Gay man Marc Carson shot dead by “Hispanic” in NYC ‘hate attack’

May 18, 2013

shooting--300x300Tragic to be sure. But in researching the item – other than this early NY Post item the media fails to mention that the perp is apparently an Hispanic male. Even the NYT’s seems to have decided that tidbit of news is somehow not fit to print. I wonder why?

The victim was Marc Carson, 32, according to a law enforcement official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the name had not been officially released.

A gay man was gunned down in Greenwich Village early today by an armed bigot who hurled homophobic slurs at him — and claimed to be the Newtown, Conn. killer before the murder, police said today.

The 32-year-old Brooklyn victim, whose name has not been released, was walking with a pal on Sixth Avenue near West Eighth Street about midnight when they were approached by three Hispanic males, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said.

The shooting of a 32-year-old man in Greenwich Village last night is being investigated as a possible hate crime.

A gunman shot another man in the head around midnight at West 8th Street and Sixth Avenue and died at Beth Israel Hospital.

‘I heard one shot, that’s it,’ said a worker at Gray’s Papaya, a nearby hot dog shop.

via Gay man shot dead in ‘hate attack’ in Greenwich village | Mail Online.

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  1. Steve says:

    Auditgate Update: Mark Levin Decimates IRS For Targeting Him, Reveals His Complaint Led To Investigation

  2. DaMav says:

    Only “white Hispanics” can be mentioned as committing possible hate crimes; cf: George Zimmerman.

  3. Fight the Left says:

    Why does the race of the assailant matter? Are you anti-Hispanic, or are you paranoid that the report–by not mentioning race–could implicate a white person (and you think it is bad if white people are implicated in any crime)? It could just easily implicate a Hispanic, Asian, or black person, by the very fact that race is missing (because in this case its irrelevant).

    • Sadly, the race of the culprit does matter. For gay media for the longest has painted Blacks to be the most homophobia and dangerous to the LGBT community.
      With that in mind, to see that the assailants in more than one of these hate crimes belongs to one of the most praised and objectified ethnicities by gay media proves how one ethnic group is no better than the other. Every color in the skin and ethnicity rainbow has bad seeds that we must look out for.
      So if we are to learn anything from these tragic strings of violence, let it be that.

    • RightKlik says:

      If the sexual orientation of the victim matters, the race of the perpetrator matters.

      • ice9 says:

        Genius. The simple axiom that solves and clarifies every dilemma of journalism ever experienced. If the race of the victim matters, the sexual orientation of the perpetrator matters. If the race of the writer matters, the sexual orientation of the reader matters. If A is important, B is important too. Wow! That’s powerful stuff.

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  6. Marcod says:

    This is the most racist thing I have read in quite awhile. Hispanics are largely caucasian too, sir.

  7. ed says:

    You “dan” are disgustingly prejudiced against Hispanics by focusing so much on his ethnicity! SO what! Isn’t it obvious from his name? This is my problem with you bigots! No where in any articles is it mentioned the victim was black! This is not about race or ethnicity or Hispanic, whatever! It’s about people like YOU and your intolerance towards us gays! You’re trivializing the whole thing by bringing up race.

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