Pictured: Katherine Russell, wife of terrorist Tamerlan Tsarnaev returns home

April 21, 2013

So, you know everyone is thinking … must be nuts, right?

The weeping bride of the elder Boston bomber returned to the family’s Cambridge home yesterday, a day after her twisted husband died in a shootout with police.

Katherine Russell home

Katherine Russell, 24, who converted to Islam for jihadist hubby Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, covered her head with a leopard-print hijab and nervously shouted for the landlord when she couldn’t get in the door.“Joanna,” she screamed.The woman frantically pounded on the door until she was let into the three-story colonial on Norfolk Street.Her daughter with Tsarnaev, 3-year-old Zahara, waited inside a white Volvo with an unidentified woman.

more via Katherine Russell, NYPOST.com.

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  1. Mike says:

    it must be hard for her, But i’ll pray for her to feel peace.
    I remember my muslim friend told me that killing like tamerlan do was prohibited, Jihad that Their God ask is To fight with their self. And Tamerlan doing such a horrible thing like this wasn’t because he love islam, but because he has nothing to proud of. When he explain this problem, My thought about islam change 180 degree

    • Nan says:

      It’s called Taqqiya. They lie to further
      Islamic goals. The Koran says to kill the
      infidel, which means those not Muslim.

      • yahia says:

        they koran says kill who start fighting and killing you not just kill the non muslims you just didnt get this and this is just one person so dont say islamic goals

        • JusticeFor All says:

          Well maybe you should go and tell that to the 56 Islamic countries where the minorities have decreased by 90% over the past century. Do you suppose that is because they treated them so good that they could not stand it?

        • JusticeFor All says:

          What is the punishment for a Muslim convert to Christianity??? Death right?

    • Rosalie says:

      “My thought about islam change 180 degree”

      You’d better go back to your original

    • saddiq sam says:

      poor deluded , ignorant woman-child must
      of thought she was going on an exotic
      vacation , but was too dumb to know that
      the tour driver was a bigoted madman .

    • bonabnz says:

      All muslims are worshiping a “black stone” in Mecca. The “brain washing” is the islamist methode to converted Katherine Russel.

  2. John Harper says:

    Yep, nuts. And her dumbass liberal parents are apparently proud of her, too. Btw, I can still see her legs, she should finish dressing before she leaves the house lol. Screw islam.

    • yahia says:

      just because her husband was a terrorist u just judged her and islam !!! i see you have a great mind too (( dumbass ))

      • JusticeFor All says:

        She did not identify and call the police.
        Her family after the event talked about her losing her husband and nothing about the lives her husband destroyed.
        They are selfish living in a fish bowl.

        • WhatAWorld says:

          The only one that is innocent here is the child. I’m sorry, but if you live in a house where there are bombs and bomb-making material, you’re just as guilty. She knew very well what her psycho husband was doing. She should be tried as an accessory. I have NO pity for her.

    • See says:

      She does have sexy legs!

  3. T says:

    Need to send her back to his country with the kid…

    • TheBusyChild says:

      Sure send ém back to their country. Why? U.S lovers wanting revenge. But you know what they´re americans too, so they´ll just get send back to the U.S. Dumshit!

  4. Anti religion says:

    So stupid woman, why she had changed her religion ? Even the mother of the two brainwashed guys didn’t veil herself! sometimes those who are converted are more religious and that’s awful !

  5. ATGinCT says:

    I can’t find it in my head, nor heart, to mock or condemn this poor woman. She’s as American as I am, as is her child.

    I’ve met many women who have been abused and controlled by the men they choose to hook up with,( same goes with controlling women, mentioned just to avoid the inevitable).

    If she knew, knew of the possibility, she is just as responsible although to some lessor degree.

    I hope she has a conscience, I hope it leads her to a better life.

  6. John Harper says:

    Idiot, she’s not an American, she’s completely rejected America by becoming muslim and wearing the slave outfit. They should deport BOTH of you along with her little muslim troll. We don’t need you here, get out!

  7. NotAHater. says:

    I honestly cannot stand tunnel-minded people. Don’t blame the religion of Islam but blame the people who do not follow it correctly. Islam is a religion of peace and does not allow or promote any act of violence.There is a HUGE difference between jihad and terrorism. The only reason people see Islam as a terrorist religion is because the media tends to fabricate much of the truth. They will always change up stories because it conflicts with some of their beliefs and values; also to bring interest to the audience. It was out of Katherine’s choice to become a Muslim and wear hijab out of love for Tamerlan. Seriously, if she did not want to change she would have left him a long time ago. Also people confuse between a nation and a religion. Muslims are not a nation of people, but people who follow certain religion. Anyone can convert into Islam just as anyone can convert to Christianity. What the brothers did is not jihad. People should be less ignorant and take the time to understand Islam before making any judgements.

