Zachary Dewayne Holly arrested in killing of Jersey Bridgeman, 6

November 27, 2012

I can’t even bring myself to think about what kind of a life this poor girl must have experienced. Her parents were already jailed for abuse, now neighbor Zachary Dewayne Holly, 28, has been arrested in her murder.

Arkansas police have arrested a neighbor in the killing of a six-year-old girl whose body was found two days before Thanksgiving.

Zachary Dewayne Holly, 28, of Bentonville, Arkansas, is being charged with capital murder, kidnapping and residential burglary and is being held in the local county jail.

Little Jersey Bridgeman was reported missing the morning of November 20, and her body was found minutes after a search began in an abandoned house two doors from her home.

Jersey,  whose father and stepmother were jailed last year for chaining her to a dresser, disappeared from her bedroom at her home in Bentonville on Monday night.

More via  Mail Online.

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  1. JohnInMA says:

    Nothing depresses me more than the thought of innocent children who leave this world knowing so much about the evil within mankind.

    • Barry In Minnesota says:

      Why? …Why do people treat kids this way…
      The parents that did not treat kid in a civil manner end up in jail as their daughter is killed…What kind of people are they…MONSTERS all of them?