David Sirota Wets Himself Over Tornado; It’s Like Kung Fu Fighting, only more ‘Faggy’

May 21, 2013

Liberal David Sirota tries to make hay against the GOP over the tragic events in Moore, Oklahoma and comes up with a fistful of horse dung, instead.

Was the severe weather system culminating in yesterday’s Oklahoma City tornado intensified — or even created — by climate change? That question will almost certainly be batted back and forth in the media over the next few days. After all, there is plenty of scientific evidence that climate change intensifies weather in general, but there remain legitimate questions about how — and even if — it intensifies tornadoes in specific.

More of Sirota’s silliness here: Anyone regret slashing National Weather Service budget now? – Salon.com.

But as NRO points out, there’s no there there as regards Sirota’s ridiculous proposition. h/t Weasel Zippers.

This didn’t actually happen, of course, as Sirota is forced to concede:

The good news is that the National Weather Service station in Norman, Oklahoma had a warning in effect for 16 minutes before the most recent Oklahoma City tornado hit. That’s better than the 13 minute average, so thankfully, more people probably had more time than usual to evacuate or find safe shelter.

david_sirotaStill, Sirota is asking those difficult open questions favored by people with no evidence to back up their insinuations:

But what about the next time around? Will we be as ready as we can and should be? The answer is maybe not.

As for that ass-tastic image above Sirota, for some woefully misguided reason opts to use on Twitter – maybe it’s just me, but I can’t help but think of this music video, only even more ‘Faggy’ if that’s even possible.

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