Graphic Content Warning: Viewing photo of Tamerlan Tsarnaev dead “cathartic for some law enforcement officers”

April 19, 2013

It’s circulating seperately but based upon this description, a photo purported to be dead terrorist  Tamerlan Tsarnaev is posted below.

His mouth is agape. His face is awash in blood. On his left side is a wide gash where doctors cut him open to try and save his life.


The image of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, dead and naked on a slab, snapped by an unknown person, was emailed repeatedly by law enforcement officers Friday.

“Suspect 1” was written above the gruesome picture.

Seeing a photo of one of the Marathon bombing suspects dead was cathartic, said one law enforcement official who saw the picture.

Passing it around was a rare chance “to revel” while other officers searched for Tsarnaev’s brother, Dzhokhar the official said. “Mission accomplished. We’re halfway there. Justice is served.”


Tamerlan Tsarnaev

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  1. Nemesister says:

    It would also be cathartic to see the deal Bin Laden pics.

    • Hazel Motes says:

      Indeed. More cathartic for more people in fact.

    • Jenene says:

      I would have liked to see the Bin Laden pics

      • mona says:

        his not dead , they didn’t show a photo of him, when they kill someone so wanted for example this man ,, they show the world but no one saw his body dead and they but him in the sea means no one can ever find him, meaning no one can find out they lied i feel sorry for american civilians being brained washed by there own government!!

        • NY JOHNNY says:

          I believe Bin Laden is Alive also. some kind of deal was made. How about this one. Bin Laden was only a small part of the terror attack on the trade center. All the evidence points toa chemical compound, known as “NANO-THERMITE”. Which is why the North, South, and even building 7 collapsed in what is called free fall(straight down, speed of gravity). Also, why was it that no plane was filmed crashing into the pentagon? The answer is, because no plane ever hit the pentagon. By eyewitness accounts, from Pentagon workers,,, looked and sounded like a bomb went off !!!

          • Maggie says:

            You’re wrong. I watched the plane crash into the Pentagon when they dropped the bombs to blow it up.

          • Zenjedi99 says:

            You’re also wrong that the buildings fell at the speed of free fall. They fell at .8 the speed of free fall, or at least that’s what a truth denier tried to argue with me once. ;] Like a couple fractions of a second make a difference right?

          • dong says:

            NY JOHNNY you are a dumb ass as well.. You can youtube the video of the plane crashing into the pentagon. Watch the right side of the screen right, directly above the traffic arm and you will see a white flash in the grass before there is an explosion in the building. Oh, and I am an explosive ordinance expert, I know how “bombs” and “explosions” work. F with it.

          • Chris says:

            With regards to the Pentagon attack and Building 7:

            The Pentagon attacks story does not add up. There should have been close to 100 tons of metal and debris present after a crash. There was none visible. The hole initially left in the wall of the Pentagon was far too small for the model plane said to have caused it. For instance, the initial hole was about 20 feet wide. You can double it. Triple it if you would like, though it was only roughly 20 feet. The plane has a wingspan of est. 125 feet. Where are the wings? They didn’t cause any visible damage to the building and they were not separated from the plane outside of the Pentagon walls or before that. Do further research and based upon the official report, taking in to account both altitude and speed experienced pilots as well as highly trained military pilots who have flown planes in that class will tell you it is not possible to have maneuvered the aircraft as occurred, while aeronautical engineers will tell you it is actually impossible. Now go look at the clean up pictures and look specifically at the ground if that’s not enough. There is no damage to the foundation although 100 tons worth of metal just flew into it at a couple hundred miles per hour. Furthermore, going back to size… the height of the plan if taking into account the tail fin is about 44 feet. Go look up how tall the overall building is. Now look back at post-crash pictures – there is visibly no damage done above the relatively small hole left in the Pentagon’s wall, while most of the windows are still left intact as can be scene when covered in foam by responding Firemen. Where i luggage or cargo? Why was there only one video released of this – do you not believe that the Pentagon, the most protected building in America, is guarded by DOZENS+ of cameras that caught the plane in flight as it was incoming? Yet the one they choose to release has a view that is obstructed, though it certainly does not show a plane of the size reported to have flown in to the Pentagon. This isn’t speculation – this is observed facts on many of the pictures you can go and find on the event from any of the news agencies, whether it be mainstream or not.

