Would both sides please STFU!!!!!!

February 28, 2013

I’ll make my position on all this Woodward nonsense quite simple, there is a good and substantive discussion beneath all this to be had: is the media doing a good job covering this WH, or is it not?

That would be a complex and, ideally, positive discussion. But between the media hyping of Woodward’s initial comments, to the hyper-reaction to them, then the hyper-reflexive back and forth from both sides, all that’s left is more BS all around.

That is increasingly all most of America sees when it comes to national political media on multiple fronts and much of the country is also increasingly tuning it out for being the nonsense it actually is.

This is a circus, not a media, or public discourse and it is increasingly worthless in the grand scheme of the direction of this great  nation. It also runs contrary to the reason a lot of us became involved in New Media and for me, that’s the greatest personal disappointment of all.

It was not supposed to be all about I can scream louder, or say more outlandish things, thereby getting more traffic and money. Furthermore, somewhere along the way, perhaps after losing a couple elections, many on the Right seem to have lost their sense of humor, or now come with so much mean spirited-ness and negativity, along with what amounts to being conspiracy-minded, it’s counter-productive for the actual political movement.

Hell, I prided myself on being one of the bad boys out here for years because it was a sideline and I didn’t care about money or a career from it. It was fun and something of a joke. Get it?

These days, every wannabe and johnny come lately seems to want to be a bad boy and most are so lame at it, they should just STFU and go away.

You aren’t helping the cause, or advancing anything except your own sef-interest – and, big picture, you just ain’t all that much. If nothing else, the one mistake I’ve never made out here is assuming that I was, or actually wanting to be.

What might have been an ‘Army of Davids’ has become an Army of Divas and unless people start putting more of the (largely dissatisfied) and growing back discussion on our side out there, this whole thing is going nowhere and the Left will continue to win elections.

Original: Reactions to Bob Woodward’s opinion piece from last weekend in The Post fall squarely into one of two categories. “For the people who love Obama, ‘This is wrong, you’ve corrupted yourself,’” Woodward notes to the Erik Wemple Blog. “For the people who don’t like Obama, who hate Obama, ‘You’re a hero, you’re the only journalist in America.’”

Welcome to Washington, Woodward! The bifurcated response is no surprise, of course, given that the fight over the sequester—the topic of that Woodward piece—drives at the country’s core partisan struggle. A set of deep cuts to defense and domestic spending is  set to take effect Friday, and just how to avert them—Tax hikes? Spending cuts? A mixture?—is roiling Democrats and Republicans.

via Woodward on White House media policy: ‘Not sound and mature’.

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  1. Ragspierre says:

    “This is a circus, not a media, or public discourse and it is increasingly worthless in the grand scheme of the direction of this great nation. It also runs contrary to the reason a lot of us became involved in New Media and for me, that’s the greatest personal disappointment of all.”

    Which is the intent and design of a lot of the Mushroom and Moonbat Media, I’m convinced.

    Take, for instance, the question of Iran’s (and, logically, their proxy Hamas) provision of funds to Hagel.

    That was a totally valid question. It should have been pursued by any media worth the name “American”, since Iran is an outright enemy of the U.S.

    But it was Breitbart to which the question was left by all other media.

    How did the other media treat the investigation of a real…even vital question?

    By focusing on and blowing out of all proportion a single, meaningless term: “Friends Of Hamas” that was capitalized in one Breitbart story, and NOT capitalized in others.

    Now we have a SecDef who never answered those questions, but who we know lied or “misremembered” his speaker’s earnings and refused to open his library to investigation.

  2. EBL says:

    What Woodward said was obvious. Of course Obama can mitigate the sequester. He chooses to demagogue it. So why is calling that out wrong?