Appears to be one of the bombs: New pics from moments before, after blasts

April 16, 2013

There’s also video at link below:


BOSTON (WHDH) — Photos sent to 7News by a viewer show the scene just before and right after the bombs went off on Boylston Street.

via EXCLUSIVE: New pics from moments before, after blasts – Boston News, New England News, WHDH-TV 7NEWS WHDH.COM.

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    • chandler says:

      And why exactly is that part of the image blurred if the first one is crystal clear? Also it’s the only part of the image that is blurred.

      • Jordan Maylath says:

        maybe because of graphic censoring?

        • Bill says:

          Because that obviously is not the bomb. You can still see it through the blurr.

          • James says:

            it actually looks like a body. look at the two people clad in jeans and tan-colored items of clothing right behind the bag. that part of the blurred image is bigger and colored more like a person than the bag.

            Also, they blurred it for the graphic content and to preserve the privacy of the victims.

          • Michael says:

            Bill, The item in question is not in the picture after the blast. Most likely is they censored the injured people laying on the ground. If you look at the mail box the barricade is now wrapped around it. This would mean the bomb was behind it and could not be the suspect item in the first picture.

          • pete gargano says:

            have to agrre with looks like package still there and probably blurred do to graphic scene but also the mail box is still there not even scored from heat but that doesnot mean it should not be looked into

          • edge5511 says:

            If you watch the video, the reporter says the bag is gone.

          • Mike says:

            If that was the bomb then why is the mailbox still standing?

      • Kevin says:

        My guess is that it would be way too graphic if focused.

        • Deandre Andres says:

          This is where the 8 year old boy was who was killed. His 8 year old sister lost her leg. She is the one in the rose colored pants standing on the fence in the before picture. The bomb went off about 5 feet away to the right of the tree, which is why the comments here were right that said the bomb was behind the fence.

      • Mark says:

        They are obviously bodies dummie

      • Tim says:

        Probably because of gory stuff blood and etc. Just a thought

      • Drew says:

        If that was the bomb, wouldn’t the mailbox to the right of the “bomb” be gone?

      • Jordan says:

        I kind of want to see the unblurred image.

      • Mark W. says:

        Due to censoring of blood and body parts which are too graphic to be posted is why the blurring of the photograph.

    • thomas c says:

      the bomb was behind the gardrail because it is wraped around the mailbox, if the bomb was infront of the gardrail, the gardrail would have been blown back into the tables.

      • Ray says:

        My thoughts as well Thomas. The railing was wrapped towards the blast if that was the device. Doesn’t make sense.

        • tbaron says:

          The barricades were moved by first responders to access the victims that remained.
          Note: A lot of the people in the first photo are gone – scattered.

      • TallDave says:

        Not necessarily. It’s very likely the barriers would have been moved by people fleeing or rescuing.

      • Tim says:

        Explosions tend go with the path of least resistance. So the mailbox could stay standing. It also could have been directed to blast towards the crowd. This is obviously the second bomb because the first one was in a different spot near the finish.

        You’d think the railing would be the other way but explosives are extremely tricky. The rail could have been blown upward and snagged and settled back that way. Again, blasts usually go with the path of least resistance which would mean a lot of it is deflecting off the concrete and into the air.

      • Lance White says:

        What the hell is a “gardrail”?

    • Bruce D says:

      Not the location. Look at guardrail wrapped around mail box Look at the initial location of the guardrail section BEHIND the mailbox – If the device were at the location claimed, the guardrail should be blown back from not around the mailbox. This suggest the device was placed within the area of where those dining tables are located. Also, curious as to why no shattered windows? Why are the lamp post globes not shattered? Why is the tree not scorched or any bark torn off?

      • t.walt says:

        Because this is all a conspiracy. Dont you listen to Alex Jones?
        Perhaps the rail was moved by somebody trying to help. There are other images that show shattered windows. The tree was not directly exposed to blast due to the people. Mailboxes are typically bolted into the concrete(for those confused that the box is still there). There, conspiracy defused.

    • aelfheld says:

      It seems more than a bit odd that the mail box appears unaffected despite it being next to the purported device.

    • Jenny says:

      If this picture is taken right after the explosion where did all the people go?

