Hofstra Home Invader Dalton Smith “praised” by parole panel in early prison release

May 23, 2013

Dalton SmithThis doesn’t do much for Hofstra student Andrea Rebello now does it?

What a shameful system that allows this crap in the name of rehabilitation.

The parolee shot and killed along with a Hofstra student by a Nassau police officer was praised by a state parole panel in 2011, before his conditional release from prison, according to a transcript of the hearing.

Dalton Smith, 30, of Hempstead, was conditionally released after he completed 9 years of his 10-year sentence for armed robbery. He was praised by the panel, before his release a year early, for completing a program to help curb aggressive behavior and furthering his education, according to the transcript. He was released last May.

via Dalton Smith won praise from parole panel before early prison release.

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