Conservative Victimology: If you act like an oppressed minority, you will ultimately become one

January 28, 2013

No. I’m not wrong.

Jen, a friend, also confuses politics with media management a bit by lumping them together. My post said nothing about policy and nowhere have I suggested Conservatives cave on principle. One can reach out to a broader audience with a positive message without doing that. As far as the left hating us, or not, frankly I don’t care very much. But I didn’t say the Left, I said the media. And, yes, there is at least some difference remaining for now. As for conservativism growing up, I’ll address that below.

I disagree as well with Dan Riehl’s assessment that the left doesn’t hate us, and that conservatives need to grow up, because it’s flat-out wrong. That the media in this country is not doing their job, and they don’t care if you can see it, is correct, and I understand Dan’s interest in making conservatism a happy place to be again, but the friction outside the movement is what is causing all the flaming.  Once there is a leader for the movement, people will settle down.

Jen’s post here: The GOP is split, but tolerance can mend it. | Jen Kuznicki.

At issue in my original post was the notion that a biased media was preventing conservatives from having a chance of winning. Note, I did not defend the media as fair and balanced, nor  objective. I conceded that most journalists are liberal. But the notion that it is that alone keeping the right down is a myth that does nothing but provide fodder for the echo chamber.

The media despised Reagan and opposed him, just as it did Goldwater before him, who they all but destroyed. Here’s an  old American Thinker item I dug up to substantiate that. But Reagan went over the heads of the mainstream media to the American people to win two national elections and leave office as one of the century’s most popular presidents. So, what has happened since then?

In fact, the mainstream media Reagan beat has actually gotten weaker. They were all that existed in Reagan’s day. As it currently stands, there’s cable, Fox News, most especially, several more Right-leaning newspapers and this huge amazing thing called the Internet that is capable of conveying all kinds of media to the vast majority of America’s population. As regards that population, as it by and large prefers lower taxes and is not fond of government bothering it, I would say it is still center-Right at heart.

My point is simple and it has nothing to do with the latest food fight over immigration reform, or any other policy dispute. Rather than create popular, positive forward-looking messaging to bring in much of that larger population capable of being wooed via the Net, a large portion of conservative media spends it’s time talking to itself and screaming about everything that it perceives as wrong.

I didn’t ‘politically evolve’ to reach this conclusion. I became very ill and was forced to take several steps back. Eventually, I became better enough to take a look back in and I’m simply opining on a lot of what I saw. A good deal of it looks like an angry, unproductive circle jerk. So, I found myself thinking, given that one man, Reagan, beat a media that was monolithic and much stronger three decades ago, the notion that the conservative movement – far more robust today, than in Reagn’s time – can’t find a way to beat them at their own game strikes me as bullshit.

In fact, given that the dynamics are so much more in our favor today, than they were thirty years ago – if you insist the media can’t be beaten, you must either be a defeatist, a professional victim, or simply a loser looking for a place to kvetch.

And none of that has to do with conservative policy, or positions.

I believe conservatism, libertarianism and just plain old center-Right thinking constitute a majority in America today. However, I also believe that if professional conservatives opt to always sound like an oppressed minority, it is the shortest path to becoming that very thing. And I’m not interested in traveling it these days because I want conservatism to win, not lose.

Finally, it’s not an all or nothing proposition. Certainly, there’s plenty of room for everyone and it’s always good to work up a good head of steam by looking at what we’re up against,  calling it out and challenging it head on. But that’s chiefly an intra-movement proposition better known as infotainment.

My point is, that cannot be all we ever do, or the whole exercise becomes pointless to the point of being silly. It doesn’t lead anywhere – or at least nowhere very positive. If some people don’t like the words grow up, try mature. Conservative media, especially New Media, needs to mature if it wants to gain converts and ultimately help to win at the ballot box where it matters. And saying that is not ‘wrong,’ I believe it’s far from it, frankly.

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  1. Ragspierre says:

    Dan, coupla thangs….

    1. most of us understand that we need better messaging

    2. most of us understand the power of a positive, cheerful position

    Those are unimpeachable.

