What Did Brad Woodhouse Know and when did he know it?

April 12, 2013

Stacy McCain starts looking into what Democrats knew and didn’t know, as well as when, on the Progress Kentucky alleged eavesdropping and bugging story.

The fallout continued today from Thursday’s revelation that members of the activist group Progress Kentucky were behind a secret recording of Mitch McConnell’s meeting with aides, and new questions are now being raised about whether Democrat officials were aware of this act of political espionage. Investigative journalist Matthew Vadum reports at the Daily Caller:

More from Stacy via Kentucky Scandal: What Did Democrats Know?.

As for DNC Communications Director Brad Newhouse, I’m not sure if the right question is, did he know Shawn Reilly and lie about it on television? Or, why the heck didn’t he know about him and act on that knowledge beforehand? He certainly should have and may even have worked with him in the past on another initiative.

Here’s Woodhouse on 4/11/13 via America Live With Megyn Kelly of Fox News:


MEGYN KELLY: “Do you know this group, Progress Kentucky, Brad?”


KELLY: “You don’t know anything about them?”

WOODHOUSE: “I know the brand of progress organizations, but I don’t know anything about Progress Kentucky.”

KELLY: Do you know Shawn Reilly or Curtis Morrison at all?”

WOODHOUSE: “Uh, no. I’ve never heard of them.”

So, we know the Democrat’s number one Senate target is Mitch McConnell – who is up for re-election. We also already know he’s the target of a coordinated attack. Furthermore, both Shawn Reilly AND Progress Kentucky made national headlines just one month ago – due to a previous misguided attack on McConnell – yet, the guy at the helm of communications of the entire Democrat Party never heard of him??? Really??

What the heck does Woodhouse do all day, Tweet and surf web porn? Oh, sorry, I must have him confused with the Democrat running for Mayor in NYC. ; ) In any event, it’s nice work if you can get it, I suppose. But that’s only the tip of the ice berg when it comes to Brad Woodhouse and Shawn Reilly.

McConnell’s aides had already criticized the tweets.

“Secretary Chao and her family are shining examples of the American dream: salt-of-the-earth folks who escaped oppression, came here with nothing, joined our great melting pot, worked exceptionally hard to build a thriving business, and then dedicated so much of their lives to giving back,” said Jesse Benton, manager of McConnell’s re-election campaign. “It is unconscionable that anyone would use blatant race-baiting for political gain.”

Progress Kentucky removed the offending comments from Twitter after Louisville public radio station WFPL-FM aired reports about them. And the group issued two apologies over the past week for what they described as “inappropriate tweets sent by our organization.”

“Those tweets did not reflect our values, and we are committed to making sure nothing like that happens again,” executive director Shawn Reilly said in a statement posted on the group’s website. “We also apologize to our many supporters, and all Kentuckians working for change in 2014, for those communications. Comments with references to race, ethnicity or sexual orientation have no place in any debate, and we are deeply embarrassed by such a mistake.”

Reilly said the volunteer who posted the comments no longer is affiliated with the group.

Hmm: via Politico: in 2009:

“Brad Woodhouse, who has been running the labor-backed. pro-administration group Americans United for Change, will be communications director at the Democratic National Committee, a Democrat said.” (“Woodhouse to DNC,” Politico, 2/23/2009)

So, Woodhouse ran this group – now also attacking McConnell:

THE HILL: “Americans United for Change, a liberal advocacy group, is launching an ad targeting Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on gun control that professes to use an Al-Qaeda recruitment video to drive its message home.”

Enter this effort as reported by the Sun Sentinel in 2007: “Americans Against Escalation in Iraq, a coalition of labor unions, Moveon.org and other groups that have traditionally rallied against wars, has raised $1.5 million since it was formed two weeks ago. . . . If members of Congress are slowly finding their voice opposing the administration’s Iraq plan, aides to lawmakers say, it is in no small part because of the face-to-face lobbying campaign that is a central piece of the strategy employed by Americans Against Escalation in Iraq. The group plans to spend up to $9 million, said its spokesman, Brad Woodhouse, which it expects to raise through Internet solicitations and individual donations.”

Then, circle back to today via the Post … then try to tell me Brad Woodhouse “never heard of them.” I think we’ll leave this story line as … developing, for now. heh

WASHINGTON POST: “Curtis Morrison and Shawn Reilly, the two men accused of taping a private conversation from the hallway outside McConnell’s Louisville headquarters, are the kind of local activists who in an earlier age would almost certainly not be in the national news. . . . Both have a long history of involvement in progressive causes. Reilly worked for Americans Against Escalation in Iraq, a MoveOn.org-linked group that held a series of protests in the summer of 2007. One protest was held outside McConnell’s house. Morrison was active in the local Occupy movement, which protested social and economic inequality, and a vocal opponent of attempts to move protesters out of a local park.” (“Who is Progress Kentucky?,” The Washington Post, 4/12/2013)


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  2. Ragspierre says:

    Progress KY is very likely just a few of these idiots…maybe just these two idiots.

    They are semi-professional Collectivist hacks of the nastiest stripe, and now they are felons-in-waiting.