Female rapper blames fan girl as rapper Danny Brown Gets Oral Sex On Stage

May 1, 2013

danny-brown-02-dmc_0953h/t Drudge If you read down in the story you discover the rapper’s female tourmate blames the female fan. What’s a guy to do?

Concert opener Kitty (formerly known as Kitty Pryde) took to Tumblr to pen her take on the incident, which, according to her, did in fact happen. She called it “a problem with inappropriate fans who cross boundaries like crazy,” and defended her tourmate’s actions.

“What is Danny supposed to do? Scream at a girl onstage while he’s performing?” She wrote in the blog post. “…I know him pretty well, so I know he doesn’t wanna f*** up his image by running away from sexual advances from girls…I also know him well enough to feel like he’s probably pretty embarrassed about it. Nobody wants to be publicly exposed and that girl is wrong for doing what she did.”

via Rapper Danny Brown’s Onstage Antics Spark Oral Sex Controversy 

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  1. RKae says:

    “…he doesn’t wanna f*** up his image by running away from sexual advances…”

    And there it is, folks: the entire problem with the black community (and the current young generation). The sex addiction has damned little to do with “hormone drive.” It has far more to do with proving oneself socially; with hive-mind thinking. It’s driven by the entertainment industry’s insistence on pushing what they perceive as normality.

    They keep telling me not to worry because they’ll never, never, NEVER make pedophilia legal! But if a person is “insane” for avoiding sexual advances how can he suddenly switch on self-control when an underage partner makes advances (as TV trains the underage kids to do)? Where is this never-practiced self-control supposed to come from?