Mark Levin Responds To Critic

February 3, 2013

Mark addresses a Facebook post to Taylor Marsh. Marsh is another word for swamp, after all. Aside from state parades, at this point, the only thing I can imagine Egypt doing with F-16s is using them to attack Israel. Yet, Obama is certainly keen to provide them. So, how is it wrong to say that Obama has crossed the line from appeaser, to sympathizer?

Ok, I’ll reach down into Taylor’s gutter to address her.  Just this once.  Taylor (with your unisex name), the foam from your mouth is dripping all over your computer keyboard as you hysterically use one finger to tap out nasty words of contempt for the Tea Party and anyone else who dares to challenge the Imperial President.

Read the rest via Obama’s Israel-hating, Muslim Brotherhood cheerleader: the shrill radical cultist, Taylor Marsh.

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  1. Steve says:


  2. Ragspierre says:

    Pres. Skeeter to the American people during SuperBowl…

    I want your Boy Scouts gay.

    Your daughters in the most violent places on earth.

    And, of course, more tax and spend.

    Oh, and you will need to plan to be in the cold and dark a lot more…

  3. Ragspierre says:

    All I’m up to on-line is informing people of Pres. Skeeter’s comments during the SuperBowl coverage.

    HE said he’d like to see gay people in the Boy Scouts. Not that he wanted a Skippy Scouts to be formed…he wanted the Boy Scouts to compromise its standards for PC.

    HE said he wants to see women in combat. Regardless of what that would mean to our war-fighting ability.

    HE said he INTENDS to raise taxes further. We know that will be spent, not used to reduce the deficit, since he has ALSO said so.

    HE HAS said…and intends…that the energy Americans rely on for our standard of living would “necessarily skyrocket”.

    Deny any of that, with citations supporting your bullshit.

    • Ragspierre says:

      Kinda figures, sock-puppet.

      While all the “gay talk” is from Pres. Skeeter as a means of distracting from his failed presidency… Well, we hope…

      I can see you fantasizing about Gov. Perry. I goes with your identity delusions.

      • Dan White says:

        Really, you’re the only one obsessed with “gay talk”. This is consistent with your documented obsession with homoerotic imagery. Don’t worry; nothing Obama does or says will rob you of your right to be a self-loathing, bitter, flabby, old, lonely closet case fapping all day on someone else’s blog.

        • Ragspierre says:

          I don’t loath myself one whit, anymore than I obsess on “gay talk”!

          The fact that I’m NOT bitter drives you…apparently…even further out of your “mind”. I LOVE that!!!

          Who is bitter, and who is hateful here? Why, we can all see that would be YOU, you poor, sick, stupid Collectivist.

  4. Ragspierre says:

    O/T, but…

    Look at those lists.

    Do the “business leaders” share something in common?

    Where are the people representing small-medium concerns? Or any business group identified with market economics?

    In an economy with a real unemployment running in the 11% range, do we need more job-seekers?

    When we can see that ObamaCare will break us, do we need to add 20% to the burden?

    What law are we assured Obama would honor, if passed? He has a history of violating law.

  5. Ragspierre says:

    Why are unions in trouble…???

    “Yet the most revealing news in the Cook memo is how little the union discusses assisting workers so more will voluntarily join unions. Instead the focus is how to continue coercing workers to keep paying dues. No wonder that the percentage of government workers who belong to unions fell last year. The Cook memo is damning proof that the main goal of union leaders is to enhance the power of union leaders, not of workers.”

    Wul, duh…

  6. Ragspierre says:

    White House press secretary said Tuesday the administration’s use of drones is “legal,” “ethical,” and “wise,” at a press briefing following remarks by President Obama.

    “These strikes are legal, they are ethical and they are wise,” Carney said.

    Collectivist trolls with hair on fire over Obamic tyranny in 4…3…2…

  7. Ragspierre says:

    Building The Narrative: GOP At Least As Responsible For Sequester As Obama According To The Democratic Machine Media (DMM)

    Which, as we know if the Obami and Mushroom Media say it, is a lie.

    Pres. Skeeter blinked!

  8. Ragspierre says:

    The former chief of deportations in the Bush administration will testify to Congress on Tuesday that President Obama’s new nondeportation policies would have let the Sept. 11 hijackers remain in the country even if they had been picked up in the months before their deadly attacks.

    And the current chief of the union that represents Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents will tell the House Judiciary Committee that ICE agents are now required to wait until most illegal immigrants have three misdemeanor convictions before they can be arrested and put in deportation proceedings.

  9. Ragspierre says:

    What else is in the news today regarding the most transparent administration in history? A report documenting that 54 countries around the globe have played along with the CIA when it comes to torturing suspects in such a way that the U.S. can pretend it doesn’t do that sort of thing anymore.

