Pleader-in-Chief: Obama uses speech after speech to ask for more time

November 4, 2012

I bet he has an Oh, honey version of the same pitch to run by Michelle at night!

More seriously, for four years he failed to address nearly every significant timely challenge facing America, preferring instead to walk through his own self-centered vision, or leftist agenda. He lays out his own ideological challenges but does nothing to indicate how racking up dept and growing government for the sake of growing it will do anything serious to avoid mounds of problems America can’t simply pick, or choose to avoid.

It’s not all going to just be OK one day because Barry gets to have his way.  I hope voters are thinking on that and our real challenges as we head closer to election day.

He cajoles his audience into action. He needles rival Mitt Romney with biting mockery. He reminds voters about the past and where he wants to take them.

In the final days of his final campaign, President Barack Obama is part community organizer, part history professor and part locker-room basketball coach, imploring crowds — and the wider electorate — to let him finish what he started. The nation has been bruised by recession and war, he contends, but remains resilient and is coming back.

Most voters may see only snippets of Obama’s speeches on television. But for the crowds who cram into high school gymnasiums in cities like Springfield, Obamas message is one of choice and contrast, of tough decisions made and promises kept. At stake, he says, is a fight for the middle class.

via US News and World Report.

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  1. Ragspierre says:


    And who does he think he can fool with this????

    Lying is not a value of any religion…except the Thugs

  2. Esau's Message says: