Your Average Conservative

November 7, 2012

I’m not in the mood to throw anyone under the bus, so this isn’t a damn Mitt Romney post. He showed up and fought hard for better, or worse.

But here’s the problem for us to deal with now.

Back in the primary, your average principled conservative and serious-thinking Libertarian didn’t believe Mitt Romney could win. Relatively few supported him. But the vast majority showed up this year and fought hard for him.

Unfortunately, significant elements within the GOP are now poised to turn and try to blame those same people for last night’s defeat.

We can’t accept that outcome; that, not last night’s election would signal the end of things for us politically speaking.

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  1. Ragspierre says:

    There are reports that conservatives…or GOP types (not the same thing)…DID NOT show up and VOTE.

    That is a cypher.

    • EBL says: There were a number of factors Raspierre. Any of them switching could have changed the over all results. I am not sure Newt, Perry or Santorum would have done better (possibly but they all had issues).

      I know this much, it was not conservatives who lost this election–other than possibly not coming up with a conservative fix on immigration that stopped illegal immigration but did not alienate (so to speak) Latino voters from the GOP.

      • EBL says:

        And I am not blaming conservatives for immigration either: They were sick of being sold out by guys like John McCain on that issue while he was busy fluffing Ted Kennedy.

      • Ragspierre says:

        If conservatives didn’t vote, they certainly DID lose the election.

  2. joethefatman™ (@joethefatman1) says:

    I’m done with even trying to care about America anymore. My children will grow up in this Neo-Marxist country, never knowing what was lost. The America I grew up in finished dying last night. There is still a US, it just doesn’t include us.

  3. Xiaoding says:

    “Back in the primary, your average principled conservative and serious-thinking Libertarian didn’t believe Mitt Romney could win. Relatively few supported him. But the vast majority showed up this year and fought hard for him.”

    That was a big mistake. Any poseur conservative who voted for Romney, needs to take a BIG look in the miror. They chose party over principles. Sunshine conservatives!

    Lets not conflate conservatism with the Republican party.

    Why should anyone care, what any Republican thinks?

    It’s time for conservatives to ask themselves, be they Republican, or be they Americans?

    • LeftCoastCon says:

      You voted for Gary Johnson, didn’t you?

      You big hero, you!

      You really showed ’em. Yep, you totally made your voice heard. And by not casting a vote for Romney, helped Obama.

      Congratulations on your ideological purity!

      • Xiaoding says:

        By not casting a vote, I…didn’t cast a vote. It helps no one. It does help me sleep better, though.

        • Ragspierre says:

          Yeah, but, dingy, you’re an idiot.

          You had a choice between ending ObamaCare and letting it fully kill off the economy.

          You shanked it, and now are doing a Snoopy dance.

  4. LeftCoastCon says:

    The all-purpose GOP excuse is to “blame conservatives.” When they win, it’s because of their moderation. When we lose, it’s our fault.

    Maybe it’s time for us to leave the GOP.

  5. Westport says:

    I am a conservative, but also a realist –
    whatever we do, we all have to “sell” ourselves, our ideas, our products, etc..
    Doing this means setting priorities about what is important, this is a key element of any negotiation. When, as conservatives, we ignored the sentiments of people who were in favor of gay marriage, abortion, immigration reform, and other social issues we end up trying to sell a “package” that is cross collaterialized and inflexible…in an election that was very close, you just can’t risk losing the whole deal [which is keeping the free market economy working] for other issues that are important to elements of your base, but are not widely shared by the population. I think that’s why we lost this election –

    and what is really frustrating for me is that by taking a hard line on some of these social issues we allow democrats to hide behind the skirts of the corrupt media. They aren’t forced to defend late term abortions, or partial birth abortions….why didn’t we have a structured deal in place for immigration reform? when Newt made this argument he was attacked by Mitt – how can we expect to win close elections when we lose 70% of latin vote? I don’t know, to me the path forward is very clear – prevent the USA from becoming Europe, stop the “Obama Phone” people from taking down the economy, grow the economy BUT also adjust to the realities of the new generations and how they feel about social issues –
    sorry for long post.

    • Ragspierre says:


      Packaging over principle?


      • Westport says:

        maybe you’re right –

        From my pov, gay marriage is about being consistent about liberty and freedom. I’m not gay, i’m just making point that some of these issues are not inconsistent with true conservative principles rooted in individual rights and liberty –

        some of the other social issues are more difficult, but part of making a deal is structuring something that works for both sides. in abortion issue, it’s unlikely that rove v wade will be overturned so why not use the issue to put liberals on the defensive, force them to defend what they really what which is abortion on demand, without regard to what trimester – this would not sell. by taking the positions we do, my sense is we allow the socialists in the democratic party to hide who they really are, sell themselves to our “customers” as “cool” and “hip”…in the end, they win because they get to dump all the debt and deficit spending on my kids. I respect you sticking to principle, i’m not sure it’s worth it if we end up with Obama or an USA that starts to resemble an EU country.

        • Ragspierre says:

          What you advocate is simple capitulation.

          Homosexual people are free to form associations as they will.

          They are not free to dictate to others the meaning of cultural institutions and corrupt ideas.

          Roe WILL eventually be reversed…which will only mean the issue goes back to the states and the people.

          • Westport says:

            last comment –

            for me, it’s all about keeping the free market working, having it maintain it’s central role in our society – ultimately, this preserves our individual liberty.

            I guess you’re right, i’m advocating capitulation if that means allowing for more flexibility on some of these social issues so that we maintain what’s important – an open and growing market economy. losing this election is going to set us back, make it difficult or impossible to dislodge obamacare, etc.
            anyway, good luck and thanks for your comments.

  6. Concerned says:

    Have you Teabillies gotten the message yet?

    • Ragspierre says:

      There are no such things here, troll.

      Get your putrid, hate-twisted, crap-packed skull off the threads.

      • Concerned says:

        I must say that your impotent tears are even more refreshing than usual today, silly boy. I look forward to several more months of your preening FAIL parade.

  7. Ricky says:

    Mr Riehl I am so glad you are back. We need you!

    Thank you for your hardwork.


  8. joethefatman™ (@joethefatman1) says:

    Well I’ve finally slept. I’ve quit wallowing in self pity. I’ve,as Ragspierre said,Pulled my big boy pants on. I’m past angry. I’m determined to fight this Marxist and his policies. It’s my country too, and I will not go gentle in to that good night.

  9. Xiaoding says:

    Some thoughts.

    Incumbents are almost IMPOSSIBLE to unseat.

    So called conservatives are in the tank for Republicans. Therefore, if you want change, you must do it WITHOUT THEM.

    The Repubs are pretty smart. They got rid of a problem candidate in an election they knew they were going to lose.

    The people who were saying that the polls were wrong, cooked, slanted, etc., were simply insane. Not only were the polls correct, if anything, they UNDERESTIMATED the support for The Obama.

    People are idiots. When I told people that Romney could take Ohio, and STILL lose, all I got were looks of shock and disbeleif. Idiots.

    There is a generation of conservatives, in this country, who must simply DIE OFF, before things can advance. Thankfully, they are getting old, and doing just that. Their children WILL listen, but not to the same old same old.

    We will now be treated to the spectacle of the Demo’s self-destructing.

    I cannot say it enough: conservatism is DEAD, DEAD, DEAD. ANOTER WAY MUST BE FOUND.

    This country is headed to civil war and revolution. It won’t happen like before…think “power of the individual”. We can get a handle on it now, or see millions dead. Up to us.

  10. Ragspierre says:

    “People are idiots.”

    Yes. Especially those called Xiaoding.


  11. Westport says:

    Listened again to Rush. Two years holding the line and fighting it out in the house – let’s use debt ceiling and other funding mechanisms to stop Obama. How we win down the road will take more time for me to come to grips w, but for now putting up a wall to prevent Dems from destroying my country is all I care about. Cut off Obama phone funding, let it start now –

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