‘Ghetto tour’ by Bronx bus company sparks outrage: Celebrating decades of urban decay

May 19, 2013

Tourists are crowding onto a Bronx bus tour that promises “a ride through a real New York City ‘GHETTO’ ” — and local politicians are furious.

ghetto tour 2

h/t for the photo and more on the ‘Ghetto Tour’ here.

Question – how is this any different than what this un-talented ass-clown Kanye West is doing? Kanye West debuts new music on ‘SNL’ He’s profiting off the same misery with some weak, stupid chit dressed up as art.

Yeah, I listened to it last night just to check it out. What a load of crap, feeding victim-hood to dummies for fame and profit and knocking up fat reality TV stars. What a ‘slave-life’ life, huh?

Oh, but he’s outraged! He ‘feels their pain!’ LOL

BS fo’ sho,’ Bro.

kanyawestBut I digress. Back to the ‘ghetto tours’ with this below via the NYPOST.com.

Three times a week, Real Bronx Tours takes riders — mainly white Europeans and Australians — on a trip that includes stops at food-pantry lines and a “pickpocket” park.

Last week, on the first stop of the $45 tour, guide Lynn Battaglia, from Pittsburgh, pointed out a housing project. She then mocked the Grand Concourse, modeled after a Parisian boulevard.

“Do you feel like we’re on the Champs-Elysées?” she teased a couple from Paris.


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