Video: At Victoria Soto’s funeral, Paul Simon sang ‘The Sound of Silence’, favorite song of teacher who shielded students from Adam Lanza’s bullets

December 20, 2012

Business Insider, December 16: “The next classroom down the hall was Victoria Soto’s. Soto hid all of her students in the closet and remained in the classroom to talk to Lanza. She told him that her students were in an auditorium at the other end of the school. At that moment, 6 children burst out of the closet and tried to run away. Lanza shot all of them, as well as Soto and another teacher. The 7 kids who stayed in the closet survived.”

The Daily News today: “Teacher Victoria Soto, who used her body to shield her students from a madman’s bullets, was serenaded by Paul Simon before she was laid to rest Wednesday. Simon sang “The Sound of Silence”, her favorite song.

Sister of hero teacher Victoria Soto revealed as face of woman sobbing on phone

Via YouTube:

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