as a drone – non-thinking, non-examining, highly sensitive, highly irrational propaganda inhaling toady. I’d rather see the return of not allowing idiots to vote, and that should wipe out most of the women, children, and many of the men that you are worried about.

  5. Chip says:

    The NE Republicans would rather lose to a liberal than see a conservative win. Nobody can tell what what a moderate or centrist is. Can name names, but can’t tell me what exactly that means. They are liberals.

  6. deimos says:

    For years we were told by the moonbat media that Rove was Bush’s brain and then in the next breath we were told that Bush was stupid. Does that mean Rove is stupid? It is the only time I agree with the braying moonbat media.

  7. c says:

    Dan, if we had just nominated Rick Santorum he would have won in a landslide, ignore all that stuff about him being at 3-4% in the polls for 6 months and had no organization and no money. (and didn’t even make it on the ballot in some states in the prim.) he’s a conservative, and that’s all we needed. He lost his senate seat by 17 points to Bob Casey but that’s no biggie. I’m thinking he would carried 45 states and we would have won the senate too. Romney is a RINO, even though he was getting conservative support early in the primary. And choosing a pro-life conservative like Ryan for VP was just a head fake, we all know. Santorum 2016.

  8. John Wayne says:

    The conservative movement of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher was emasculated by the Bush dynasty. Bush 41 made sure to distantiate himself from his predecessor and candidly admitted to Gorbachev in 1987: “Reagan is a conservative. An extreme conservative. All the blockheads and dummies are for him, and when he says that something is necessary, they trust him.” Bush 43 finished the job when he defined himself as a “compassionate conservative”. This was a big ideological blow to the American conservatism that found its sustaining pillars in the works of William F. Buckley Jr., and Barry Goldwater.

    To define conservatism “compassionate”, as G.W. Bush did, it means to brand a type of conservatism in opposition to another type of conservatism. Let’s see how this works: “compassionate” antonyms are: cruelty, harshness, hatred, indifference, meanness, mercilessness, tyranny. G.W. Bush was telling conservatives that he was redefining conservatism with a new adjective that was a stark differentiation from the “old” cruel, indifferent, mean Reagan conservatism. But this was just the starter, during his tenure he engaged in the largest post WW II government expansion and two largely unpopular wars that were waged with the idea of promoting democracy in Islamic countries. As a consequence, conservatives were demoralized, confused, without a leader that could articulate the conservative message effectually.

    This horrible blow to the conservative movement culminated with the nomination, by the Republican elites, of liberal senator McCain and helped to serve on a silver plate the presidency to Barack Hussein Obama with the media obscuring his dubious past as a Marxist militant, a Muslim educated student, a student at Harvard Law with sealed school records, and a member of a “theology of liberation” church on which pews he sat for 20 years.

    History teaches that moderates do not get elected. From Bob Dole, to McCain to Romney. G.W. Bush was elected loosing the popular vote and through the painful hanging chads recount of Florida. Our Republican establishment strategists seem completely unaware of the fact that a leader like Reagan, ridiculed by the main stream media during his entire political career, was elected with a landslide. That means many Democrats voted for him in 1980 and 1984 and the reason was that he enunciated a very clear unwavering conservative message. A message that had a universal appeal!

    As conservatives we need to unite and select a leader that can articulate a message that will unify the interest groups, sex and race. A message that will bring God back to our lives, a message that will be celebrating personal freedoms and the American exeptionalism! The GOP may be broken but conservatism lives on and is the only ideology that can empower the individual to live and fulfill the American Dream! The alternative? A banana republic and tyranny!

    It’s time for Karl Rove to go. As Mark Levin put it: ‘Get the hell off the stage already, will you pal?’

    • Jimbear says:

      I agree. The Bush family fought against Reaganism with their country club Republicanism. They attack and diminish the conservative brand while “embracing” it publicly and calling themselves conservatives. They undermining the policies and the politicians who try to unseat the Rove Rino class. I’m tired of the Bushies on Fox saying Jeb Bush is a viable presidential candidate. Didn’t they see the exit polls that still blame George Bush for the economy.

      I’m equally tired of Hannity having Rove on and calling him the architect. Of what??? Twice helping the Bush family to wipe out the GOP? On top of that Rove is old school and these moron consultants believe its “presidential” not to respond to attack. Well guess what, attacks unanswered stick in the conscious of voters with today’s social media. These guys get their only “viable” candidate, run like mush Rinos, don’t attack Obama on Obamacare and what it will do , don’t discuss how they will create jobs and how conservatives economic works and liberal policies always fail. Worse is the moron consultant class. They run poll and find out Obama is popular so the go to a convention and campaign and don’t attack him . Of course he’s popular with those who watch only mainstream news. You have to attach his unpopular policies to him,. Do you think the Dems would have left anything off the table against Romney? Romney was such a boyscout they found an incident that was 50 years old and ran with it. America should have seen Rev wright, see Obama supporting him, see Obama bitching about wearing an American flag pin, shown refusing to salute the American flag in 2008, changing the pledge of allegiance and taking under God out and how he wants to “transform “ the USA.. They should have run commercials about how Obama is a Saul Alinskite community organizer and show how like Alinsky Obama demonizes people and says he wants to support the middle class but those goal is to destroying it. Romney could lay out Obama’s job loses and his policies that cause them. They could have showed commercials about the incompetence of Obama with the 57 states, the stuttering and his discussion of asthma and ask do you WANT this guy handling Your health care. These punk consultants had no problem trashing Gingrich and Santorum yet they gave a Marxist president a free ride.