  1. bill says:

    From the blast patter, I do not think that is the bomb. If it were, there would be considerable damage to the green postal relay box. Also, the way the baricade is bent around the relay box leads me to believe the bomb was further away.

    • Marie says:

      And agreeing with Bill, I also notice if you look closely it appears the “package” or “item” is still there….though blurred it looks as if it is still there on the curb…

      • Betty says:

        anyone can see it still there. Just blurred.

        • t.walt says:

          Really? the package is still there? How in the world would a steel barracade be blown away but that package remains? If you blow up the image(which is easy to do) it looks more like a body there, not a package. And that is why its blurred, because of the body. Come on folks, not that hard.

    • jerry says:

      that was my first thought, the mailbox suffered NO damage

    • jon says:

      yeah you can see in the videos the explosion happens behind the fence not in front of it, its in the crowd in front of the building

      • Nick says:

        Come ON, ABC!!!
        If the alleged bomb was on the Street side of the barricade,
        how did that mangled barricade end up wrapped around the mail box TOWARD the street??
        Obviously NOT the Bomb! … Really? Anything for a story!

    • DanR says:

      Agreed. Also, look at the metal barrier that is beside the trash container in the 2nd pic. Clearly the blast was from behind the barrier blowing it toward the street.

    • Jim says:

      I see your point Bill.Why would that section of the baricade be in the street,it would have been wrapped around the tree.I searched for that picture at 7news site.

    • PaxAmericana says:

      Agreed. Looks like the bag being highlighted is still there, just blurred, and the blast pattern actually looks to radiate out from where the tree is… not visible due to the legs of those watching the race in the top pic.

    • PaxAmericana says:

      As a matter of fact.. look at the post blast photo. The railing is bent and wrapped halfway forward around the mailbox.. which would indicate the blast point was behind the barrier fence (far side of barrier from street)

    • PaxAmericana says:

      lol.. made my comments then read the comments of others. Nice to see that others had the same impressions from the images. independently from my opinion… which makes me even more certain of that opinion.

      • tb says:

        can’t laugh about any of this – but it doesn’t seem to make sense given other blast evidence in the photo. Besides, people had their legs blast amputated – don’t think a box of trash would hold up better than a leg or foot, and would be shredded or blatsed out into the street somewhere as it shredded.

    • paul says:

      exactly, bill. Also if as everyone is saying in the first image the bomb is next to the mailbox, I can assure you no body would be in the exact same spot as the bomb was. The mailbox would have sustained damage and any bodies would have been blown away from the bomb.

  2. MattMarriott says:

    [b]Boston Marathon runners “bombed” at same time JFK Library blackened by fire – FULL STORY exposed worldiwde first by LAST PROPHET[/b]

    April 15, Boston: false flag explosion under the flags, staged with ACTORS as “victims” and JFK library blackened.
    It goes beyond the celebration of President John F Kennedy assassinated and athletics (and cycling) champions executed (mostly not physically) by the illuminati.

    [i]MAKE NO MISTAKE: Se[color=red]cond Amendment defenders will be blamed[/color] for the Boston Marathon “attack” and whatever will come next[/i]

    [b]ALL TERROR ATTACKS [/b]- from OKC bombings 1995 to the totally virtual Newtown “shooting” 2012, from Madrid 2003 to London 2005 to the virtual Oslo “shooting” 2011 – [b]were executed by the gov[/b].
    People defending the Second Amendment will be blamed for the Boston Marathon false flag operation, as part of the “Disarm the citizens” agenda, the last step that must be completed before the BIG BANG.

    [B]Why the illuminati chose Boston Marathon for the latest act “bomb own citizens”[/B]
    The agenda to destroy athletics was recently pushed to the utter limits, with the world’s greatest long distance runners, Kenyans, now also falsely accused of doping.
    Yet marathons and half marathons have been more popular than ever, with participation records broken in each event this year.

    Don’t be mislead by title – the text does explain WHY a marathon was now targeted for bombings by the illuminati :

    • ErwinB says:

      hahaha. Hilarious. Love the “agenda to destroy athletics”. Boy, the illuminati sure have had their work cut out doing that. It’s taken them, what, 2000+ years?

      • George T says:

        Hey, everyone knows the Iranians are behind the attack because nobody else is still upset about the outcome of the battle of Marathon in 490 BC.