    Where many of us (obviously) take exception to what you wrote is in some of your ancillary points.

    The BIG MEDIA are MORE in the tank for the Collective than I have experienced in my life-time.

    The Collective DOES hate Conservatives, American ideals, and anything that opposes them.

    The Collective IS evil (if you define “evil” as any attempt to destroy the American Revolution and impose a Collectivist system of statism and serfdom).

    OF COURSE we can win. Our ideas and ideals are superior. They work. They are predicated in reality.

  2. Jen Kuznicki says:

    I guess if you named names on whoever it is in the New Media who is claiming they are a victim and using that as their sole purpose to fighting the left, I would understand you better. All I saw was some flaming on twitter and fb, pushing the movement away from the republican party. Have little idea on your point unless you show examples. I see people informing others on what the left is, probably because they are still in shock that everything they did for the last four years didn’t seem like enough to convince.

  3. Ragspierre says:

    The Deemocrats are openly playing rope-a-dope on immigration.

    Guess who the dopes are…???

    Ask yourself about…

    1. how this fosters Cloward-Piven

    2. what the impact on unemployment will be

    3. since amnesty has never worked ANYWHERE at ANY TIME, what will be different?

  4. McNaughton says:

    I haven’t noticed anyone acting like victims. I’ve seen normal people with a variety of normal, necessary and healthy responses after November’s defeat. And, it’s all part of the process which needs to take place to get to the next phase and the phase after that. It is what it is. Let’s just go through it and get the most out of it so we’re ready to move on. Most of us will, albeit at different paces, get there.

    The challenges we face are large and many. Successfully solving them is going to take many ideas and approaches from different angles. I’m loving all the discussions. I think they’ll bear fruit if we let them.

  5. Ragspierre says:

    The stories and the truth are out there…

  6. ltw says:

    Preaching to the choir is like trading good ideas amongst the choir. Good ideas have to continue to be demonstrated to show that they end up working to more people. Reagan’s approach went over the heads of the media to talk about good conservative ideas, how they would be put into practice, and they were demonstrated to work.

    • McNaughton says:

      Right now all of the chorus isn’t on the
      same page. Before we reach out beyond
      the chorus, the process we’re going
      through is essential preparation for
      effectively reaching beyond the chorus.
      All in due time.

      GOP leadership appears to want to
      bypass this phase by handing down its
      unity moderate mush agenda —
      without adequate gathering, examination
      and review of the diverse/conflicting
      perpsectives that exist within the

      My prediction is if the GOP continues down
      that road, which it appears it is,
      2008/2012 history will repeat itself.

      • ltw says:

        Metaphorically speaking, inspiring songs are needed to go along with those good ideas being exchanged between the choir. Hearts and minds.

        • McNaughton says:

          If there was any indication the GOP
          leadership truly had been listening to allthe sections in the chorus during the
          past three months rather than a select
          few, that would have been music to my

          • McNaughton says:

            Let me try that again:

            If there was any indication the GOP
            leadership truly had been listening
            to all the sections in the chorus
            during the past three months
            rather than a select few,
            that would have been music to my

  7. Xiaoding says:

    Well, before anyone can offer anything to anyone, there has to be a base organization. A center around which to gather. Hence my suggestion to act like an oppresed minority. As in, form our own party, populate some target states, form our own banks, organs of state. Some state guards would be nice too.

    It freed the slaves. Might work again.

  8. Rich Fader says:

    You know what? When the establishment press tells you enough times, in both word and deed, that they’re not your friends and they’re willing to help the government screw you over, at some point, it’s a good idea to acknowledge that maybe they mean it.

    • Ragspierre says:

      Ah, but remember…

      it depends ENTIRELY on who is in power.

      The “press” lied about BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooosh doing things that Obama is actually doing without a mummer of dissent.

  9. Ragspierre says:

    Yep. Part of the larger cultural hold the Collective has taken.

    And they DID take it, and it WAS intentional.

    But the media is a BIG, terribly important part.

  10. Ragspierre says:

    A very brief but excellent symposium on how to message…