Haley Barbour Leaves Rove’s American Crossroads Amid Concerns

April 10, 2013

Spin it however they want, Barbour is a serious loss.

The departure of Barbour, a former Republican National Committee chairman and governor of Mississippi who volunteered in 2011 with his fundraising connections to boost American Crossroads’ drive to defeat President Barack Obama, comes at a sensitive moment for the super PAC and for Crossroads GPS, its tax-exempt advocacy arm. After devastating losses in 2012, the two groups are revamping their operations and launching a new affiliate that plans to spend millions of dollars in GOP primaries to knock off certain conservative candidates that the group considers unviable — an effort that quickly sparked a firestorm on the right.

According to two GOP operatives with knowledge of Crossroads’ operations, Barbour was upset with the way the new affiliate, the Conservative Victory Project, was rolled out on the front page of The New York Times in early February by the group’s president, Steven Law. “Barbour was blindsided and appalled at Law’s announcement in The New York Times about taking on the grassroots,” said one of the operatives. The three GOP operatives who spoke to The Huffington Post all requested anonymity to preserve their ties to the Crossroads groups.

via Haley Barbour Leaves American Crossroads Amid Concerns Over Conservative Victory Project.

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