  3. Dave Dufour says:

    This picture has been photoshopped along the line where the bomb supposedly was. Why? I can see what appears to be the bag still sitting there, but blurry? This is suspect.

    • Angie says:

      Its absolutely been photoshopped! Why use
      Photoshop to blur out the part you are trying to make a point with?


      • Jon says:

        Yes, it is blurred right where the device was. But is it blurred out of respect for the families of victims that may have died where the bomb went off? You can see other objects near it that could be victims. It is not up to use to put the clues together. Let the FBI and police do that.

      • Daniel McDade says:

        There are probably body parts there, that’s why. But I agree, that was not the bomb. Safety barricade is bent FORWARD around postal box, which means the explosion came from BEHIND it, not in front of it.

      • Christopher says:

        They have blurred the remains of innocent victims that were still there. The blast originated BEHIND the barricade as can be seen from images from other angles.

        • Kelly says:

          i don’t buy “sensitivity” to the victims as an excuse for blurring a photo. The vast majority of Americans watch horrible, gory, violent movies all of the time. They allow their kids to p;ay video games that involve decapitation of the human body. Now people are trying to claim that we cannot see a bloody limb because it might be disrespectful? BS.

          In Latin America, the newspapers do not hide or blur photos to be sensitive to the victims’ fails. TV reporters will show a man bleeding to death after a violent machete attack. I have seen countless pictures of victims after car crashes, murder victims, etc.

          The photo has obviously been Photoshopped to hide more than a few body parts. Why?

          • lynnmarie says:

            I agree that we do not need blurred photos. We as Americans have the right to see everything. If you dont want your kids to see that, have them leave the room.

    • ZHB says:

      Body Parts??

    • J. Cherbonneau says:

      I sent a message to the FBI saying the same thing. If you look at the channel 7 logo on the news pics of these two shots, the temperature says is 84 degrees! The temp LAST YEAR was in the 80’s during the race as people were dropping like flies. Everyone was wearing jackets, on Monday, no was was it 84 degrees! Someone was using a pic from last year and photoshopping it? I agree something stinks here.

  4. Don says:

    Bill is right. If that was a bomb the outward force would have bent the barricade in the other direction. Just wondering who told you that package appeared to be a bomb?

  5. jim says:

    no way that is the bomb.if that was the bomb.the force would have pushed the gate into the crowd.the pic shows the gate got pushed in the direction of the mail box seeing it is wrapped around it.meaning the bomb was behind the gate

  6. Kip says:

    The device was at the base of the tree. You can see the fence blown and wrapped around the mailbox. I think that “identified” bag is the lady’s standing on the other side of the rail. All indications is that the base of the tree was the source.

  7. bill says:

    shadows show 2 pics not taken anywhere near the same time of day

    • vince says:

      Yep 2nd photo is moments after blast, 1st photo is hours before blast.(shadows) Package is still there.
      Bomb was behind the barricade, probably by the tree. blurred out due to graphic nature of the injuries.

  8. Ob Server says:

    1. The blur is distinctly a photoshop rendering. Why is it there?
    2. The shaddows are wrong. Look at the shaddow from the mailbox compared to the package and the poles. The package is the wrong angle. The mailbox is the wrong shape.
    3. As has been pointed out, no damage to the box and the barrier should have been blown away from the box, not into it.

    IMHO, this is all fake. The question is now, for what purpose?

    • Christopher says:

      Awning shadow on left had brick column address 755…these photos are mere minutes apart.

    • Soap Box says:

      Definitely photoshopped fake. Numerous examples found. Fake blood on the side walk.
      Many photos are composits.

    • J. Cherbonneau says:

      One window is opened at a different height, too. The Temp shown on channel 7 logo shows the temp was 84 degrees. No way was it 84 degrees in any day in Boston recently. It was in the mid 80’s for last year’s race when the runners were dropping like flies. I notified the FBI about something suspicious about these pics!

  9. cynthia brooks says:

    i agree with bill, & rest, i can still see the bag, all the smoke is blurring it, but it still there!! this is NOT the bomb!!

