Columbia University seeks to change 1920’s era whites-only fellowship bequest

May 15, 2013

Note they aren’t simply giving up the money and haven’t in almost 100 years.

Columbia University is seeking to change the terms of a fellowship that can only be awarded to white students from Iowa.

The Lydia C. Roberts Graduate Fellowship stipulates that money be given only to “a person of the Caucasian race.”

Roberts left Columbia most of her $509,000 estate when she died in 1920 and created the highly restrictive fellowship. In addition to the “whites only” rule, Roberts fellows must be from Iowa, must not study law or several other fields and must return to Iowa for two years after graduating.

via NYC’s Columbia University seeking to change whites-only fellowship bequest from 1920.

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  1. Ragspierre says:

    A good Progressive, I am betting.