PA Teens Todavia Cleckley and Marcus Velasquez gun down young mother, Kayla Peterson – post on Facebook

December 12, 2012

Kayla Peterson was shot at around 3pm on Saturday as she stood outside her home with her boyfriend, William Bailey.

I hope they find these mutts and put them down.

Police are still searching for Todavia Cleckley and Marcus Velasquez, both aged 14,  who will be tried as adults for the murder in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania on Saturday afternoon.

A third boy, 13-year-old Kyle Goosby, is already in custody and has been charged with conspiracy to commit homicide. Two of teenagers posted pictures of themselves brandishing guns on Facebook hours after the crime. via Teens gunned down young mother, 22, after she told them to ‘get a job’ | Mail Online.

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  1. firefirefire says:

    nice ‘gang sign’ you got there….hope it saves you from being raped in big boy prison.

  2. monster305 says:

    I hope dey never get caught fuck da world live free young boys

    • Mysto says:

      Have fun getting your anus stretched out in prison you dirty stinky baboon.

    • laws says:

      Hey Monster you don’t like da world, there are a few tall bridges you can jump from. Just make sure you don’t land anybody!

    • William says:

      Dey will get caught and dey will suffer in prison fo LIFE.”Live free young boys”?America see how the black mind thinks?Travon had it coming,arm youself America and let the monkeys have it .Zimmerman is an American hero.Die monster.

  3. society says:

    I fell bad for the daughter, who is going to grow up with out a mother, she will probably grow up with hate and the kids who grew up with hate themselves, everyone loses….This kids are a product of us, society, what we deemed to be appropriate, we ignored their cries and supportive their behavior….We made them into monsters, we are monsters….

  4. chick says:

    Arrested yesterday. In a Beaver Falls home.

  5. Mcleck says:

    This my fav cuzzin n i love him yall keep sayin this n tht what da fuck yall gonna do when ur fuckin kids act like this