Rachel Maddow Using Multiple Fake Twitter Accounts To Boost Mentions Of Show?

March 1, 2013

Free Republic has a pretty interesting screen cap of a large number of Tweets from multiple accounts. Hmm.

A poster on Twitter, upon seeing what he thought were very similar posts referencing MSNBC host Rachel Maddow’s show, did some searching and found out that Maddow has been using phony twitter accounts to boost her “mentions” on the popular website.

As can be seen by screenshots collected by a tweeter named @LeftyBollocks, Maddow has massive amount of accounts posting the exact same claim that “Confession: I yell at my TV while watching Rachel #Maddow talk about filibuster reform in the same way most people do during football.”

More via Rachel Maddow Busted Using Multiple Fake Twitter Accounts To Boost Mentions Of Her Show.

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  1. Jeffersonian says:

    Rachel Maddow and her ilk have no honor and no shame. They are despicable.

  2. Rich K says:

    BTW,Hope your all back to normal and healthy Dano. And considering what the press corp does in support of Captain Sequester I am not at all surprised that this cow has to resort to fakery to bolster her phony bonafides. Its whats for lunch for the Left these days.Fake Audio,Video,Reporting. Must save lots of money Not paying interns to do actual research.

  3. W.C. Varones says:

    She actually used to be kinda cute before she went butch.

    • John P. Squibob says:

      She’s not your kind.

      What ever kind she is she’s not your kind.

    • John Cunningham says:

      Kinda cute? ya neeed an eye exam. more correct to say that she looks like somebody set her face on fire then put it out with a

  4. Truman North says:

    Lotta things to bash Maddow and NBC for. This is just marketing. I’m not really all that worked up over it.

    • Crackermike says:

      Hey, didn’t I see this on an old episode of “I love Lucy”? Sure I did, Lucy and Ethel sent fake letters to Ricky’s boss to tell them how much they just LOVED his show. Lucy, just like Rachel, got caught. That’s about right, Rachel and Lucy Ricardo are on the same intellectul level.

      • PTL says:

        Lucy was much smarter and accomplished more.
        Also funnier.

      • Lgbpop says:

        I don’t see the comparison. Lucy had a
        successful TV show with millions of viewers.

      • Pats says:

        Please do not insult Lucille Ball like that.

      • Wolf says:

        Crackermike is talking about Lucy Ricardo here, not Lucille Ball. Lucille Ball was an intelligent woman, a talented and accomplished actress and comedian,and a successful television producer. Lucy Ricardo was a character played by Lucille Ball, and was none of these things.

        • Lgbpop says:

          I am aware of that, having watched most of
          those shows when they were first aired. It
          was funnier my way. Lighten up.

    • Thom says:

      Madcow gives a true meaning to Birth Control.

  5. Ron Robinson says:

    And none of them are re-tweets… how unusual. Well, people of the left think surprisingly alike, especially fans of someone like #Maddow. What a ‘coincidence’!

    Smarter people than her have tried to game the system and failed; I wonder why she thought she would succeed?

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  7. mouell says:

    She is a manly man….

    • Steve says:

      Lmao. Yes. Indeed she is very manly. And a very unattractive man, at that. Not that it would matter if she were bright to witty. But she’s not.

  8. kim says:

    and she called Scalia a “troll”…..take a good look in the mirror my dear….just look away before it breaks!!!

    • Bill King says:

      She called him a “troll” because if she called him a “f**king JO Piece of s**t on national TV it’s would have caused a problem. So what would you call a justice on the SCOTUS calling the voting rights act a “Racial Entitlement”?

      • Ragspierre says:

        You can’t really read, can you?

        If you COULD read…and could be bothered to read what he…you know…ACTUALLY said in context, you’d see you and Madcow have nothing to have your hair on fire over.

        Nothing. At. All.

        • lsetters says:

          Good call Ragspierre….people who are up in arms about it are the ones that are just repeating what others are saying before they really read it. Just one more way in which some people show their ignorance.

        • Fred Beloit says:

          Dana Millbank, a radical and extreme leftist opinion writer for the NYT [FB: sic, WaPo], has invented a new meaning for an old word. The definition is: a very smart person who uses logic, facts, and reason to argue with less mentally gifted people, who fall back on kneejerk emotions to present their side. The term is: ‘bully’. The photo next to the term is Justice Scalia.
          Also posted on Lawyers, Guns and Money.

          • Bill King says:

            Millbank writes for the Washington Post not the New York Times

          • Ragspierre says:

            Milbank…like the Collectivist he is…HAS to call Scalia names.

