I Killed Breitbart: The Kickstarter Campaign by Chris Faraone

May 20, 2013

Chris FaraoneSo, this pathetic ass Chris Faraone wants to raise money for a book and appears to be bragging that he killed Andrew Breitbart? Have at him.

A book about indicting right-wing demagogues and causing conservative consternation.

Thanks for visiting my Kickstarter – I’m grateful for your even getting this far. Hopefully you checked out the video. I’ve styled a descriptive presentation – all of which leads to my explaining what the book’s about, and why I need your help to tour it around and to complete it by employing several co-creatives. But first, before we get to the awesome gift bundles I’m offering, here’s the somewhat ridiculous yet true tale behind it all . . .

After spending a half-hour on WRKO – Boston’s home to conservative firebrands like Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh – the producer popped the surprise of my career on me. Live on-air, they pitted me against hot-shot conservative Andrew Breitbart, who began barking about how Occupiers infringed on his right-to-free speech at the CPAC summit a week earlier.

We battled for 10 passionate minutes, during which he landed a few haymakers, while I kept my head up, threw jabs, and worked in some insults ripped directly from his playbook. It was a respectable donnybrook; at the urging of producers, we even scheduled a rematch for the following week. We never got the chance to dance, though, as Breitbart dropped dead the next evening, after enjoying a nightcap near his Los Angeles home.

I’m not sure who – or what, how, or why – actually killed Breitbart. On the day he passed from what the medical examiner called “heart failure,” the rage blog god was courting more than half-a-dozen beefs, one of which – examined at-length in my book – he literally took to his grave, tweeting taunts up to his final moments. My guess is that the mix of all our fury did him in – that compounded by the thick river of vitriol sparking his synapses like steroids.

I Killed Breitbart is a story about clashing with an evil Goliath who represents all things ill and destructive, and then having him fall unexpectedly. It’s also about stepping not just into the arena, but descending into a toxic gauntlet to wrestle on the ugly fringe of right-wing lunacy. It’s about hollering back at inhumane free-market radicals, and most of all, it’s about telling spineless faux-libertarians like Sean Hannity to shut the fuck up, and casting them into history’s waste basket alongside slave owners and Klansmen.

The operative word here is scumbag – I Killed Breitbart: The Kickstarter Campaign by Chris Faraone — Kickstarter.

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  1. Ragspierre says:


    BooOOoobs, you got any money you wanna give this idiot…?

    He needs him some dupes.