Brandon Lincoln Woodard Execution: That Ain’t No Law Student, He A Playa’

December 12, 2012

Shame, but this guy profiles like someone with some serious issues, who most likely got sideways with some bad people.

More on Brandon Lincoln Woodard at link below. What’s most interesting is that police are questioning a couple that rented the getaway vehicle.

The assassin escaped in a getaway car. Cops early this morning were questioning the couple who rented the car, The Post has learned, although investigators don’t believe they were driving it — but they are looking at the possibility they may have loaned it to someone who then used it in the crime.

The weapon was used in a 2009 shooting – a house was shot up, but there were no victims. So, on the one hand it looks like the work of pros. But the thread from the car rental doesn’t make sense, if that’s the case. It could be someone – other than the shooter – screwed up in arranging for the vehicle. If that’s the case, there could be more bodies turning up before this one’s settled.

1. Cops Suspect He Was Running Drugs

2. He Had a Criminal Record

3. He Worked at His Mom’s Firm

4. His Mom Has Enemies, Led by All My Children Star Tonya Pinkins

5. LA Weekly described him as a “perennial” law student, and he’s been linked to multiple law schools. Woodard grew up privileged in the L.A. area and attended private schools.

6. He Was an Aspiring Rapper

7. He Was a Fixture of the L.A. Club Scene

More via Brandon Lincoln Woodard: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know | HEAVY.

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