      The bottom line is the Bush Rino class does not want to fight the big government crowd. They lose elections and want to fight conservatives. We are the party not Rove. If we’re going to lose this country at least go down fighting. I’m tired of being attacked by these charlatans

  9. John Patterson says:

    Reading about Lincoln causes me to compare Republicans with Whigs of mid 19th century. It took guts to oppose slavery. The Whigs had no guts.
    Rove, Boehner et al don’t have any guts. American democracy has failed, just like every other experiment in self-government. As the psalmist sang, “Put no trust in princes, in children of Adam powerless to save. . . . Blessed the one whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the LORD, his God.” (Psalm 146)

  10. mg says:

    Great, more compassionate conservatives. The gop is over. They are a laugh a minute. Too stupid for true conservatives. The 3 mil. that did not show up will double if rinos are still in play. Banana’s for everyone.

  11. Xiaoding says:

    Teh GOP is over, but they are still there. Until somebody grows a pair, and forms a new party. Don’t see any conservatives with a pair in the bunch.

    • Ragspierre says:

      Just for chuckles, dingy, define for some of the new people here what a “dingy conservative” is.

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  13. Seipherd says:

    Oh, get over it folks, this all or nothing my way or the highway nonsense on the right is just so much stupidity.

    Karl is an asset to the GOP. He’s also educated, trainable, well respected, articulate and is not going to go away.

    I suspect he will pick up new ideas and visions a lot faster than the ‘we must control other people’s lady parts’ GOP and is undoubtably more intellectually flexible than the Ronulan empire who’s leader is retiring.

    Seems a better use of one’s energy would be to help Rove and other’s to embrace a new vision rather than pulling down one of the tent poles that holds up the big tent.

  14. crosspatch says:

    I wish people would relax a little bit. Look at where we are now vs. where we were after the 2008 Presidential election.

    We have more seats in Congress, we still have the House, we have more Governor seats, we have complete control of more state legislatures.

    Obama lost a LOT of votes from Democrats. With a D+6 electorate (similar to 2008 D+7) Obama won only by only 1.5 points (compared to 7 points in 2008).

    Obama’s most destructive policies are not set to take effect until after January. By April 15 of 2014, a lot of lower and middle class people are going to get a rude shock when they do their tax return and discover things like the child tax credit cut in half, their pre-tax flex plan doesn’t cover what it used to, and the marriage penalty has returned.

    Layoffs are going to sweep through the nation in Q1 of 2013. This is going to have a domino effect throughout the economy and reduce tax revenues. Those tax increases are going to have opposite of the intended impact. Even if they don’t, the million or two additional unemployed are going to be livid.

    The Democrats are NOT well-configured for 2014. They have overreached and those chickens are about to come home to roost and crap all over their nice little election results.

    I believe Republicans are poised right now to surpass 2010 gains if we play our cards right and manage to avoid believe blamed for the economic mayhem the Democrats and the unions are about to unleash on us.

    If I were the DNC, I would be pretty nervous. They could be on the edge of an epic defeat. The Republicans were NOT soundly beaten. We lost TEN House seats due to redistricting (5 in IL and 5 in CA) and have so far lost a net 6 with a couple of races still in the balance. We lost only 2 Senate seats and should not have lost MO or IN.

    We kept the legislature in Wisconsin. We won the legislature of Arkansas for the first time since Reconstruction ended.

    Stop with the catastrophizing. Yeah, I know this was a very emotional election but after what is going to happen over the next two years, I think we have a very good shot and trouncing the Democrats in mid terms in Congress and in state and local elections across the country.

  15. Rove has been almost completely discredited and exposed as incompetent

    I dunno who wants Karl Rove around any more except for Karl Rove

  16. Annie says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more, Dan. Also a
    new Speaker would be a great start.

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  18. mike says:

    It’s not so interesting to read to all the objective commentary by the various readers posted on the site.

    Fact is, both parties are to blame.

    While I had hoped Romney would be successful, I wasn’t to surprised by the outcome.

    Everyone here knew all along that Romney was the ‘flatline candidate’ during the primary and never really achieving much progress in the final campaign until the first debate.

    Nobody knows where Romney went after that, if he got lost in confidence or swirled around in Sandy or beaten badly by over expectations by the Fox News payroll team.

    Personally, I deserted Fox News in the primary with their ever loving fest of Romney (ie, their morning program) that quickly built, built and then took off during the New Hampshire Primary (following Iowa).

    The conspiracy theorist in me wonders if the Bret Baier interview with a feisty & testy Romney (what’s with all the hard questions?) wasn’t a planned media ‘event’ during that month.

    Or perhaps it was just a bad candidate who signed, presided or admittedly despised over an open microphone, camera or reporter anything the Republican party once stood for during his political tenure.

    …I think we all suspect 2016 is as follows:




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