            As for building 7, it was closer to the rate of free fall than .80. It’s been calculated a number of times by multiple Physicists to be roughly .95. That means there was no resistance below the roof as it fell to the floors below. The floors below were gone before it got to their level.

            Doesn’t much matter about debating more than necessary. If one thing is fabricated we can safely assume that each of the related events are likely subject to some other involvement than we have been told. Just focus on explaining the Pentagon alone as to not make it more difficult and complicated than necessary. The Pentagon is unexplainable in almost every way possible…. while there are numerous additional facts surrounding the Pentagon I haven’t touched on.

        • k says:

          Don’t feel pity for me or any other American citizen as we truly do live in the greatest country in the world bested only by the tremendous bravery and resilience of my fellow Americans. I hope that monster(Bin Laden) wasn’t killed and that he is being held alive in a deep, dark pit somewhere, death would have been too much of a gift to give that evil son of a bitch. Brainwashing would be what happens to those of very weak minds that then decide to go blow themselves and innocent people up– Try to reconnect with the reality around you.

          • Douglass says:

            right on brother. United we stand – on that day, today, and EVERY day. We possess a strength that the rest of the world cannot possibly imagine. That is why they try and destroy us. We believe in ourselves and in our way of life – and THAT is why will continue to fail. The spirit of the American people remains unbroken. We will emerge from this latest incident stronger and more resolute than ever before. By attacking us, they make us stronger.
            Oh – and all you paranoid conspiracy theorists? If you hate this country and this government so much? Go live in some fucking third-world toilet. They’ll gladly take you and we don’t need you. We take in immigrants from all over the world in an effort to give them a shot at a good life. – but there is nothing that prevents you from leaving.

          • Mike says:

            You are full of shit the us is by no means the greatest country ,it is just full of imbecilic retards with a nigger as the leader yanks are just a aids riddled cancer on the world just big mouthed liars and frauds

        • Mike says:

          Bin Laden is dead. He died in 2002 from kidney failure. Our own CIA doctors treated him back in 1998 when we were funding him and they gave him only 2-3 years to live and that was only if he continued to receive proper medical treatment.
          There are no photos because he was already dead.
          Bush used him as propaganda and Obama used him to boost his ratings.

        • dong says:

          If you’re going to talk shit, at least learn how to spell and use proper punctuation. Dumb ass.

        • S says:

          Shut up Mona and give it a rest would ya. What Country are you from that YOUR government doesnt lie to you? If you are so busy sitting there feeling sorry for the Americans HTF can you be watching your own lying thieving government. Take your “sorry feelings” and give it to your own countrymen they might need it. Sick of you Foreigners”feeling sorry” for America. We dont need your “Pity.” America came back from 9/11, we can certainly come back from this sorry ass attempt. Seriously. When you need backing maybe this sorry ass country just wont turn up for the party, instead we will just watch and sit here and feel sorry for you instead. Hows that for Diplomacy?

          • Shawn says:

            to bad you have no say in what your govt does. wether the kids did it or not we will never truly know. you people are so dumb with your propoganda get over your close minded opinions, quit acting like the govt is anything but corrupt.

        • Joe DiMaggio says:

          You are so screwed up. It’s sad.

        • Sarah says:

          In fact, Obama has been died years ago. When US Washington office verifies this news so they make up this all drama just to cover their own embarrassment and also shut the door of questions. Like if he was already dead, then why billions of dollars spend to kill innocents in Iraq and Afghanistan. Anyway he died due to severe illness. Whenever I feel bore mood, I start watching video of day Obama told people that he killed Osama. Loll. That’s really so funny thing I ever would see.

        • Carlos says:

          Sure, and Elvis is alive.. Geez, such morons sometimes!