  10. skeptic says:

    yea first thing i said is why is any of this picture blurred out, looks like cocksucker ohblowme (obama) is in charge of this escopade. Impeach his sorry ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Brian Smith says:

    This is Photoshopped. Notice the flag in the 2nd picture, but no the 1st.

    • Jeff says:

      Not a flag but the banner hanging above the door.

    • Tina Rae Thompson says:

      that’s not a flag. that is the banner that was under the awning. it was torn down on one side. and yes i do believe this was photoshopped. no damage to the mailbox. the barricade bent TOWARD the “bomb” and the fact that the bag is still visible. the blur i believe is out of respect for the victims.

    • Rick says:

      Thats the banner for the marathon hanging under the restaurant Forum sign. Its hanging off the right side but was taken off of the left. It looks like a flag hanging on a pole.

    • Bear says:

      That’s clearly the banner across the window. That’s not a flag.

  12. Dunno says:

    Guy in the alley. White coat, big bag

  13. tim says:

    I agree with Jon and the others who claim it is not the device. Why blur out the picture? Only criminals try to hide the truth.

  14. Mamoo says:

    I guess my question is this: why was the photographer taking pictures of the crowd? Notice that’s what the photo is centered on – not the runners. Hmmm.

  15. reliapundit says:

    why delete the obvious truth that the bag cannot have contained the bomb?

    proof again:




    • Lindsey says:

      I don’t know if this was the bomb, however: 1) People moved the horses/fences to get to the injured — it wasn’t necessarily blown into that position by the bomb. 2) the photos were blurred to protect the privacy of the victims. 3) I don’t think the blurred beige object in the second picture is the supposed bomb. It appears to be, most unfortunately, the gentleman who was standing just behind the purported bomb in the first picture, wearing a beige jacket. Obviously, another victim lies adjacent to him, and is also blurred out.

  16. Peter S. Dee says:


  17. offtrack says:

    that bomb would takin out the runners and the police said the bomb was up next to the building

  18. derp says:

    With all the bomb sniffing dogs they had, how did they miss that?? False flag, your criminal government is at it again.

  19. sally says:

    how about where are the flags lining the street and the WOODEN FENCE the guard ripped down there are no cop and no flags lining these pics SORRY DEBUNKED!!!!

  20. LEO says:

    Someone should of seen that bag unattended and they should of notified security! like at the Airport..I live in Israel and if we see something like this we would of have notified police and they would had closed off the area and the bomb squad would had blown it in place. It happens all the time here. It would have save those lives!

  21. scott hodson says:

    look at the staorm drain in the first picture and the look ot the storm drain in the second picture tell me what you see.

  22. Teri says:

    That is definitely not the bomb in the first picture. The bomb went off in the middle of the crowd. There is slow-motion video online and you can see it going off behind the people in the front rows and behind the tree that is there. The blast comes from behind the front rows of people and the flames come between them. The guy that is in the photos with both legs missing was back towards the building when it went off. He is standing right next to the bomb when it detonates. The blast was NOT from whatever is circled in that first photo.

  23. sajarain says:

    I also see a very strong garbage can…didn’t budge or damage…wonder where I can get one?

  24. Nic Maquet says:

    Look to the left of the highlighted area with the bag about midway on the guard rail towards the bottom there is a white box that looks like it may have a chain wrapped around it and the fence securing it in place and notice that whole section of guard rail is gone after the blast which would make me think that the explosive was right there and moved it,the angle of the blast and the bent guard rail clearly shows that the bag is not the bomb

  25. Soap Box says:

    Its another photoshopped hoax.

  26. Scott says:

    These two pictures are not 2 seconds apart. You are focusing on the barrier being wrapped around the mail box while the barrier to the left IS blown backwards.

    This is not a photo that show the package and the next photo is the explosion.

    Look at the pictures… Where are all the people?

    Maybe after the bomb went off some of them ran on the street moving the barrier out of their way and towards the mail box. One set of barriers are blown backwards from what I can see and the other one is not even there because the photo is blurred.

    There are 100 people missing from that second photo… Plenty of time for folks to pick up a barrier and move it to the position it is in.

    Come on, think!!!! THINK!!!!! FREAKING THINK FOR A MINUTE !!!!!!!

    The Fence Rail for the Forum Restaurant is un touched as are the seats. Nice White Chairs. If the bomb was behind the Barrier wouldn’t those rails have been damaged too? How about the Chairs?