    There is a darkly comic aspect to this, I suppose: Here’s a president who once taught classes in constitutional law and swore up and down that America doesn’t torture, that he was against “dumb wars” waged by his predecessors, that he was more transparent than a glass of triple-filtered water, and who won a goddamned Nobel Peace Prize! And he turns out to be not just a little iffy when it comes to being constrained in his willingness to break all sorts of rules but downright godawful.

    Impeachment is a practical impossibility in the current political climate.

    But climates do change…

    A very dangerous time for America. Very.

    • Ragspierre says:

      Mom said that she saw a drone following our minivan yesterday. They KNOW what a threat we are to them.

      A very dangerous time for America. Very.

      • Ragspierre says:

        You poor cowardly, confused, lying sock-puppet.

        Try…just try…to post a cogent thought, instead of this idiocy.

  10. Ragspierre says:

    “We’ll be candid … He should be in some other job, not running the Pentagon.”,0,7340112.story

    Stop Hagel. Filibuster as needed.

    This is ANOTHER disastrous nomination from Obama.

  11. Ragspierre says:

    You Collectivists bothered by this level of subservience…!?!?

  12. Ragspierre says:


    Hear about this on the Mushroom Media…???

    • Ragspierre says:

      Mom and I have our guns at the ready just in case that drone starts following our minivan again.

      They FEAR us and HATE our FREEDOM!

      • Ragspierre says:


        you lying, cowardly, moronic sock-puppet…

        you can’t bring yourself of even try to post something NOT inane.

        Thanks for the demonstration. I guess this is the Peter Principle at work.

  13. apodoca says:

    Those F-16’s are for Iran. Egypt is the conduit.

  14. Ragspierre says:

    Leon Pinata doubled-down on his Benghazi lies today…

    “The United States military, as I’ve said, is not and, frankly, should not be a 911 service capable of arriving on the scene within minutes to every possible contingency around the world. The U.S. military has neither the resources nor the responsibility to have a fire house next to every U.S. facility in the world,” Panetta said in his opening statement.

    “We have some key bases, particularly in this region. We have some key platforms from which we can deploy. And we have forces on alert, and we’re prepared to move,” he continued. “But our ability to identify threats, to adjust posture, to prevent plots, and respond to attacks to our personnel at home and overseas depends on actionable intelligence — and it always will.”

  15. Ragspierre says:

    Sgt. Schultz was the STAR witness at the Senate Benghazi hearings today.

    “I know noTHING…NOTHING…!!!”

    Nobody talked to nobody, who gave orders to nobody, who saved nobody.


  16. Ragspierre says:

    Voter integrity laws are good. Just like everywhere else in the world, we need to assure the integrity of our elections.

    Unless, of course, you support the idea of fraudulent outcomes…

  17. Ragspierre says:

    That as not “collateral damage”, it was a targeted homicide of a US citizen, done without due process.

    • Ragspierre says:

      On a related matter, I took mom to Taco Bell last night for a special Sunday night dinner. This morning I didn’t suffer from “collateral damage” but rather “colorectal damage”.

      Flucking Taco Bell!!

      • Ragspierre says:

        BobintehCT wouldn’t it be better if you just had the balls to post in your own name?


  18. Ragspierre says:

    “The president of the United States talking to the secretary of defense for 15 minutes, never talked to the secretary of state until after the attack was over, never made a phone call saying how close are we to help these people?” Graham said.

    “Where is Chris Stevens? What did he do when he was told the ambassador was missing? We’ve had one ambassador killed in the last 30 years?” he continued. “The president of the United States has to account for his leadership here and I intend to hold him accountable. Thus far the White House has delayed, denied, deceived and stonewalled and this has to come to an end. He has to account for his leadership.”

    Panetta told the committee that he and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, talked to Obama for about half an hour at about 5 p.m., when the Sept. 11 attack was about an hour old. Stevens went missing a half hour later.

    “The secretary of State never once talked to the secretary of Defense. The president of the United States never made one phone call to find out how this operation was going,” Graham said.

    “Well, Mr. President, what did you do for eight hours? Who did you talk to? What kind of leadership did you exhibit?

    Where was he? Where was Rambobama…???

  19. Ragspierre says:

    “Instead of trying to protect Mr. Menendez, a New Jersey Democrat, the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, needs to remove his gavel, at least pending credible resolution by the Senate Ethics Committee of the swirling accusations of misconduct.”


    Looks like Sen. Baby Love is going down.


  20. Ragspierre says:

    Well. That’ll keep Nanny Pelosi up nights for a while.