        • par4ing says:

          Are you people crazy? You are the brainwashed ones.

    • Craig Elachie says:

      I have sent a photo to site of Bin Laden that congress refused to release to public so hopefully it will be published for you

    • Lover says:

      His wife is hot, single, and emotionally vulnerable. Someone needs to hit that hard!

  2. Nemesister says:

    Sorry. That was a typo. I mean DEAD, not deal.

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  4. asc says:

    I think all 72 virgins will take a pass on that loser. Martyr? Freaking child killer. Ballistically ventilated child killer.

    May his final resting place be marked on Google maps under top places to urinate in public. And dispose of bacon grease.

    • Three Rivers says:

      Oh, the virgins are there waiting for him. Of course all 72 are getting treatment for AIDS.

    • go home muslims says:

      I’ll second that 11

    • 26bRotary says:

      Your last sentance was the best thing ive read all day. i love it

    • JR1984 says:

      Actually I am in favor of feeding him and his brother to a bunch of wild bore. I do not think any of the 72 virgins would want them once they come out of a pigs rear end.

      • Chris says:

        With such statements of vengeance and violence, you don’t come across much better than the terrorists themselves. You make American’s look bad, while this simply is not the answer. It may make you feel better and “right” but…. it’s simply uncivilized. We have due process, and he will get what every other terrorist and/or killer in the United States does. I’m sure. Above and beyond that it’s not necessary, unless we are to begin to talk about some of the similar (actually worse) killings by the hands of the U.S. as is currently happening though the use of our drones. Keep things in perspective….

        • Rubi says:

          very well said!!

        • sarah says:

          I agree. It is a shame that these young men and all
          others that think they are doing good destroy lives, including their own, because of brainwashing and wanting to be good. I don’t know how anyone can think that killing innocent people is good and honorable.

    • NY JOHNNY says:

      WELL SAID !!!

    • Sonic says:

      Muhamad never told them the virgins were women….hahahahaha!

      • Bastardamus says:

        The 72 virgins are the other terrorist types that went before them. It’s eventually going to be one big sweaty pile of former virgins. Not my idea of paradise, but to each their own.

  5. Wahbal says:

    I hope they injected him with pig’s blood so he can’t get into “heaven.”

    • JUSTIN says:

      Well, I agree that the ignominious character is a disgrace. But The pig’s blood is excessive, Wahbal. You’re disrespecting an entire group of Muslims—most of whom are nonviolent. As a Christian, I would be horrified if I were told all those who have committed suicide while depressed will not get into heaven. Please be more sensitive with your comments.

      • T Payne says:

        Thats why they do stuff like this they know we will be nice EYE for an EYE Thats why we are perceived weak. We need to kick this wish washy American Attitude We need to kick em hard and show em 0 resepct

      • Keith says:

        Justin, there’s a beeeeeg difference. A Christian who commits suicide doesn’t kill children and blow the legs off of innocent bystanders.

        • julie says:

          YEA….christians just walk into a elementary school and kill 30 innocent children shooting them multiply times at close range and then the coward kills his mother and himself.Dont be judgemental!

          • Steve says:

            Julie? Adam Lanza was a satanist who hated christians…were the heck did you get your info

          • Michael Lawrence says:

            Adam Lanza killed his mother first during the theft of her guns. By the way, Lanza was reported to be a Satanist… Um, that’s not a Christian.

          • Jessica says:

            Julie clearly needs to check her facts before she spouts off complete inaccuracies. Wow… what an idiot.

          • Sonic says:

            Nice try there julie! You have succeeded in showing everyone who reads this article that you, my dear, are a complete buffoon.

          • Alper says:

            Maybe use a better example. Perhaps the 2011 Norway massacre, perpetrated by Anders Breivik (who wrote a 1500+ page manifesto about the importance of preserving the Christian culture of Europe and expelling the Muslims and keeping sacred this and that) would be a better tool in your arsenal.

          • Dustin says:

            Even if he was christian he didnt do it under the guise of christianity he did it because he was crazy. muslim terrorists do it because of islam and think its ok.julie you’re fucking stupid

      • Anthony says:

        Christian or not, shut the hell up! I’m so tired of all this sensitivity. That’s the reason that has allowed things like this to happen. Sensitvity has lead our country to become complacent. As for anyone that has gone toe to toe overseas knows that not only does complacency kill but the Muslim culture will do much more to you just for being Christian. You may want to kill them with kindness, but they do not deserve it! Kill them aggressively, make an example of them, and spread the word. I have no sympathy for any terrorist and neither should our American Resolve!

        • Yooyoo says:

          Why are you being so sensitive, Anthony?

        • mona says:

          i agree with you anthony

        • Luke says:

          You are a defender for your country. It is you duty to serve the people of your country. You are the defender of this country, of the people and of the constitution.
          If the day comes when your superiors ask you if you are willing to fire upon the people of your country lie to them and say yes. If the day comes when your superior orders you to shoot a person of your country shoot your superior because he has commited treason against those he swore to protect. Spread this message to all your brothers who took the oath, every branch every member in these exact words, ready to defend the people of the United States and the consitution. The message must be spread to everyone. Pray the day never come but if it does stand ready. Semper Fidelis brother.

      • Dave says:

        The pigs blood was excessive? Was blowing up an 8 year old excessive or was that within the guidlines?

        • Justin says:

          Interesting counter point. Too many comments to address at once and considering I’m a university student in Mass, I don’t have time to reply to all of them. But Dave. We blow up 8 year olds all the time in Afghanistan. Don’t tell me you really think we spare everyone in our drone strikes and village attacks. There are always rogues WHEREVER you look.

          I am NOT saying to give him mercy. I am saying that Wahbahl is insulting an entire group of Muslims with his comment. Sure, torture the guy—I don’t mind. But don’t offend an entire group. Suppose there’s a Christian terrorist (which, recall, many would claim there are). If there is, they (the country that is attacked) should sock it to the Christian, certainly if he attacked their citizens. However, would it not be excessive to hang him upside down on a cross. Invoking religiously provocative is not the way to handle this situation.

          Keeth, I completely agree with your comment. Huge difference. We should serve this guy a ton of justice (I’m not even opposed to torture). I think my comment was misunderstood that I think he deserves mercy. I do not. I do think it is wrong to attack a group on religious principles. Remember, that’s what fundamentalist Islam does…

          Regardless, time for me to celebrate the night. Enjoy yourselves fellas!

          • Good Guy Greg says:

            You’re preaching to the quire my friend. It hurts a little to say something pitiful about pigs blood but they can blow up catholic churches in the Middle east and kill innocent catholics? Just save yourself from looking like a fool. Its not like he said to blow up the arabs or something (which someone should do someday)

          • Alex says:

            We blow up 8 year olds all the time in Afghanistan. Don’t tell me you really think we spare everyone in our drone strikes and village attacks. There are always rogues WHEREVER you look.

            Amen to that.. Americanss bombed a whole school in the middle east, by mistake, a while ago.. just wondering what really makes it to the american news channels..

          • NY JOHNNY says:

            Hey Justin,,, I don’t agree with you. You say we shouldn’t stick it in their faces. You couldn’t be any more wrong. I say, Stick it right in their faces and let them know we can and will fight fire, with fire

          • Decently Ok Guy Greg says:

            ahaha preaching to the “quire” lolololololo don’t call yourself a good guy, greg, when you’re suggesting blowing up arabs as a reputable response to them blowing us up…or something… right? tard.

          • Bad Guy Greg says:

            No we should should pull out of afganistan and iraq and any other country we are in… and the next time an islamic group bombs us we deport and ban islam in the united states and major allies. On the second attack we tell the country that the attack originated from to kill 100 times the amount of their population of our victims. If they refuse we decimate their population and ask again.If they refuse we will exterminate them. no more terrorist attacks

      • KE says:

        Shut your mouth and who cares what religion you are and what you think.Ever been to the middle east or cracked open a koran?