    It is like all of you work for MSNBC, or CNN….

    All the carnage is on the street not behind where the barrier was. Don’t you think some of the mess would be behind where the people were standing if the bomb was behind the barrier?

  27. I notice that most of the comments are focused on the location of the bombs. Having treated post-traumatic reactions in the aftermath of large-scale attacks on civilians, some of my publications are available on my website
    For several weeks following the London and Madrid bombings high percentages of the population experience a variety of trauma-related symptoms. Figuring out what actually happened is crucial in the formation of the “Trauma Narrative”. This provides the template for healing, and, ultimately, for “closure”. But while we grope to assemble the pieces of evidence, my question is: “How did someone get access to penetrate the security perimeter and plant not only one, but several bombs?

  28. Bruce says:

    Look at the croud barrier before and after. In the after shot it is wrapped around the base of the mailbox. The bomb was behind the barrier. It was not the item in front of the barrier.

  29. Ordnanceman1 says:

    The bomb container would not still be there, nor would the mail box and the limbs of the tree would be gone and at very least be burnt.

  30. […] More here. VIA RWV and NBC News H/T Mark Levin […]

  31. Seth says:

    Can’t be the bomb. Video footage shows the bomb off the road quite a bit. This bag is out at the curb. Just another media-planted theory to keep people from looking for facts.

  32. LD says:

    Wow, come on. The barrier is wrapped around the mailbox, would the force of a bomb blow it THE OTHER WAY? jeeeez.

  33. CSI Boston says:

    Sounds like a lot of armchair investigators in here, maybe thats Y you are still armchair investigators. Photos were distant apart timewise. Unfortuneatly 1st responders destroyed most good evidence & wrapped barricade around mailbox. However the conspiracy theorist in me is intrigued by the comment of the media creating this for witch hunt purposes, wouldn’t be the first time, “what, the Boston bombings were an inside job ??”. God bless & pray for the victims.

  34. Shawn says:

    No way. If that is the bomb, that mail box would be peppered with holes, if not totally gone, and that tree would probably have branches laying around underneath it.

  35. Susan N says:

    What is interesting to me and nobody seemed to have notices is presence of outdoor furniture in the outdoor patio in front of the cafe’!!!!!
    Did the cafe’ opened up for business offering food and drinks in the outdoor patio in middle of the rubble?!!! 🙂
    Pristine white chairs, pleasant ambiance with body parts laying around……
    I think that is much more damning evidence than the shadows or blaring effect,etc.

  36. mack k says:

    Oh for crying out loud; blurred for graphic content? really? This is why people in this country just go about their daily lives while around the world, other people are maimed, killed, tortured and more because you know, don’t want to upset those poor little Americans sensibilities by showing them THE WHOLE DIRTY TRUTH! This reminds me of when Bush forbid the media from showing the caskets coming back from the war. We aren’t children, damn it. Stop treating us like them (and yes, I know kids have access to the internet too but 1. their parents should be supervising and not farming them out to domestic servants for upbringing, and 2. kids might as well learn the truth early. Maybe the next generation will do more to fight for peace instead of war).

  37. Ior says:

    Of course, that was the bomb in a bag or under the box or whatever is there. The fence is wrapped around the box because two parts of fences are locked to each other. Judging by the top, the pressure cooker was made of steel. It didn’t broke immediately, it gave crack in one side and started to spin. This is why people on the left side happened to be injured, they are on the ground, and on the left side jumped to the doorway. The pot most likely turned its way, and streamed to the opposite direction, toward the street pulling left part of the fence like a jet engine. Then top of the pot blow away, hit the fence on the left side and finally pushed it away aside.
    This is why left part of the fence far from the mailbox. Mail box most likely is attached to the ground on four legs,
    it’s not easy to break as main force of the blast goes aside along the ground, not up.
    So, any way make sense to look for person in a postman uniform who left it there.
    Bag of mail next to the mail box will not be suspicious.

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  39. […] New pics from moments before, after blasts – Riehl World View Apr 16, 2013 … via EXCLUSIVE: New pics from moments before, after blasts – Boston News, New England News, WHDH-TV 7NEWS WHDH.COM. […]