Empty Chair? Dan Pfeiffer: ‘Irrelevant’ Where Barry Was During Benghazi, “Offensive” To Even Ask

May 19, 2013

So, where was Obama on the night of the Benghazi attack and why is it “offensive” to ask, … that according to Senior Adviser Dan Pfeiffer. Video below. Is Clint’s empty chair coming back to bite Barry on the ass? Could be. Could be. Ha!

Thursday RNC

Asked about whether the president entered the Situation Room, Pfeiffer says, “I don’t remember what room the president was in on that night, and that’s a largely irrelevant fact.”


Pfeiffer then argues that Wallace’s questions about the president’s handling of the Benghazi terror attack are “offensive.”

via Obama Aide: ‘Irrelevant Fact’ Where President Was During Benghazi Attacks | The Weekly Standard.

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  1. […] offensive to ask where Barack spent the Benghazi debacle, nee terrorist attack on September 11, 2012, because, dammit. [Video […]

    • S Lubin says:

      What difference does it make????

      • Gail Allen says:

        Truth about #Benghazi please RT en: http://youtu.be/SWUcckLRl1E via @youtube

      • E Bark says:

        Here is why it makes a difference. When he was informed was he in bed? Having dinner? Helping with homework? Normal things to do when you are the president. But what did he do immediately after being informed? Did he stay in bed? Continue with dinner? Finished homework with the girls? Not Normal things to do when you are the president and a crisis strikes. I want to know every little detail even where he was when the this tragic event happened. That was his promise to the American people during his first campaign. He has yet to live up to that promise for anything during his tenure. That is why knowing where he was matters.

        • Ralph Valle says:

          Where he was is not an issue. What he did and what he was doing about the attack is the issue. No president is out of touch no matter where he is or what he is doing.
          He ordered the appropriate agencies to do whatever it takes to save American lives. He was in constant contact with his national security team and instantly available even if in bed. Inattentiveness is pure GOP spin.

          • Ragspierre says:

            This level of religious blind faith is touching.


            But touching.

            Many of us would like very much to KNOW what you “believe” in your lil’ moronic heart…or what really happened.

          • Ralph Valle says:

            Prove it didn’t or concede you have NO evidence to the contrary.

          • Ragspierre says:

            Not my job, honey.

            This is what one calls “investigation”. It supplants blind, moronic faith. It replaces unanswered questions with evidence.

            It is a rational process, so I get it may be new to you.

  2. Ragspierre says:

    Wallace: The next time he shows up, Hillary Clinton says she spoke to him at around 10:00 that night after the attack at the consulate, not the annex, but the attack at the consulate had ended [and Hicks has reported that Stevens was dead]. Question: What did the president do the rest of that night to pursue Benghazi?

    PFEIFFER: “Yada, yada, blah, blah…and shuddup, racist!”

    According to a new poll from Gallup, 69 percent of those polled agreed that questions over the Obama administration’s public response to the September 11, 2012, attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya deserve more investgiation, including 52 percent who “strongly agree.”

  3. Arnonerik says:

    Where Obama was during the Benghazi attack is more relevant than how long President Bush stayed in that classroom on 9/11. It was a clear indication of how much Obama really cared about Americans that he put in harm’s way. The Narcissist-in-chief revealed who he really is and how well he performs the responsibilities of the job he holds. He is, of course, quite adept at taking advantage of the job’s perks.

    • 1TrueOne55 says:

      All you need to do is Google “Obama – 1983 – SunDail”. You should be taken to an article he wrote in support of an Anti-Military Student Group at Columbia University. The called themselves SAS – Students Against Militarism. He hates guns and he hates the Military. Why?

  4. Rich10e says:

    Uh, Dan it does matter. The CEO took the night off and left a very explosive matter to his subordinates and they clusterfrigged
    It. So he shrugs and says I was off duty. Sorry that doesn’t fly!!

  5. ed says:

    BoBo lied. People died. Hey, that phrase is remotely familiar of days gone by ain’t it ?

  6. Major Christopher R. Daddato says:

    Suggest: start impeachment proceedings , then compare the outcry against President Bush, when he was allegedly out of the: “Net for 8 minutes”! My GOD: Obama has been out of the NET since he has ben in office. You voted for it – you have condemned yourselves to live under it. You seem to be living under Mark Twains ; Principle::”We got all the idiots in town on our side, we must be right”.

    • Stephani says:

      First of all, I assume you are military and wanted to thank you for your service to our great country. Secondly, I agree with you. That 8 minutes was talked about and
      talked about over and over again. This
      president has been absent for his whole
      term thus far. I did not vote for him and wish someone would get the courage to
      go up against him. We continue to wait for
      our leaders to take control. My fear is
      that Obama will declare martial law and
      then will all be in great danger. It’s a
      very unsettled time we live in. I am very
      fearful of what he could do and then the
      clock will not be able to turn back.

  7. Ragspierre says:

    But 59% now say that the U.S government could have prevented the attack in Benghazi, up 11 points from last November. And only 37% say that congressional Republicans are overreacting in their handling of the matter, with 59% saying they’ve reacted appropriately.