      • Zaleski says:

        WRONG LIBTARD. MOST Muslims are NOT peaceful

        • Decently Ok Guy Greg says:

          Wrong u wannabe Zionist varmint, most muslims keep to themselves while the crazy extremists retaliate violently. Sadly their victims are innocent people, but they’d probably prefer killing anti-humanist scum who are simple minded and heartless enough to generalize an entire religion of over 1.5 billion people, someone more like yourself.

      • Bob W. says:

        No Just THIS Muslim……..

      • c.j. says:

        I agree people deserve respect when they act respectful this person deserves not only what he got but worse do not attach him to a religion and say a comment directed toward him is a comment directed toward a religion he separated himself from any and all religious beliefs … so inject him disgrace him … we reap what we … I am not his Judgement … but do not defend him at all

      • alan j fath says:

        Justin — have you been living in a cave. Muslims (Islam) are/is a farce. Do some research before spouting out non-facts. Islam is not a religion it is a cult, preaching nothing but rape, incest, beastiality, and child molestation — there can be no tolerance for them — none of them.

        • Decently Ok Guy Greg says:

          Humanity cannot tolerate whatever simple minded creature you may be. Your research has lead you to become a mindless, heartless infidel, one without faith, and I can’t stress that “one” enough…. You’re alone with your senseless thoughts and all you’ll ever do is bring shame to those who wish to forget you.

        • Constant Reminder I'm Watching says:

          Have you been living in a cave Alan? Or maybe in a truck bed with your dogs? Your stupidity comes from the tiny world you’re surrounded by, where you eat sleep and drink hate to wash away your sins. And let me tell you, the spirit of the wind will not carry your soul away, in this wretched corpse it will remain, and your mind is the epitome of eternal damnation, filled with ongoing agony, to the point where you only feel kin to the beasts you groom.

          • Justin says:

            Constant Reminder, I really appreciate your comment. I have to learn to ignore the comments, but folks seem rather uneducated; and I daresay obtuse.

            I can see how people are so verbally aggressive when they can do so with impunity on these lists. I may just bandy a few works with KE if it tickles my fancy. But being a progressive Christian, I strongly disagree with the narrow minded folks who frequently comment here.

            Regardless, I’m glad to see someone else thinks logically and wanted to comment on your comment lest all that is right is drowned in the cesspool of ignorance infused within these comments.


          • Constant Reminder I'm Watching says:

            Sure thing Justin, it is wise to ignore their remarks as I normally do, but every so often you have to stick it to them where it hurts… lol you have no idea, I really hope Alan reads my comment because my words were carefully chosen. Since he was kind enough to expose his full name I did a Facebook search and found out he has a dog grooming business called “the spirit of the wind.” So I served him up a mind fuck and an accurate psychological reality check he’ll ponder for years. 🙂

      • Trav says:

        It’s not excessive. Religious beliefs have been holding this world back for centuries. Based on fear, power, and control. Religion is just the adult version of Santa, the Easter bunny, and the Boogie man. Grow up.

      • par4ing says:

        Sensitive? THese terrorists were not sensitive. And by the way no god would ever
        promote killing in the name of religion. This muslim Jihad crap is sick.

    • Terrence says:

      Pig’s blood with a bacon bandaid?

  6. Corona says:

    That hole? They looked for his heart. Wasn’t there. Never had one. Bone dry.

  7. JewishOdysseus says:

    Thank you Dan, we need to keep & download these images so the Lamestream doesn’t sanitize & minimize these atrocities like they’ve done to 9/11.

  8. kevin says:

    and there ya go 2 people dead yes i called them people if they did it great let me get a show of hands of people that are 100% sure that these men did it . i myself say for shame people what about a fair trial are we back to thedark ages i am sorry but i needed more proof yham just the goverment saying so

    • NY JOHNNY says:

      What kind of Asshole are you. These asswipes did it then shot an MIT officer, robbed a 7/11, carjacked a man, held him hostage for 1/2 hr. Pulled a Jihad right in a rural area with automatic weapons, grenades and other assorted explosives. Wake up and smell the fucking coffee…

      • Are Your Seriously? says:

        How about you wake up and smell the coffee? These people didn do it, its another false flag, They have you brainwashed,

        • Luke says:

          No they did do it, however, our government is to blame too. the fbi has been doing something like ABSCAM or prostitution sting but with terrorist. They go to someone extremist like, Amine El Khalifi, pretending to be one of them tell them a bunch of Islamic crap, convince them to do a terrorist act and bust them, before they do anything. Well i think this one went bad, and now the fbi doesnt want to confess to it, because they didn’t get the guys in time and they used a real explosive. Kind of explains everything.

  9. timt223 says:

    Interesting his pie hole is open as to say Allah Akbar. Nothing like knowing that Islam is the religion of peace… Rot in hell all you muzzie ba$tards. Time for a new crusade.

  10. anthony says:

    Hey, Kevin. Even if they hadn’t done the bombing, they robbed a 7-11, carjacked someone, and shot a police officer in the head. If that doesn’t scream guilty, I don’t know what does.

    • Frank says:

      THIS GUY SUCKS. FILL EM WITH PIG BLOOD. BUT Actually, they did not rob a 7-11 and “someone” shot a police officer to death, in the abdomen. Prolly those idiots…. but anthony, get your fucking facts right. this is what makes america look dumb.

  11. LyleLovett666 says:

    Fill him with pig blood. Let these deranged maniacs know that acts of terrorism commited in the USA will not get them entry into 72 virgin heaven. Seems a non lethal way to combat this insanity.

  12. Terrence C. Holton says:

    I’m celebrating by eating a whole slab of bacon tonight! Rest in Hell homey, you’re punk a@# brother will join you shortly.

  13. Terrence C. Holton says:

    Remember if he wasn’t buried 24 hrs after his death those 72 virgins will not be waiting for him. “What a scam!”

  14. notw says:

    Every comment here is disgusting and an indicator that there is not a great deal that separates any of us from the mind of someone like this. When revenge is cathartic and hatred is so apparent as it is displayed here, we need to stop and pray for our world and each other.

    • c.j. says:

      wow … I’m sorry you feel this way maybe you shouldn’t read this stuff .. for me he deserves no rest his actions have guaranteed this … please don’t use moral or religious beliefs to defend evil

    • marcus johnson says:

      Not really, I think people are just getting tired of these people killing us all in the name of their religion. Also we are and have been sending these people millions of dollars. So if we seem to harsh try to cut us alitle slack

  15. hahaha love looking at this dead, digusting child killer. fuk you rot in hell bitch

  16. anthony says:

    Frank, I am just saying what they were reporting on MSNBC. That could be the problem though. Lol. Shouldn’t have trusted them to give accurate facts.

  17. Bilfar says:

    I hope the bombing victims get a real sense of satisfaction when viewing this photo. Would also like to see the severity of the younger brothers wounds too.

    Outstanding Job Law Enforcement….you definitely got your man.

  18. Craigo says:

    I’m thinking the “blood” on his face and shoulder is actually bruising from a tire when his brother drove over him? Allahu Akbar!

    You know this world would be a better place if everybody refused medieval superstition ie: Christianity, Islam …

  19. kate says:

    Good, kill him a million times over again!

  20. WarEagle82 says:

    Wait! Won’t this picture just be used to recruit more terrorists? Obama is going to be so put out…

  21. SANDY says:

    for those who remember; it was 72 VIRGINIANS and they are waiting to beat the hell out of them

  22. S says:

    Cool nice pic. Now How do we know it is actually TAMERLAN? Could be some other guy and why is that big ass hole in his side? Is that maybe where the explosive went off when he was shot? Wait I dont remember them saying he had huge side trauma, FFS what kind of ammo are the police using these days!? Just a few questions. As far a Bin Laden WTF cares he isnt doing anything either. and I dont GAF if he died then or back in what was it 2002, just glad the SOB is DEAD. Now I do feel sorry for the Seals that had to go in and LIE to America and lose a job because he helped a video game company make a game. I would be SO pissed I would have blown the biggest loudest fucking whistle I could find. Just some food for thought. Although I to wonder why no picks. I mean you would have thought that the Seals would have hung him upside down like a big ol fat Tuna and stood around taking gaming pics huh.

