Hunters Begin Boycotting Colorado

March 27, 2013

Wonder what if any impact this stuff may have on tourism dollars.

Hunters across the country say they are boycotting Colorado because of new gun control legislation that limits ammunition magazines to 15 rounds and greatly expands background checks, among other things.

Opponents say the laws will make criminals of previously-legal gun owners, and hunters lending each other weapons for hunting trips.

Some have announced they will no longer hunt or vacation in the state, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette.  Michael Bane, a freelance producer for The Outdoor Channel, said he will no longer film his four shows there.

via Hunters Strike Back, Begin Boycotting Colorado Over New Gun Laws

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  1. Ragspierre says:

    Live by the stupid, civil rights abusing law…

    starve by the stupid, civil rights abusing law.


    • smartin says:

      After four years of trying to follow the
      money behind the smoking ban “industry”,
      and the public/private funds that fuel it,
      it has become apparent that the “stupid,
      civil rights abusing laws” are written by
      the pharmaceutical company that sells the
      patches and gums. Pharma is the “private”
      side of the partnership, and the CDC has
      appointed itself the marketer of the
      pharma products, which don’t work any
      better than cold turkey. (According to
      last years Harvard study, see Harvard NRT
      study) To connect the pharmas with the
      government, the CDC Foundation was
      created, and on it’s Board sits ex Surgeon
      General, Dr Satcher, who is also on the
      Board of Johnson and Johnson, sellers of
      the patches and gums. The CDC Foundation
      funds all the pro ban “studies” and
      “reports” including the ones who say that
      bans do not hurt small neighborhood bars.
      The private “non profit” CDC Foundation
      is running the CDC, and dictating where
      federal funds are being distributed for
      lobbying for smoking bans across the
      country. A House Committee investigated
      funding of illegal lobbying, last year,
      and the CDC and HHS were TOLD to cut it
      out. It has continued and it appears that
      more federal funding will be used for
      this purpose in the coming year. The
      public/private partnership of pharma with
      the CDC, (the latest “war” on civil
      rights, is the new media created war on
      obesity. That started the day that J&J
      bought the rights to Splenda. They
      already own the most used bariatric procedure, and are pushing to get
      that on government
      payout, to the tune of $22,000 to $32,000
      per surgery.
      It is not the cost of smokers, second hand
      smoke, OR the obese, that is crushing
      the health care costs in this Country.
      It is the pure greed of pharma and the
      complicity in this of elected officials
      who own stock in these companies and get
      campaign donations from them, that has
      broken Medicare. The control of government
      agencies by pharma is complete and is
      completely corrupt!