Some Men’s Mothers Make Them Gay …

December 12, 2012

and some men’s Mothers make them sweaters. I guess it all boils down to whether they knit, or crochet!

Scientists may have finally solved the puzzle of what makes a person gay, and how it is passed from parents to their children.A group of scientists suggested Tuesday that homosexuals get that trait from their opposite-sex parents: A lesbian will almost always get the trait from her father, while a gay man will get the trait from his mother –┬ávia Scientists May Have Finally Unlocked Puzzle of Why People Are Gay – US News and World Report.

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  1. anthony w carsella jr says:

    My question is “Did GOD make a mistake when he was installing the Plumbing???”Homosexuality is a form of PERVERSION,it is a SIN PROBLEM!!!AND YES I AM ONE OF THOSE Bible THUMPERS WHO BELIEVE IN GOD AND WHAT HE SAYS!!!AND HE SAYS IT IS WRONG,READ THE BOOK OF ROMANS!!!When we study history and the GREAT EMPIRES of the past,their societies rotted from the inside out,”MORAL DECAY”,and then Taxes beyond control.I get a kick out of many people that say,including those who claim to be Christians,that “I DON’T care,as long as they do not bother me!!!!Well then what happens when those GAYS get on the local school board and want to teach your kids”TWO DADS /MOMS ARE BETTER THAN ONE????Or when they get into Public office and start commanding that they receiving the same benefits as a married couple???The USA has a “SIN”problem overall,ABORTION is now called “REPRODUCTIVE HEALTHCARE” GOD CALLS IT MURDER!!!PERVERSION IS CALLED “ALTERNATE LIFESTYLE”We will not solve any financial issues until we REPENT AS A NATION AND TURN BACK TO THE GOD OF THE BIBLE TO WHICH THIS GREAT NATION WAS FOUND,NOTICE I SAID GOD NOT AN ORGANIZED RELIGIOUS INSTITUTION.The GOOD NEWS is their is a 3rd GREAT AWAKENING COMING TO A CITY NEAR/IN YOU,WE WILL TURN BACK TO THE LORD AND EXPERIENCE A WHOLE NEW AMERICA!!!SHALOM

  2. Heywood Broun says:

    SFO grafitti:
    –my mother made me a homosexual.
    –if I got her the material, would she make me one too?