            Scalia regularly beats the Collectivists on the court like a set of drums, ergo…


            It is funny to see the Collective cheerleading Sotomayor’s pitiful “push-back” and Kagan’s rude interruptions.

          • Fred Beloit says:

            I know, Willie, that’s what the “[FB: sic WaPo]” means. I made the mistake at “Lawyers, Guns & Money”, so I corrected it here. Although it was only partially a mistake. Milbank has written for the NYT magazine.
            What else have you got? Anything else? I thought not.

      • Dave says:

        I’d say he nailed it….

      • David Ross says:

        I call it the truth! Seen more racism in northern states nowadays than I do down south. Grow up man!

        • Violetw says:

          I absolutely agree! I was raised in Hawai’i but have worked projects all over and was surprised to discover that racism is rampant in the north, not the south.

      • Anna Keppa says:

        Well, you might start by being an adult and telling us why you disagree with Scalia, rather than simply flinging snot.

        Or are you too “low information” to actually make a reasoned argument?

      • Malcolm says:

        Stop being an A** and go read what he said and stop lisenting to your fellow dimwhit Madcow!

  9. Repsac3 says:

    It ain’t a Maddow thing or even a liberal thing… #teamfollowback (and if you look, all of those tweeters have #teamfollowback tweets, as well as a number of other similar/identical tweets) is some kinda spam outfit… (Besides that… Look at all the pretty blond-haired girls with Scandinavian or Eastern European names calling each other niggas and hoes? Does that seem right to you?)

    I could be wrong, but this sure doesn’t look like a Maddow / liberal conspiracy to me… It looks more like the twitter version of blog comment spam, where they copy random sentences from real blog posts (or in this case, a real tweet. I’m pretty sure I saw that one tweeted and retweeted by actual Maddow fans back during football season.) The only thing missing is the link to buy some kinda cheap jewelry or Extenz.

    • D. Wayne says:

      Yours is the most feasible answer to this situation. Rachel is an ego-maniac, however, as I recall her first few weeks on the air were nearly unwatchable. Painful, even, to watch this huffy, self-assured (expressed as “snarky”) new recruit to M$nbc. I pondered how she got the job, until I discovered it was Keith O.’s suggestion. Of course it was!

      • A Zav says:

        You are obviously a conservative idiot. Rachel is the only journalist who presents background to her topics before presenting her view. As a any person with doctorate degrees SHOULD know is the way is done. She is much more intelligent and accurate than all the so-called journalist on fox combined. You dont like her? Fine, but dont make up bs for your lack of undersanding and reasoning

  10. Born Free says:

    As if it mattered. Nothing you see can be believed.

  11. Cynical Bill says:

    Seriously though, you have to be psychotic to maintain 40 phony Twitter accounts and keep them active. Sick. Sick. Sick.

    • horowitz says:

      You have to be sick to have ONE twitter account. Or Facebook page. Etc. As a matter of fact, you have to be sick to be a blogger.

  12. Bob Parkman says:

    The important thing is to alert people to this phenomenon so they aren’t impressed with a high number of Twitter followers.

    I think the name says it all. Too much time on Twitter, makes you a twit.

  13. Claude Hopper says:

    Let’s go easy on dear Rachel. She has a bad case of Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Or is it mad cow

  14. Bill King says:

    The Right will do anything to discredit TRMS but we fans are Proud of Rachel and have the back of our Lesbian Vampire. Go back to watching FOX news there’s nothing to see here

    • Bentnail says:

      Just haven’t gotten over no one picking you for their team are you Bill. it’s funnny how even at the grade school age people knew you were a freak

      • Bill King says:

        That comment make no sense whatsoever ?

        • Uncle Ho says:

          That comment make no sense whatsoever ?

          No sense like “I live in Elizabeth New Jersey so I am a New Yorker.” No you are not a New Yorker. People who live in New York are New Yorkers.

          The socialist mind is not a terrible thing to waste.

          • Bill King says:

            If you pave the Hudson River it becomes 13th Avenue” Sonny Werblin NYC does not stop at The Hudson River or The Northern or Eastern Borders do not the New York Giants and New York Jets play in NJ ?

        • Lgbpop says:

          Replying to that latest piece of idiocy of yours, not this one….YES, New york ends at New York by definition. New Jersey is well-defined. To say NY spills into NJ while figuratively true is factually false. Who cares about your New Jersey Giants?

          Good Lord, the scariest thing about you people is that you take yourselves seriously. Talk about a poster boy for stupid.

    • Ragspierre says:

      “The Right will do anything to discredit TRMS…”

      Considering the subject of this thread, that is a thumpingly stupid thing to say.

      Nobody on the right need do anything to discredit anybody at bsNBC. They do it for us every day.