    • corey says:

      The big hole in his side is from when the doctors cut him up and and tried to save his life. It says it in the text directly above the photo…

  23. Pete says:

    The person who said looking at this photo was “cathartic” is despicable. Seeing a dead person is not cathartic in any way — good guy or bad. A human life is a human life. This kid and his brother were young and misguided. Misguided by a religion. Religions are all bad — unfortunately there are those dangerous minorities in the muslim religion that preach violence, and those with lesser minds and intellect get ensnared in that trap. Any loss of life is a terrible thing. It’s a shame that this happened in the first place. It’s a shame that people can so easily be influenced by fictional and outdated books. Hopefully we can move forward and grow as a species and get better and do away with the poison of religion once and for all.

  24. superdan says:

    people in this contry need to stop getting so but hurt, I dont care what they do to him now and those of us who want pigs blood dumped on him to send a message to leave us alone need to stand by eachother while all the peace lovers can stand back and pray which won’t get you any were without action.

  25. james says:

    Think outside the box people.. innocent people die and get murdered every day. Think of the American men, women, and children that die due to their “insurance” not being able to cover it. We have so many issues going on with our country and our world that we should not be focused on just one particular case. Open your eyes

  26. superdan says:

    and I smiled when I saw this pic, and I hope his brother recovers

  27. james says:

    But since we are on this topic of conversation.. the death penalty for dzjohar, or however you spell it, would be the easy way out.. I’m sure that is what he wants. Let him go to guantonimo. Hope he gets raped daily. Cock-meat sandwhich

  28. Rustam says:

    When the time is up every one dies, Muslims and nonmuslims. Some are making laugh at Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) here. Wait for your punishment. When you die no one is going to help you, you will be all by yourselves.

  29. Sarah says:

    How we believe that these are real terrorist or just a drama to shut us up like Osama drama by Obama? Government is killing our own people to get over other countries? This is just unjustice obama.

  30. Sarah says:!

    This lady is damn true. She is right… Convinced us. Creepy Stupid people get convinced if they has been told that they were Muslim. But real people who are educated especially, they need evidence and proof to understand. Such people are few, I understand so please do not try to convince me 😉

  31. lili says:

    this is horrible what US are doing with the life of 2 young men! they ruined their life and what are they going to do with them, kill them?… this is US who are the terrorist, and now some say that the victims does not exist! it was all a stage, so nothing ! just a good reason to pass Laws and wars!

  32. […] on them, took the unprecedented move of shutting down an entire city to find the suspects, and then exchanged gleeful emails of Tamarlane’s horrendously butchered body once they’d messily disposed of him. The Islamophobic hate crimes have been well underway for […]

  33. Oudra says:

    Kill first and ask questions later
    Like what it did in IRAQ, killed 1 million, destroy a whole country and steal oil

  34. […] on them, took the unprecedented move of shutting down an entire city to find the suspects, and then exchanged gleeful emails of Tamarlane’s horrendously butchered body once they’d messily disposed of him. The Islamophobic hate crimes have been well underway for […]

  35. […] on them, took the unprecedented move of shutting down an entire cityto find the suspects, and then exchanged gleeful emails of Tamarlane’s horrendously butchered body once they’d messily disposed of him. The Islamophobic hate crimeshave been well underway for […]

  36. […] suspect aurait été tué par balles par la police et qu’on voit la photo de son cadavre (lien), qu’on voit ce genre d’infographies (lien), on est en droit de se poser des […]

  37. Soldier says:

    I am an American Soldier.
    I am a warrior and a member of a team.
    I serve the people of the United States, and live the Army Values.
    I will always place the mission first.
    I will never accept defeat.
    I will never quit.
    I will never leave a fallen comrade.
    I am disciplined, physically and mentally tough, trained and proficient in my warrior tasks and drills.
    I always maintain my arms, my equipment and myself.
    I am an expert and I am a professional.
    I stand ready to deploy, engage, and destroy, the enemies of the United States of America in close combat.
    I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.
    I am an American Soldier.