    A very successful 30 rd. mag. made with a 3-D “printer”.

    On “rock-n-roll” no less…

    How’s that whole “prohibition” thing work again…???

  21. Ragspierre says:

    “On behalf of Americans everywhere, Michelle and I wish to extend our appreciation and prayers to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. Michelle and I warmly remember our meeting with the Holy Father in 2009, and I have appreciated our work together over these last four years. The Church plays a critical role in the United States and the world, and I wish the best to those who will soon gather to choose His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI’s successor.”

    The poor, sick narcissist…

    He should follow Pope Benedict’s example and resign. Today would be good.

    • BobintehCT says:

      Are you really railing about the White House statement concerning the Pope stepping aside?

      What a shitty old man. You and your mother should drive your minivan off a cliff.

      • Ragspierre says:


        No. I simply noted the statement by the poor, pathological personality that presides over our executive branch.

        Houses, btw, do not speak, you moron. This was…even to an idiot like you…the personal statement of Pres. Skeeter, which had to be egocentric since he is a narcissist of terrible scale.

  22. Dan White says:

    “Stupid sock-puppet comments…which are both cowardly and lies…don’t support or justify Obama’s violations of the Constitution.”

    This will be funny. Which “violations of the Constitution”? Specifically. Warning, this will require the application of genuine facts to specific provisions of the constitution / and perhaps case law.

    Which everyone on the internet knows YOU WILL NOT PROVIDE. Instead we will wait in eager anticipation for your famous logical fallacies, and declarations that anyone who challenges your fact-free screaming is an evil collectivist too lazy to do your work for you.

    • Ragspierre says:

      See, this is just funny!!!

      Let me not ply you with legal gnat-straining.

      Let us just consider two fundamental Constitutional principles that any AMERICAN should hold inviolate…

      1. due process, and

      2. separation of powers/checks and balances.

      And let us note you are sanguine with the Obamic death lists that do violence to both.

      That ol’ totalitarian urge is always close to the surface with you Collectivists.


  23. Dan White says:

    Just another bitter, deadbeat wingnut:

    Can’t get a real job – check.

    Collected government check for 2 years – check.

    Whining to the court about his child support obligations – check.

    Bona fide Teabilly.

    • Ragspierre says:

      But Walsh insists he’s not trying to get out of paying anything.

      He said the key part of the filing comes at the end; when it asks that the court “modify Joe’s child support obligation to a sum equal to 20 percent of his net income until the minor child graduates from high school in 2013.”

      Asked why the motion was titled “motion to terminate child support,” Walsh’s lawyer, Janet Boyle, characterized the title to the motion, which Walsh signed, as misleading.

      “It probably should have been a motion to modify, that’s probably what I would have captioned it. My office used a word that is getting turned around here,” Boyle said. “That’s what we’re asking for, a modification, whether that’s modified to zero or some other number has yet to be seen.”

      In an interview, Walsh characterized the filing as routine and said he has no intention of backing down from paying child support payments.

      “What I did was what every divorced father is supposed to do,” when a father’s employment changes. “My ex-wife’s child support payment was taken out of my paycheck,” Walsh said. “I don’t know what that will be yet,” Walsh said of what he will pay going forward. “But whatever I make these next four months will go by law to my youngest child.”

      “I have paid child support … through the end of my congressional payment,” Walsh said. “I received a check, and so my ex-wife would have received 20 or 28 percent of that. She received her normal payment. They took it out of my check, they took it out of my check in January.”

      Another outright lie by Dan White–check.

      Another apparent denigration of another person’s due process rights–check.

      Another punking of the moonbat Dan White–check.

    • Ragspierre says:

      Oh, and I should have also noted…

      Another hate-filled, twisted, stupid rant based solely on political ideology–check

    • BobintehCT says:

      But he supports teh troooops and that is all that matters!


      • Ragspierre says:

        People are laughing at your inability to follow a train of thought, and your stupid ad hominem poo smearing.


      • Ragspierre says:

        Speaking of supporting the troops…

        Obama sent condolences to some rapper thug’s family after he was gunned down, and to Whitney Houston’s survivors.

        Do you know of him sending anything to Chris Kyle’s people?

  24. Ragspierre says:

    He is relaxed, more voluble and even more confident than usual, these people say, freer to drop profanities or dismiss others’ ideas — enough that even some supporters fear the potential for hubris.

    And, of course, they say that like it’s a good thing.

    Watch for it tonight. Think of it…MORE hubris than before.

  25. Ragspierre says:


    In the 2012 election, more Americans voted for Democratic members of Congress than Republicans. Yet tea party darling Eric Cantor is the Majority Leader and John Boehner serves as Speaker — and they’re blocking President Obama’s pro-jobs legislation and pushing a right-wing ideological agenda. They didn’t earn those positions; they stole them.