    • Malcolm says:

      You have already discredited your side by even posting…Dumb A**…

  15. Sheila Devall says:

    @ Bill King…Rachel, is that you? 😉

  16. Linda Bullard says:

    Who cares what the cow does she is just another liber turd that only a handfull of diehard libs watch. These are the kind of people who will drive you crazy if you let them get into your head. Be very wary of her kind of crazy it is contagious.

    • Bill King says:

      She is catching and on some nights has more viewers than Hannity

      • Red says:

        Her viewers are fake –
        just like her Twitter accounts.

        NBC probably bought a warehouse somewhere and loaded up 1000’s cable boxes just to try to spike the ratings and try to sell more ads.
        She is so far left it is comical.
        – MSNBC is the next Air America or the next Current.

      • lsetters says:

        I doubt if thats correct…no one at bsmsnbc have any ratings worth speaking of. Please look at the polls again.

      • Fred Beloit says:

        Why, Willie, here is ratings data from the 2/27/13 Drudge Report. Ratings are as of 2/25/13:

        Hannity: 2,002,000
        Puxxy Galore (but not for the likes of you):

      • Malcolm says:

        Wake and stop dreaming…loser!

  17. Roy says:

    Canadian Free Press has an article where it is a DHS directive to commandeer sites with proxy accounts making up support for Progressive and Administration efforts. Napolitano hired 3600 hackers-don’t mess with her budget or we’ll have a terror strike.

  18. Art says:

    Rachel should go back to raking leaves for her Lesbo lover. More productive.

    • Bill King says:

      You want to tell me what Rachel being gay has to do with anything?

      • Ragspierre says:

        Why did you bring it up (Lesbian Vampire) above, Bill?

        I mean, Madcow DOES suck, but…

      • lsetters says:

        OMG, you finally wrote something that makes sense! Good for you….you seem so
        deeply planted in your party that most of your comments do not make sense.

      • Heidi says:

        UM, YOU brought it up!! #FAIL #LAME “The Right will do anything to discredit TRMS but we fans are Proud of Rachel and have the back of our Lesbian Vampire.” #DUH

  19. Just remember, Sarah Palin is a self-aggrandizing, attention-whore. I know it’s true because Maddow and her propaganda buddies say so.

  20. Gary says:

    It’s not just her. In the past week I’ve seen #edshow, #lastword and the tiny-rated #rockcenter in the top ten and thought “huh?” It’s like paid media – for free!

  21. archer101 says:

    Hey, those ratings have to come from somewhere. LOL It is the same with a lot of MSNBC web post as well. Every notice the first person to comment on something is “Fiesty Red Head” They shop the story around the newsroom first to build themselves up THEN post it out to the internet complete with the first few comments just LOVING the bile that they wrote.

  22. Bee Kayy says:

    And all this time I thought that she was Keith Olbermann in Drag …She is not as pretty but sounds just like him just not as angry..!!!

  23. All white guy says:

    Its called MAD-COW disease. You get it from being ugly and a bull dyke. Also other links like “odumba syndrome.” Thats where you have your head so far up odumba’s ass you can only see black.

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  25. Lgbpop says:

    I’m sure she did. It’s the obvious answer; she’s far too stupid to know how to do this herself.

  26. Bill King says:

    RT @msnbcPR Spam on #maddow hashtag is not coming from the show or any producers. Have reached out to Twitter to investigate

  27. Lgbpop says:

    Oh, fargin’ ‘ell, then – if Bill King says it, I gotta believe it!

    You would have to prove to me in person you knew which end of a land-line wired phone to put to your ear before I would believe your research. I think your facts hang from skyhooks.

  28. mark franco says:

    It is truly a shame when the country harbors people with such narrow, racist, homophobic views. Sure 1st amendment protects all kinds of speech but really people, argue the issues not just adding vitriol to otherwise cogent conversation.

  29. Mike Stewart says:

    It’s Bush’s fault

  30. tonyjack says:

    does anyone else see the irony in the leftist’s name, Bill King? That’s as rich as our 1%’er POTUS saying ‘let me make this clear as he muddles the situation, calling for transparency as he shuts the media out.

  31. steven tate says:

    MISZ madow i will post a link to this were ever i see the words manufacted terroist threat or wepons of masss distractions

  32. Deb says:

    It’s like a woman I know who wrote a book and writes her
    own reviews on Amazon. Desperate.

  33. Lee Bailey says:

    Bahaha! Just like Lisa Jackson, former EPA secretary using fake email accounts. Cheaters, liars, fakers, manipulators…right out of the Democratic playbook!

  34. mE2 says:

    She just came down with madcow disease.

  35. Edna says:

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  36. Latoya says:

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