    It’s the same story on the IRS controversy, with 54% saying the GOP in Congress has not overplayed its hand.

    And, Pfeiffer…

    IT WAS NOT a “tragedy”.

    It WAS…and STILL IS…a scandal.

    It STARTS with a delusional foreign policy, promulgated by people who HATE America.

  8. Jae says:

    What’s offensive is that Wallace let him get away with every ridiculous thing he said.

    • hannahAr says:

      yes, he missed the opportunity to follow up on his parsed answer of Obama being engaged the DAY of 9/11. Where was he that nite or early the next morning? Was he even in DC ?

    • Ragspierre says:

      As someone who deposes liars for a living, you NEVER can get them to a “Perry Mason moment”.

      You just let them lie on the record. As here.

  9. Gail Allen says:

    Truth about #Benghazi please RT en: http://youtu.be/SWUcckLRl1E via @youtube

  10. hannahAr says:

    You have to look at how he parses words. He does not directly answer where Obama WAS PHYSICALLY on the nite of 9/11. Is it possible that he was already in Vegas? Or possibly at another fund raiser somewhere else?

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  12. […] why is it “offensive” to ask, … that according to Senior Adviser Dan Pfeiffer. Video below. Is Clint’s empty chair coming back to bite Barry on the ass? Could be. Could be. […]

  13. JB says:

    Same straregy of the musslem brothers in America. He is the new mafia in America.

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  20. […] Empty Chair? Dan Pfeiffer: ‘Irrelevant’ Where Barry Was During Benghazi, “Offensiv… […]

  21. Wa Fleet says:

    What in the hell is a Pfeiffer – posted as a better liar – not hardly ! Just another dumb assed Democrat – covering another of Mohammad’s wet dreams.

  22. Ralph Valle says:

    Nothing pleases me more than listening to you Obama haters dreaming about his demise. In a relatively short time,all the GOP political scandal mongering will pass into nothingness-no wrong doing. Then people will punish Repubs for wasting time and money while ignoring the country’s business. Your dreams will then become nightmares in a 2014 house takeover..

    • Ragspierre says:

      Wow. Amazing…but typical…delusional moonbattery.

    • Ragspierre says:

      But 59% now say that the U.S government could have prevented the attack in Benghazi, up 11 points from last November. And only 37% say that congressional Republicans are overreacting in their handling of the matter, with 59% saying they’ve reacted appropriately.—CNN

      So… Lots of Americans are getting it.

      And, really, this is less about Pres. Side Show and more about the failed BIG GOVERNMENT Collective.


      • Ralph Valle says:

        If Issa has the guts to let Pickering testify in public, the people will learn that the attack could not have been prevented ands as former dod sec. Gates said, the military acted responsibly. “People have a cartoonish view of the military as the saving cavalry”. Could not have done safely in this case.

        • Ragspierre says:

          Oh, I figure if Pickering gives public testimony it will be over the dead bodies of the Obami.

          “Could not have done safely in this case.”

          SpecOps career people say different. Gates is a bureaucrat. I’ll go with the operators.

          The American people know…KNOW…Benghazi could have been prevented.

          State has its own very considerable “army”.

          Really, you should read more.

          • Ralph Valle says:

            Talk about being low-informed. Pickering has been begging to testify in public but Issa is too fearful of what he might say. further, it is the host country’s responsibility for the security of our embassies,State has only minimal marine coverage.. CIA had major covert action going on hence edit of talking points. Stop relying on FOX-they say anything for ratings.

          • Ragspierre says:

            “CIA had major covert action going on hence edit of talking points. Stop relying on FOX-they say anything for ratings.”

            You will eat any shit they feed you.

            READ the flucking emails. Nuland EXPRESSLY calls for a coverup so State could avoid Congressional and political consequences for IGNORING CIA and STATE warnings.

            Apparenly, the CIA was as “covert” as you’d expect in al Qeada controlled country where the CIA has a OVERT compound.

            What do you think the SECURITY Stevens was complaining about loosing CAME FROM…and was GOING TO (lemme help, the USA).

            If Pickering is lobbying to testify publicly, put up a link.

            How stupid and gulled are you???

          • Ralph Valle says:

            Google Pickering requests PUBLIC hearing.

          • Ragspierre says:

            On Aug. 2, six weeks before Stevens was killed, he requested ‘protective detail bodyguard’ positions, calling the security situation in Libya ‘unpredictable, volatile and violent.’

            A month earlier, he requested that the State Department extend his tour of duty personnel, which is a 16-man temporary security team trained in combating terrorism. The request was denied and the security team left 8 August.

            Stevens had asked for the security team to stay through mid-September.

            Colonel Andrew Wood, the leader of the security team that left Libya in the weeks before the terror attack, told CBS News that Stevens fought hard against losing the team.

            ‘It was quite a degree of frustration on their part,’ he said. ‘They were — I guess you could say — clenched-fist over the whole issue.

