RINObama: Linda McMahon (R-CT) Distributes Fliers: Obama And I Will Fight For You

November 4, 2012

OK, Linda. It’s time for you to lose and go away. Only in the Northeast can we come up with the term RINObama and actually have a Republican candidate campaign with it.

From Doug Mataconis at OTB:

This isn’t a new strategy. Just north of McMahon, Scott Brown has been emphasizing his independence in the Senate from the start of the campaign, and most of his campaign literature makes no reference to the fact that he’s a Republican. I’ve seen other candidates in heavily Republican, or Democratic, states do the same thing. However, I must say that I’ve never seen something quite this blatant, especially considering how much money the McMahons have donated to the Romney campaign and the Republican Party.  In the end, though, I’ve got to say I don’t see many Obama voters voting for Linda McMahon for Senate.

Look, Linda. If you can’t run and win on your principles, then take a page from the Mike Bloomberg Book of Political Genius and just switch parties and run with that crowd. Then get elected. Then claim to be “independent.” Then, endorse folks who run viciously against the useful little party you became “independent” from. Make any sense yet? Exactly.

So you’re behind in the polls. Running ‘with’ the antithesis of what you say you are running for is not an answer. You have to be smarter than that and win over the hard way. I prefer you just lose and be on your way. Because if you win, you’re mealymouthed enough to be more trouble than your presumed value. Stick with rasslin’ if this is the best you can do. because you’re either lying to the Democrats you’re speaking to or you’re lying to the Republicans you campaign with and for.

I believe this revealing little tidbit was scooped here.

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  2. spotted reptile says:

    Yep, she’s really trustworthy isn’t she?

    Gak. Makes me ill to read that.

  3. jeb says:

    Can’t blame her if she really wants to win as Romney will be a drag on her in CT.

  4. TPM conveniently forgets some information in their article, which looks incredibly like the Boston.com article

    ‘‘This door-hanger is only going to known supporters of President Obama because Congressman Murphy is shamefully telling them that it’s illegal to split their ticket,’’ he said, adding that they’ve gotten such reports from canvassers in the field, going door to door. ‘‘We are simply educating Democrats who may also support Linda that they can split their ticket.’’

    So, these are people that are going to vote Obama no matter what being targeted to get them to also vote McMahon.

    • Ragspierre says:

      Typical Toilet Paper Mau-mau crap.

      Never tell a truth if you can split it in two and tell two half truths.

      It is a law of Collectivist propaganda.

  5. Esau's Message says:

    Okay, it was handled clumsily.

    But I still hope she wins.

    We need desperately to take the Senate.

    We need Brown’s re-election and McMahon’s election.

    Let them distinguish themselves from the GOP generally.

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