Carol Wittschieben: Drunk science teacher unconscious, 4X legal limit in lab at top PA high school

December 21, 2012

She blinded me with Science and blinded herself with Vodka. Geez.

A high school chemistry teacher was found passed out drunk with a blood alcohol reading four times the legal limit for drivers – half way through teaching an advanced chemistry class.

Carol Wittschieben, 42, was found unconscious in a Pennsylvania school laboratory while her 16 and 17-year-old students took a test in the classroom next door, according to

The teacher at Conestoga High School, which is ranked as the third best school in the state, later admitted she had been drinking alcohol from a water bottle hidden in her purse.

More via Drunk science teacher – Mail Online.

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  1. Gueppebarre says:

    C2H5OH, kids! Whath compoud hazzzs that formula.. (hic!)?

  2. emma says:

    She was not administering a test, it was an activity based off the test. The age range of the students was 15-16. It was an AP Chem class. It is a widely shared view that she is a wonderful and very capable teacher and I personally hope she recovers. -A student from that class.

  3. JewishOdysseus says:

    I hear she’s applying for a job with VodkaPundit.