Does Liberal Activist Bill Talley Have a Problem?

May 5, 2013

No idea what to make of this. Or, if this is related: APPLICATION of APPELLANT, WILLIAM TALLEY

William “Bill” Talley aka @Political_Bill on Twitter (pictured) is a convicted sex offender who has managed to delay going to prison through evidentiary appeals. During that time, he has emerged as a progressive voice on Twitter and even briefly enjoyed board status in a prominent netroots startup. His sentencing will take place in Nashville this Friday morning. (EDIT: see Update 2)

via The William Talley Burn Notice (UPDATE x11) | Osborne Ink.

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  1. […] Big hat-tip to Dan Riehl, who has a copy of William “Bill” Talley’s appeal to the Tennessee State…. […]

  2. […] former Unite Blue board member, pleaded guilty to child pornography charges that he had been fighting in Tennessee courts during all the years he spent insinuating himself into the progressive movement […]