    • ExMuslim says:

      What do you know about Islam to call it religion of Peace? All my life as a Muslim, I did not see real peace shown to any one by my entire Muslim family. They may be nice at times but the religion does not have solid foundation on Peace or Love. If you want me to quote the verse in Quran that says Kill infidels and not yourself, I will send it to you now. Even hadiths etc. What religion tells you to beat your wife. It is in your Quran.

  8. John Harper says:

    They absolutely need to ship useful idiots like you out of this country along with your peaceful muslim friends, to one of your great, peaceful muslim nations. You know…the ones where they beat women and kill anyone who disagrees with them. Get out.

    • Sharad says:

      it is indeed pointless if we have to become as radical as them. You remarks John and nothing short of being very very racist..

      • JusticeFor All says:

        Considering that there are only 10% of minorities still left in the 56 Islamic countries as there were just a century ago They are the racists my friend.

  9. JusticeFor All says:

    The US gives this guy and his family Asylum making them immediately eligible for public assistance. Her husband’s videos suggest killing ALL Non-MUSLIMS. Russell marries this guy who 3 of her early friends interviewed and say is an American hater. She converts religion with no consideration for her country and the hate her husband has for her birth religion. He then blows up innocent people including woman and children. Then we are supposed to feel sorry for Russell??????? Excuse me I feel bad for the murdered and maimed for life. Her and her family at best is naïve. The Russell’s are not victims they are part of the naïve of our society that allow these haters of America to flourish.

  10. Fartstain Sally says:

    So, do you think she’ll stay a Muslim?

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  12. TheUnderstanding says:

    Islam is a religion. Just like Christianity we have a Book we follow called the Quran. Now, what you see isn’t what the Quran says. What the media and non Muslims call Islam is not the real deal. People in other (middle eastern countries) don’t clearly read what the Quran says. they misinterpret this religion into violence. Islam is a lot of the time misunderstood. those people you see who beat their wives aren’t true Muslims. they haven’t followed the religion at all. We don’t encourage violence unless its for self defense like any human. The people you watch on TV ARENT REAL MUSLIMS! THOSE ARE EXTREMISTS! THE TRUE MUSLIM NATION HATES THEM BECUASE OF WHAT THEY MAKE ISLAM LOOK LIKE. THOSE ARE NOT REAL MUSLIMS!
    Those people are never included in the Nation of Peace. everyone says Islam is destruction to the world. you guys are confusing and entire religion and followers to just a few people who aren’t considered real Muslims.
    ExMuslim…You were living in a clearly misunderstood society, Because people who follow the real religion and portray the real aspects of Islam show great modesty and respect and all good characteristics the Human Being should have.

    The Media makes the entire religion of Islam destructive because of a few people who claim their Muslims (when there not).

  13. bonabnz says:

    All muslims are worshiping a “black stone” in Mecca. The “brain washing” is the islamist methode to converted Katherine Russel.

    • Mohd says:

      The Black Stone is one of the stones of the Ka`bah. Its significance is that it is the only surviving stone from the original structure built by Abraham and Ishmael (peace be upon them both). The Ka`bah had been destroyed and rebuilt many times in its history, even before the arrival of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The Black Stone is the single stone that has survived all the mishaps that have taken place since the time of Abraham and Ishmael.

      The Ka`bah was again destroyed by flood during Muhammad’s youth, before Muhammad (peace be upon him) received revelation. At that time, the elders of Mecca fell into dispute over who should have the honor of putting the Black Stone in place on the rebuilt structure.

      Muhammad (peace be upon him) was chosen to be the arbiter in the matter and instructed them to place the stone on a cloth.

      Then four of the elders of the different clans each picked up a corner of the cloth and carried the stone to its place whereby Muhammad (peace be upon him) took it from the cloth and placed it. In this way, they all were able to share equally in the honor of placing the Black Stone in the newly-built structure, and a conflict was avoided.

      Many years later, when Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) offered his Pilgrimage after years of exile from Mecca, he started by kissing the Black Stone. We understand this in its context. It was a poignant homecoming for the Prophet (peace be upon him) who had years earlier been driven out of his beloved city on account of his religion

      The fact that the Prophet (peace be upon him) kissed the Black Stone is the only reason we do so today. We kiss it to emulate the Prophet’s practice.

      The Caliph `Umar made this clear to the people when he led them in the pilgrimage. He used to kiss the Black Stone when he walked around Ka`bah any say: “I know that you are nothing but a stone. You cannot hurt or help anyone. And if I had not seen the Prophet (peace be upon him) kissing you, I would never have kissed you”.

      This is the real application of this rite. It is only a matter of following what our Prophet (peace be upon him) taught us or showed us. It is known for sure that no benefit or harm can be received from the Black Stone.

      And Allah knows best.

      Source: islamtoday.net

  14. John Harper says:

    Fuck islam, fuck mohammad, fuck allah, fuck muslims. Get out of the United States, you don’t belong here. Deport now.

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