    Wow. Hard to know if the delusion is exceeded by the butt-hurt or the other way around…

    • BobintehCT says:

      Speaking of butt-hurt, have you recovered from your trip to Taco Bell?

      Send my best to Mom!

      • Ragspierre says:

        My mother is long dead, as you know, you lying POS.

        Can you post anything rational, or will it always be your typical lies?

  26. Ragspierre says:

    “Betrayed is a good word,” former Sgt. Munley told ABC News in a tearful interview to be broadcast tonight on “World News with Diane Sawyer” and “Nightline.”

    “Not to the least little bit have the victims been taken care of,” she said. “In fact they’ve been neglected.”

    Munley, since laid off from her job with the base’s civilian police force, was shot three times as she and her partner, Sgt. Mark Todd, confronted Hasan, who witnesses said had shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he opened fire on soldiers being processed for deployment to Afghanistan.

    As Munley lay wounded, Todd fired the five bullets credited with bringing Hasan down.

    Despite extensive evidence that Hasan was in communication with al Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki prior to the attack, the military has denied the victims a Purple Heart and is treating the incident as “workplace violence” instead of “combat related” or terrorism.

    Well, yeah. Your value as a prop was exhausted long ago…

    • BobintehCT says:

      As a civilian employee, maybe she should properly direct her anger at Governor twinkletoes.

      Right to work and all that.

      • Ragspierre says:

        She was a civilian employee of the Federal government, moron.

        And how does that speak to anything she said?

        (Of course, it doesn’t, because all you can hope to do is deflect. Or just lie.)

  27. Ragspierre says:

    They told me if I voted for Romney we’d have big, politically connected banks acting like fascists…

  28. Ragspierre says:

    Obama proposes even HIGHER unemployment.

    Cloward-Piven are/were real people.

  29. Ragspierre says:

    “As long as I’m commander-in-chief, we will do whatever we must to protect those who serve their country abroad, and we will maintain the best military the world has ever known.”
    —Pres. Sleeper

    Seriously!?!? Does he think none of us remember Benghazi…???

    • BobintehCT says:

      No one cares about Benghazi. You teabaggers should remember when the cowardly male cheerleader invaded the wrong country and got 4,487 Americans killed.

      • Ragspierre says:

        Anyone with a brain cares about Benghazi. (Which, as anyone who reads your lies and stupid, leave you pathetically out.)

        Because it was a SET of multilevel scandals involving a systemic failure of our State Department and DoD, ALL of which were presided over by Pres. Sleeper.

        And, remember, CONGRESS authorized our invasion of Iraq, which Obama says was a great victory.


        • BobintehCT says:

          4,487 dead for NOTHING in Iraq. Then the dry drunk declares Mission Accomplished!

          That 3rd tier law school that mailed you a degree didn’t teach you how to think, did it?

          • Ragspierre says:

            Boy, are you ever a big fat liar.

            “Mission accomplished” was specifically about the very successful invasion, you idiot. Look it up.

            My law and MBA degrees are from a first tier school, both of which are rather highly regarded, moron.

            And only a Collectivist totalitarian like you would consider the liberation of 25 million people, and lots of other collateral benefits to free people, “NOTHING”.

            But you are doing a good job demonstrating the hate and crazy of the Collective. Keep it up!!!

  30. Ragspierre says:

    Heat waves, droughts, wildfires, and floods – all are now more frequent and intense. We can choose to believe that Superstorm Sandy, and the most severe drought in decades, and the worst wildfires some states have ever seen were all just a freak coincidence. Or we can choose to believe in the overwhelming judgment of science – and act before it’s too late.
    —Pres. Sleeper

    This, naturally, is just a lie. From a guy who both hates and cannot comprehend science.

    • BobintehCT says:

      Pres. Sleeper? You mean that senile old actor from the 80’s? He loved his naps!

      Get with the times, grandpa!

      • Ragspierre says:

        Yet, oddly, he never allowed our people to die while he went to bed to be ready for a hard day of fund-raising.

        Did he?

        • BobintehCT says:

          I realize that you elderly decrepit-types don’t need much sleep but people who actually work for a living (playing on the internet and driving mom around in the minivan don’t count) do.

          • Ragspierre says:

            See…??? You just admitted what I said, and excused Pres. Sleeper for his dereliction of duty.

            You are so far up his ass, it is painful for people with working brains to even read your stupid.

            Was Pres. Sleeper’s first duty to provide direction during a life-and-death crisis CAUSED by the idiots at State…

            or to go to Las Vegas to raise money and campaign?