Post-Election Health Wrap

November 11, 2012

I said I’d address this post-election for any interested, so I feel obligated, while not wanting to make too much of it. The support I received was truly amazing, including that from senior management at  Both Larry Solov and Steve Bannon reached out early and sincerely and the last few weeks would have been far more difficult had they not. Believe me, it’s more than deserving of acknowledgement here.

Without going too deeply into the various personal aspects of it that remain significant and even challenging for me, it seems like a decent story to tell. So, purely as a blogger, why not tell it? Bear with me, thanks to various medications, I’m still bouncing a bit between being a decent blogger and Admiral Stockdale at a Vice Presidential debate. heh!

If there was any foreshadowing of what came to pass, it was returning from a doctor’s visit with two prescriptions to learn that an old friend back in NJ  had been diagnosed with bronchitis the week before, only to die in their sleep that night. I half-joked with the friend that told me, maybe I shouldn’t go to sleep tonight? But my experience was entirely different.

I felt great the next morning and thought whatever was going on was beaten thanks to the prescriptions. My energy was back and I had two of the most productive days I’d had in the week or two I had been fighting it before have seen my physician. Unfortunately, as the medications wound down, it became increasing clear something just wasn’t right. There was something else going on.

For the next few days, each day it became more difficult to breathe, walk, etc…. When I woke up on the third day, it was hard to remain standing up. Stubborn, but not liking the color I saw in the mirror, nor the feel of my skin when I touched it, I called a neighbor for another opinion. From there, I called my doctor – and he’s a good one, with whom I’m satisfied, the decision was made to go the whole 911 route.

Damn, I hate it when that happens! Not that it ever had before.

The first question they asked was when I realized my heart was beating rapidly. Duh. I hadn’t. I’m not real big on self-monitoring, if you hadn’t noticed. ; )

In any event, as I believe I’ve shared somewhere, when I hit the ER, my heart  was in atrial fibrillation and the rate was bouncing up and down between 160 and 180 beats a minute. Meanwhile  my blood oxygen level was at 90% or below and falling. It seems my lungs had pretty much stopped working.

My doctor laughed last week when I went into his office, ‘So, I think we made the right call on the whole ER thing! Don’t  you agree?”

Oh, sure. In this case, hindsight is everything.

Long story short, when I finally had my face-to-face with the ER doc, I approached it as I imagine many might. OK, break it down to the Cliff Notes version and let me know what we’re looking at here. If I have, or will have some choices to make, hanging around here with a tube and bunch of IVs in me isn’t going to be one of them.

He was pretty direct. You can’t stay where you are, you’re headed North or South. I think we have enough to push you in the right direction but I can’t guarantee it right now, either.

While I was in and out for the first 36 or so hours, my neighbor – also a long-time friend – was able to connect with my family in NJ. And eventually, – I did take my cell phone – one of my dearest friends, Melissa Clouthier was kind enough to inform some in the online community, after I gave doctors permission to communicate with her. Factually, I didn’t really have a clue at that point.

I can’t honestly say, ‘I’m back,’ more due to various medications and life changes, than anything. But every day since the first one or two has been a solid move in a positive direction. As things stand, I’ve what can only be called an excellent long-term prognosis for a complete recovery, including without need for any ongoing medication.

That’s it in a nutshell. Hopefully as the dust settles, I can and will return to blogging.

Thanks, again for all of your help and support. Not only has it genuinely amazed me, but more than a few close friends have remarked at their surprise at the breadth of it.

What I want most now is to move on and make the most of what, in many ways, is a tremendous gift I feel I’ve been given.

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  1. Deanna says:

    So glad you’re back Dan. Stay healthy.

  2. Kevin says:

    Glad to hear you are feeling better. Hope you continue to improve. We need all the troops we can gather. It’s going to be a rough 4 years.

  3. Larry Sheldon says:

    Seriously scary. And some of it familiar.

    Hang on and behave.

  4. Larry Sheldon says:

    Seriously scary. And some of it familiar.

    Hang on, and behave.

  5. red state blues says:

    Hi Dan. Your voice was always one of the ones I counted on most: remember “Mittens?” too funny. Hope you return to blogging, your voice is important.

  6. EBL says:

    Tell us the truth, it was cats wasn’t it? The dander and all.

  7. David says:

    Good to hear you’re doing better. Feel good.

  8. Mike G. says:

    Atrial Fibrillation…been there done that and don’t want another T-shirt. Mine was caused from side effects of medication about three months ago. They had to knock me out and use the machine to shock my heart back into rhythm after two attempts with drugs didn’t work at 1200 bucks a shot.

    All in all, two days in hospital and 18,000 bucks later, I quit smoking, so there’s that eh.

    Really glad you’re back…take care of yourself.

  9. joethefatman™ (@joethefatman1) says:

    None of my business about any of that. I’m just glad you’re back and getting better.

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  11. Walter in Texas says:

    “What I want most now is to move on and make the most of what, in many ways, is a tremendous gift I feel I’ve been given.”

    Need to make a sign out of that. Post it in every Cardiac ICU and Recovery Room. It’s the summary of the Lesson from those places as I recall.

    Glad you’re back.

  12. Fefe says:

    I am relived and happy you are so well recovered to feel joyous.

  13. Cindy Mauer says:

    Hope you continue to feel better!