The Hill To Drudge

November 10, 2012

Glenn Reynolds links a Hill item addressed to Drudge I, among others, Tweeted the other day without comment.

You should be, and I hope you will be, a better citizen and more worthy professional than is suggested by the sheer number of race-related and often race-baiting stories that you regularly banner on the Drudge Report. can post or link whatever it wants, so I’m not supportive of any position that would attempt to dictate what it does. However, everyone is entitled to an opinion on it. I don’t think much of what he does along those lines, nor do I think it does anything to help the Right’s cause. In reality, he’s just running along with the media, not doing anything to counter them.

Here’s the AP today. This and what Drudge does re race is closer to synergy, than it is anything.

WASHINGTON (AP) — It’s not just the economy, stupid. It’s the demographics — the changing face of America. The 2012 elections drove home trends that have been embedded in the fine print of birth and death rates, immigration statistics and census charts for years.

All you have is Drudge and the AP stoking the same fire from seemingly different sides, Drudge, I assume, for chits, giggles and site traffic. That’s fine and he’s entitled to every dollar he makes from it. But aside from having to check it now and again as it is that significant in size, I grew tired of watching Drudge fiddle while roam burns years ago.

Besides, any of number of blogs tend to have the same links before him. That’s been true for years, as mostly every serious blogger has long known.

Given where things stand today, I’m far less interested in hearing people brag about their site numbers and revenue, than whether or not they’ve actually won anything. As for this year, the bottom line is, all that wild Net traffic and crazy blog money didn’t really get us much of anything, substantively speaking, now did it?


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  1. David says:

    I agree with you. Drudge owns this defeat as much as anyone. He was in the bag foe Romney during the primaries- trashing Perry, Gingrich et al. Then, like the rest of these clowns, he didn’t pull his weight during the general election.