          • Ragspierre says:

            The State Department is racing against an end-of-year deadline to take over Iraq operations from the U.S. military, throwing together buildings and marshaling contractors in its biggest overseas operation since the effort to rebuild Europe after World War II.

            Attention in Washington and Baghdad has centered on the number of U.S. troops that could remain in Iraq. But those forces will be dwarfed by an estimated 16,000 civilians under the American ambassador — the size of an Army division.

            The scale of the operation has raised concerns among lawmakers and government watchdogs, who fear that the State Department will be overwhelmed by overseeing so many people, about 80 percent of them contractors. There is a risk, they say, that millions of dollars could go to waste and that bodyguards will lack adequate supervision.


            The list of responsibilities the State Department will pick up from the military is daunting. It will have to provide security for the roughly 1,750 traditional embassy personnel — diplomats, aid workers, Treasury employees and so on — in a country rocked by daily bombings and assassinations.

            To do so, the department is contracting about 5,000 security personnel. They will protect the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad plus two consulates, a pair of support sites at Iraqi airports and three police-training facilities.

            The department will also operate its own air service — the 46-aircraft Embassy Air Iraq — and its own hospitals, functions the U.S. military has been performing.

            As I said. You should read more.

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  24. chuckie says:

    This guy just can’t be serious! Wouldn’t it be better if he just answers the freaking question? Maybe he can’t..or maybe he has something to hide…ahhhh haaaa!

  25. chuckie says:

    Not answering the question, you bobblehead, just makes things worse…but you just don’t get it!

  26. Justin says:

    Irrelevant my ass you prick democratic bastard….the answer is simple….he deliberately ignored distress calls of american civilians….aka TREASON!!! Impeach the motherfucker! All he is is a snake in the grass and I’m giving him a little extra credit at that!

    • Ralph Valle says:

      Hard to take obscenities as reasoned argument. Try reading the Pickering investigation report and calm down.

      • Ragspierre says:

        Try reading the emails…or anything…and get your head out from between Obama’s cheeks.

        • Ralph Valle says:

          It’s already out that the GOP altered the emails to try to make the charge against State. Outrageous and worthy of investigation in its own right. However, I’m tired of all this partisan rhetoric. The country doesn’t need these distractions at this time. Lets join hands and push for attention to the important business that needs attention.

          • Ragspierre says:

            That’s a lie, and you are a liar.

            Or too stupid and corrupt to investigate what your moonbattery packs in your butt.


            Read that, moron. Or don’t. Up to you.

            There are two reasons that lie is a lie:

            1. nobody “altered” anything; and,

            2. nobody HAD any actual emails to alter.

            The reasons WHY is that Pres. Side Show would NOT release the emails. They could not be copied.

            Now, refute that FACTUALLY, or admit your moonbat bullshit.

            Let’s join hands in calling for a Select Committee.

            They can certainly investigate your lies.

            Happy to have that happen. Happy to have them investigate WHY Stevens was stripped of his security by State. Happy to have State explain why they ignored express warnings of al Qaeda operations in the area…not just from CIA, but other agencies and nations.

            Happy to explore the Pinata lies about the military lacking enough information. (Next time you call the police or fire department with a real emergency , I expect you’ll be content with the same answer.)

            See…??? You are just a moronic Collectivist troll, here to apologize for Pres. Side Show and Old Walleyes Clinton, and their failed regime.

          • Ralph Valle says:

            Google GOP altering emails and then get back to me honestly.It would make this debate more mature if you will quit the “moron” bullshit. .

          • Ragspierre says:

            The Republican version notes Nuland discussing: “The penultimate point is a paragraph talking about all the previous warnings provided by the Agency (CIA) about al-Qaeda’s presence and activities of al-Qaeda.” The actual e-mail from Nuland says: the “…penultimate point could be abused by Members to beat the State Department for not paying attention to Agency warnings…” —from the cBS report

            Again, you really should read the emails, instead of just eating the shit you are fed.

          • Ralph Valle says:

            I’ve read the emails. Problem is you are reading the GOP altered version of the emails and jumping to their wrong conclusions.

          • Ragspierre says:

            You didn’t even bother reading the linked piece, did you?

            I’ve read the lies from your moonbattery.

            I read the pieces by Stephen Hayes and Jonathan Karl when they first came out, citing the SUMMARIES that were all anyone had.

            See, THOSE are different than the emails, and both reported they did not have the emails, because Pres. Side Show would not release them.

            I am WAY better read on this than you, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. All you have to do is open that crap-filled skull a bit, and read.

          • Ragspierre says:

            “I’ve read the emails.”

            That is either a lie or you cannot comprehend English.

            Nuland said what I quoted her saying. She made it VERY clear “her building” didn’t want to have the allusions to terrorism, al Qaeda, and CIA warnings in the talking points.

            And that is what she got.

            Isn’t it?

            And nobody in that exchange said, “That ain’t right”.

            Did they?

  27. cybininside says:

    Dear Dan….you are either a horrible liar or a terrifically great moron….so which is it?

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  29. Ragspierre says:


    Some else for the moonbats to read…or ignore…

    depending on their level of epistemic closure.

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