Twitter Attacks: Jake Tapper and Dana Loesch

December 18, 2012

Link below to a Fishbowl-DC item noting different attacks on Jake Tapper and Dana Loesch. FTR I re-Tweeted each of Jake Tapper’s Tweets in this instance – and yes, I lost some followers for it. But just as I assumed he was doing, it was my way of acknowledging each of the victims as individuals. If some didn’t like it – too bad. At the time, I felt it was the least I could do and I don’t regret having done it.

As for the attacks on Dana, as with recent ones on Michelle Malkin and ultimately every other female on the Right who is attacked, the Left always reserves its ugliest attacks for them. As a result, the FBDC link below comes with a language warning. Sadly, we have some guys on the Right who seem to get off on mistreating women, as well. But they are always exposed, eventually. It’s just a matter of time.

For example ABC News Senior White House Correspondent Jake Tapper began tweeting out the names and ages of the children murdered in Connecticut. An example: “Charlotte Bacon was six.” He separated them out into 20 different tweets for dramatic effect. And that he got. “Please stop,” said ClearChannel‘s Colby Hall, formerly of Mediaite. Another male follower wrote Tapper, saying, “Please don’t tweet. Give them peace. No more death porn from the media @jaketapper.”

By far the hardest hit amongst journalists was and CNN Contributor Dana Loesch, who took a stunning verbally violent hit last night when she announced on Twitter that this was not the time for President Obama to insert politics into his speech at the Newtown, Conn. vigil.

More via Journos Take Verbal Beatings During Weekend Coverage of Sandy Hook Killing Spree – FishbowlDC.

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  1. It really surprised me then, Dan. And it further mystifies me now.

    We almost lost you, recently, and our hearts were at a standstill waiting to hear news of you. Maybe you don’t quite get the sacred places of the heart that we reserve for grief, for sober reflection on how precious life is. How private that grief is.

    At the first polite plea of “please stop this” a thoughtful person would have said, “I wonder why this offends them? Have a missed a social cue?”

    You missed it. Forgiveable. You defend it still because it was your “authentic” take on propriety? Unwise.

    We have social etiquette because emotions of grief are a sea of tempest, and are the place where angels fear to tread.

    Professional mourners are hired for politicians and other people we don’t care about. Please don’t become one.

    • Ragspierre says:


      what a load of mawkish tripe.

      • Politely, it would be if I were professionally mourning Dan’s demise, which both of us are glad didn’t happen.

        In the teeth of the horror still, slow-tweeting names and ages was agony. For me and apparently for others. Dan knows I politely asked him, and quietly unfollowed him. Tapper gets no such grace from me, and he’s proven himself to be a drama-seeker. I never looked at Tapper’s tweets past the second volley. When Dan started retweeting Tapper’s I stopped looking at his tweets, too.

  2. Ragspierre says:

    Good FLUCKING grief…!!!

    If you don’t like what someone writes, Tweets, slaps on their bumper…


    Do. Not. Read. IT.

    NOOOOoooooobody made anyone read a Tapper tweet.

    • Rags, I’ve been accused of many things, and had many adjectives ascribed to my nature, but DELICATE has never been one.

      However, in some matters I am glad to have found the edges of my hardness.

      I know. I’m surprised, too.

      Mostly, Dan knows that I stand squarely behind him and I afford his good nature enough respect to feel free to disagree with him without injuring our friendship. You and I have no such understanding, so fire away!

      • Ragspierre says:

        That post was not directed to you. (You can see what one looks like when I do that.) It was a general observation.

        My rational, analytical self wonders at the human tendency to publicly indulge in paroxysms of showy grief over the deaths of x numbers of child, adults…whatever…when we have children and adults die every day with no recognition whatsoever.

        No less innocent, no less heroic, just less numerically and notoriously.

        I find that funny (odd funny).

        I also think it unwise, since the broken humans who commit these acts are in very large measure acting to gain recognition of themselves.

        • Ragspierre's Mom says:

          If your rational, analytical self ever met your lazy, slovenly self it would be appalled. Now stop playing on the internet and do your chores!

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  4. andycanuck says:

    BTW, the Obama admin is now using the shooting victims to fund raise.

  5. Steve says:

    Rush Limbaugh:

    “Liberals don’t care about Urban Blacks being murdered”