Hofstra student Andrea Rebello killed by police, not Dalton Smith

May 19, 2013

Andrea RebelloTurns out it was a shot fired by a policeman that killed Hofstra coed Andrea Rebello, not would be robber and hostage taker Dalton Smith. Glenn Reynolds has a few emails discussing whether or not the police did anything wrong here.

I have family in LE and am not quick to judge them; however, I have been following this story since it began. 

Dalton Smith had released one girl to go to an ATM to get more cash than he had found in the home. My first post on this characterized events as something of a wild west shoot-out scenario, “Hofstra University Sorority House Wild West Shoot-out with police: Female Student, Armed Suspect Killed”  as reports indicated the police arrived and immediately found themselves in a confrontation with Smith, who was presumably inside the home. It seemed to me that, given Smith wanted money – had actually allowed one girl to exit the premises for it – this might have been handled more as a hostage situation had police not forced a confrontation right off the bat.

I wasn’t there. I’m not going to go too far with my criticism. But that was my impression from reading the earliest coverage across a number of publications at the time.

The bullet that killed a beautiful Hofstra University student — while the terrified woman was being held hostage by an armed gunman — was fired by a Nassau County cop, authorities said Saturday night.

Officials revealed the tragic twist hours after a hulking career criminal who jumped parole three weeks ago was identified as the ski-mask-wearing assailant.

Ex-con Dalton Smith, 30, was using Andrea Rebello, 21, as a human shield and holding her in a headlock Friday night when he pointed his loaded 9-mm. handgun at a cop, authorities said.

“I’m going to kill her,” Smith barked, according to cops.

A veteran Nassau County officer and former NYPD cop fired eight rounds, with seven striking Smith — and one slamming into Rebello’s head.

via Cops fired bullet that killed Hofstra student Andrea Rebello during botched robbery: authorities – NY Daily News.

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  1. Ragspierre says:

    Smith still killed the lady.

  2. Rusty says:

    Smith caused her death but, the cop killed her. A few questions: Why 8 shots and not 3 or 6. (cop that bad of shot?) two: why couldn’t they wait for a sharp shooter? I’m not trying to bad mouth the cops but, why couldn’t they try to talk.
    I don’t know all the facts so I will judge. But, I do stand by my first statement. God bless the family and God bless Andrea.

    • Ragspierre says:

      Couple of things…

      1. many civilians are better trained in combat shooting than are LEOs (varies A LOT)

      2. I wonder why the cop didn’t immediately withdraw, but know that could have been impossible

      3. the account says Smith raised his gun, so everything after (2) was dialed in as the officer defended himself.