Gabrielle Molina, 12 of Queens hangs herself over cyberbullying

May 23, 2013

Gabrielle MolinaI’m wondering if the concept of ‘cyberbullying’ allows this type of activity to go on much more frequently and consistently than in a past without computers. I imagine it’s much harder to escape in certain cases. Gabrielle Molina was so young and evidently so sad – this is just tragic.

A 12-year-old Queens girl hanged herself in her family home yesterday after being relentlessly cyber-bullied by her middle-school classmates, sources told The Post.Gabrielle Molina was found hanging by a belt from a ceiling fan at about 2:15 p.m. on 220th Street in Queens Village, cops said.The troubled tween left behind a heartbreaking note that recounted the torture she endured at the hands of bullies at IS 109.She also apologized to her family and tried to explain the reasons behind her decision.Her devastated mom, Glenda Molina, told police her daughter was depressed over constant online harassment from classmates.

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