Police claim “very good evidence” why Adam Lanza acted

December 16, 2012

According to an item at NJ.com ‘Investigators found “very good evidence” to help explain why a 20-year-old gunman opened fire on a Connecticut grammar school yesterday…’

It’s unclear from the news item what that may mean. More at link: Police may have evidence of why Connecticut shooter went on rampage.

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  1. Neo says:

    The massacre in CT was a response to the coming economic collapse

    Last night it also emerged Nancy was a member of the Doomsday Preppers movement, which believes people should prepare for end of the world.
    Her former sister-in-law Marsha said she had turned her home ‘into a fortress’. She added: ‘Nancy had a survivalist philosophy which is why she was stockpiling guns. She had them for defense.
    ‘She was stockpiling food. She grew up on a farm in New Hampshire. She was skilled with guns. We talked about preppers and preparing for the economy collapsing.’

    … a ‘economy collapsing’ ? … trillion dollar deficits ? .. but who is responsible for that ? … the Mayans ?