GOP plans showdown votes on fiscal crisis over Dem opposition

December 20, 2012

Show down at the not OK corral. While some disagree, I think the strategy is about the best they can do. Otherwise, we head toward the cliff, investments tank, then Obama comes out with a tax cut that would make the Bush tax cuts the Obama tax cuts, minus the top brackets and the GOP is left to sign on, or oppose a major tax cut for the working class. The key for Boehner seems to be getting at least some spending cuts. Everyone is on about taxes, yet, we know spending is the real issue. Boehner is staying focused on that to a degree.

House Republicans are charging ahead Thursday with a pair of votes aimed at averting tax hikes scheduled to kick in 12 days from now — but the move is fraught with tactical risk, as Democrats have effectively boycotted the legislation.

The bills expected to come for a vote by Thursday evening amount to what House Speaker John Boehner is calling a “Plan B.” One bill would prevent tax hikes for everyone save for those making more than $1 million. In a late decision, Republicans also introduced a bill that would temporarily replace automatic spending cuts set to hit in January.

via Fox News.

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  1. Ragspierre says:

    I favor “Plan C” by Prof. Jacobson…

    pass a temporary measure…

    and walk away.

    Just leave until after Christmas.

    Actually, pass a temporary measure to take us into April…tax season.

    Then, point to the Ryan Plan…passed months ago…and tell Obama that is the new basis.