    I am a soldier and I believe whole heartedly in protection my country and it’s people. Regaurdless of the opinions stated on here everyone is entitled to one whether I agree with it or not. People are going to feel how they feel and despite sharing proper facts to try and correct an inaccurate statement it is your individual right to feel and think what you please. I am a soldier 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year and I will defend and fight for my country and do my absolute best to take part in protecting this soil from enemys.

    • Carpe Diem says:

      Your a american soldier or a solider of our government???? Are you willing to fight our government for their tyrannical ways their imposing and false flags they are flying or how bout dis arming us the people?

      You took a oath to protect the constitution and the republic of the people not Democracy or our government and their shadow masters and corporations which control our government hence “MONEY” real american money is sealed in red not green so yeah can really get into this but look at this is a group which our government has stated to be right-wing home land terrorist but arent these US soldiers? Honestly it seems that most of you need to awaken to the real raw naked truth and the real problems which face humanity smh but would like to say look up definition of a terrorist and terror and tell me who the real terrorist are. Also bet most of people don’t realize itccs common courts just found The retired pope roman catholic church queen Elizabeth all guilty for acts of crimes against humanity but see any media reports or arrest being made nope. anyways sounds to me that many of you need to awaken and drop that control system called religion and open your minds to question things not just be told what is cause frankly I dont care if you got a phd does not mean your educated all that means is that you were trained of the facts in which the system wanted you to be and if you disagree with said system your wrong idk kinda bouncing all around on this post but wake up humanity we all are one connect to each other our actions create a reaction and effects the lives of all not just our own. and always remember that when you point the finger at someone else there are three pointing back at you you reap what you sow karma I mean come on now really smh look around look at our government are they for the republic of the people or they looking out for their best interest and their investments? Look at the federal reserve most think it’s part of our government but it aint it is a private corporation look at what happened with the gold standard and why we invested into the petro dollar why we lie and print more money why yeah like said can go on and on but fact is most of you seem to be still living in a land of illusion. here is a link to a couple videos that might help awake some of you smh cause we the people need you to awaken so we as humanity can fix the real problems which face us all smh.

    • Luke says:

      You are a solider for your country. It is you duty to serve the people of your country. You are the defender of this country, of the people and of the constitution.
      If the day comes when your superiors ask you if you are willing to fire upon the people of your country lie to them and say yes. If the day comes when your superior orders you to shoot a person of your country shoot your superior because he has commited treason against those he swore to protect. Spread this message to all your brothers who took the oath, every branch every member in these exact words, ready to defend the people of the United States and the consitution. The message must be spread to everyone. Pray the day never come but if it does stand ready.

  38. Carpe Diem says:

    Actually just uploaded another video check it out start questioning.

  39. […] them, took the unprecedented move of shutting down an entire city to find the suspects, and then exchanged gleeful emails of Tamarlane’s horrendously butchered body once they’d messily disposed of him. The Islamophobic hate crimes have been well underway for […]

  40. Lover says:

    His wife is hot, single, and emotionally vulnerable. Someone needs to hit that hard.

  41. aman verma says:

    wow tortured like hell and not allowed to die, then thrown in the hospital, wow . i think the fbi set them up, because they would never have known the guys who blew up, a fake story about the amputee who gives clues, 1000 people would be wearing caps and sun glasses that day, moreover their backpacks werent big enough to hold pressure cooker,

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  43. horowitz says:

    Do any of the people who respond on this blog know how to spell? Or understand the rules of grammar? Much less stay on topic. It’s like reading 5th grade homework. And those who demand to see corpses are sick beyond belief.